Wizard 85

Chapter 85 Orgy after Welcome party・Part One

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 ”Munya…… I can’t drink anymore……”

 Alvin is lying down on his desk and talking in his sleep.

 Milis, who sits next to him, also wobbled and his head swam.

 ”Hmm~ that was fun ♪”

 ”Emily is a strong drinker…”

 ”That’s what happens when you follow Emily’s pace”

 Shinji smirked as he supported Renka, who was swaying in a drunken stupor, while Akane sighed in admiration at the sight of Emily, who looked very satisfied and is still in good spirits despite having drunk so much.

 The party is held on the day after Shinji had made Akane his exclusive maid.

 The congratulations and welcome party for Akane, which had been prepared during the day, started at nightfall.

 Alvin is in a good mood too because when he went to the guild in the morning, he found out that <Running Wolves> had been successfully promoted to upper-intermediate rank.

 And the result, it can be seen.

 Alvin is collapsed from drinking too much and Milis is half asleep as well.

 ”That’s it for today, isn’t it?”

 ”Yeah ♪ I had a lot to drink ♪”

 ”I’m going to clean up”

 ”I’ll help too!”

 As Shinji stood up with Renka in his arms, Akane and Emily also stood up and began to clean up the trash, drinks and food scattered on the desk.

 ”Milis, are you alright?”

 ”Feh~… Yes… I’m fine. Al-kun…… I’m going back to the room …….”

 When Shinji called out Milis, she woke up and shook Alvin’s body as he lay sleeping.

 But Alvin seems to have fallen asleep and shows no signs of waking up. Milis has no choice but to ask Emily, who is cleaning up, to help her carry Alvin on her shoulders.

 And with Renka in his arms, Shinji left the dining room and shook Renka in front of her room.

 ”Renka, can you open your room?”

 ”Can you bring me……?

 Shinji lowered his gaze and met Renka’s gaze, who had opened her eyes before he knew it. Renka’s eyes are moistened by the drunkenness, and she gazes at Shinji with a passionate gaze.

 ”Well then…. Shall we go to my room?”

 ”……Yes ♡”

 Renka put her arms around Shinji’s neck and kissed his lips.

 Shinji also pressed his lips against hers and inserted his tongue into her mouth. Renka’s tongue aggressively entwines with his, and the two lose themselves in the kiss, making a nasty watery sound.

 ”…… Shall we have s*x?”

 ”Let’s have lots of …… s*x ♡”

 After parting their lips, Shinji went