Wizard 84

Chapter 84 Exclusive Contract with Akane

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 On the first night that Akane did an excellent job as a maid, including cleaning and cooking.

 Shinji left his room.

 And he goes to the servant’s room where Akane lives, when it’s late and everyone is probably asleep.

 He turned the knob of the door and found that it had not been locked and he could enter the room.

 ”Shinji-san… ♡”

 Akane is waiting Shinji in her maid’s uniform.

 Then Shinji entered the room, locked the door and approached Akane.

 ”Did I keep you waiting?”

 ”No ……It’s fine. What do you want to talk about…?”

 The reason Akane hadn’t gone to bed yet is because Shinji wanted to talk to her and had told her he would be in her room at night.

 ”You’re going to be taking care of the house now… but there’s something you need to know”

 ”…I’ve heard that you and Renka are secretly lovers”

 ”Is that all you’ve heard?”

 Akane shook her head at Shinji’s words.

 Upon hearing this, Shinji approached Akane and hugged her shoulders.

 Akane does not resist, but remains at Shinji’s mercy.

 ”You said you have a lot of s*x friends… I hoped you might do the same with me… ♡”

 ”I wonder what I should do…”

 ”Please… Shinji-san… Master… ♡ Please have mercy on me too… I want to have s*x with Master… ♡”

 The situation of a big-breasted maid begging for mercy is enough to tickle Shinji’s sadist tendencies.

 Originally, his plan was to corrupt her, but he decided to change the direction a little.

 ”Then you know what I mean, don’t you?”

 Shinji treats Akane in a daringly strong manner.

 Shinji is the top, Akane is the bottom. He wanted to train Akane to be his exclusive maid.

 ”Yes… ♡”

 Akane had been working diligently as a nun since Shinji and the others had left the desert city.

 She no longer had nightmares about being raped by goblin, but she still remembered Shinji’s embrace.

 In addition to the gratitude she felt for being rescued from goblin’s nest, the experience of having s*x with Shinji taught her the happiness of being held and taught her how to serve him, also Shinji’s presence in Akane’s life has become very important.

 Even if they couldn’t be lovers, Akane wanted to have s*x with Shinji again, even if he was her best friend lover.

 Akane, who had been comforted by Shinji, is willing to submit to him and fall into the role of Shinji’s exclusive maid.

 ”Jupo … ♡ Jupo … ♡ Jupo … ♡ Jupo … ♡ Jupo … ♡”

 Akane begin took his p*nis out from his pants and underwear, and without hesitation, she welcomed the half-erect p*nis into her mouth.

 She looked up at Shinji and sucked his cock at a speed that would never make him cum.

 It is the duty of maids to make their masters feel good…… but they should not be self-centered just because they want to be held.

 ”You’re better than before…… What’s wrong?”

 ”Puha… ♡ I’ve been practicing… ♡ I thought there would be a time when I could serve my master again… ♡ But I’ve practicing with a toy… ♡ Don’t worry… ♡ Chū~ ♡”

 Akane looks at Shinji’s fully erect p*nis with an entranced look on her face as she answers Shinji’s question and starts serving his p*nis again.

 He thought about ejaculating in her mouth as she continued to arouse Shinji’s p*nis, but he wanted to insert his p*nis into her vagina sooner than that.

 Because on the other day, he wanted to do with Miko Arian but he can’t, of course, Akane doesn’t know that.

 ”That’s enough. Get down on all fours with your ass facing me”

 ”Yes…♡ My pussy… Please use it…♡”

 Akane takes her mouth off his p*nis, pulls down her underwear and gets down on all fours, then pulls up her skirt and shows Shinji her slippery pussy.

 Her voice, playing the role of a maid, is vaguely similar to that of Miko Arian, which reminds him even more of his previous experience.

 So, Shinji decided that today he would ejaculate in her vagina to his heart’s content.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah…♡ It’s inserted…♡ Master…♡ Big cock…♡ I haven’t had a cock in a long time…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡”

 ”Akane’s vagina is so good… It’s so wet and nasty just by inserted it!”

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 It can be seen from Akane’s vagina that she easily accepted Shinji’s big cock even though he didn’t caress it, which indicates that she was very frustrated.

 And since the beginning, Shinji also not hesitated to thrust his p*nis into her vagina with a piston movement.

 Her breasts that tightened because of her uniform are swaying too, and if the top of her uniform forced to be opened, the buttons would be torn off.

 So, he also slipped up her top uniform and slammed his hips against her ass while squeezing her rich breasts.

 ”Iyaah…♡ Master…♡ Ah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ My breast… When you poke me while rubbing my breast…♡ I’ll come first… ♡”

 ”Didn’t I tell you before not to come first?”

 ”Because~ ♡ Because~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Master’s cock~ ♡ It’s felt so good~ ♡♡ Ah~ ♡ I’m cumming~ ♡ Cumming~ ♡ Cummmming~♡ Ngghh~ ♡”

 Akane leans back and climaxes.

 The tightening of her vagina felt so good. Shinji could have held back, but he followed her feeling of ejaculation and ejaculated as well.

 Doppu ♡ Doppu ♡ Doppu ♡

 The first thick shot is poured into Akane’s vagina.

 Up until now, Akane had only s*x together with Renka, and only after the second time she was given semen, she was completely debauched by his ejaculation, which was stronger and more abundant than the climax she had experienced so far, and could be said to be full of the intention to impregnate her.

 (Amazhing…♡ Master’s ejaculation…♡ It makes my pussy swell…♡ Creampie feels so good…♡♡ And it’s still hard too… ♡)

 ”You’re not trained enough to cum first before me. I’ll have to discipline you”

 ”Ah…♡ Yes…♡ Master…♡ Please…♡”

 He resumes his pistoning movement to scrape out the semen he has poured in with his p*nis, which remains hard despite the fact that he has finished ejaculating.

 After climaxing, Akane loses the strength in her arms, and Shinji continues to poke the back of her vagina while only holding her hips.

 Akane’s vagina is even more sensitive now that she has climaxed, and no matter how hard she tries, she will climax again and again before Shinji does.

 Gucha ♡ Guchu ♡ Gucha ♡ Guchu ♡

 ”Ah…♡ Master…♡ I can’t take it anymore… ♡I’m cumming again… ♡♡”

 ”You can’t hold back at all now. Have you gotten into the habit of cumming?”

 Akane can’t even reply, and her body is shaking as Shinji presses his glans against the back of her vagina.

 Akane’s face also soaked in climax, and she rolled over onto her back, whereupon several shots of semen poured out of her private parts.

 In addition, her vagina is engraved with a peach-colored pattern that shone through her disheveled clothing.

 ”I’m going to take it slow one last time”

 ”Fuah… ♡ Master…♡ What is this…♡♡”

 Shinji opens Akane’s legs and inserts his p*nis into her while she rubs her belly, which is marked with lewd crests.

 Shinji who covered her face put his face to Akane’s ear and whispered as he started pistoning.

 ”It’s lewd Crest. It’s the proof of my s*x friend”

 ”This is… ♡ Makes me happy… ♡ Master… ♡ Hah… ♡ Ah… ♡ If it’s slow… ♡ Master’s cock… ♡ I understand so well…♡”

 Akane is completely melted by Shinji’s p*nis as she clenches it healthily despite being made to cum all the time.

 She feels his p*nis slowly moving back and forth, and her body believes that submitting to Shinji is the happiest thing in the world.

 ”Milis has it, Emily has it. But don’t tell Alvin, of course”

 ”Hah… ♡ Ah… ♡ Everyone in this house…♡ Everyone is Master’s woman… ♡ Ah~ ♡ It’s deep~ ♡ It’s felt so good~ ♡”

 Shinji thrust his cock into Akane’s vagina, making her squirm and drool from the corner of her mouth.

 ”I’m going to continue to hold all of you, including Akane…. So, I’m ask you to help me clean up the mess and hide it from Alvin”

 ”Yes…♡ I’m…♡ Master’s exclusive maid…♡ I’ll help you so that Alvin won’t find out…♡”

 Akane replies with a smile stained with pleasure.

 Satisfied with that answer, Shinji took Akane’s lips for the first time.

 The kiss from her submissive master aroused Akane’s emotions and made her vagina tighten.

 Akane’s vagina tightened and she climaxed as she held Shinji’s body tightly with both hands and feet.

 Doppu…♡ Doppu…♡ Doppu…♡ Doppu…♡

 It’s a vaginal ejaculation while kissing deeply, which Renka also did.

 The feeling of pleasure and euphoria is enough to make Akane become dependent on Shinji.

 ”Ha~…♡ Ha~…♡ Ha~…♡ Master…♡ Please continue to take care of me…♡”

 After pouring in every last drop, Shinji pulls out his p*nis.

 Akane has been corrupted by Shinji and has become his exclusive maid.

 The foundation for the erotic life in the party house has been further strengthened in this way.


 What you need to live an erotic life in a party house?

 Of course, it is someone who will clean up the mess. For example, the sheet of the bed.

 Akane was saved by Shinji in the desert city (?). So, her favorability level was high.

 She has no intention of taking Renka’s place as her lover. She has almost no desire to get married because of the goblin incident, and has no intention of being embraced by anyone other than Shinji. She wants to work and save money so that she can spend her time alone.

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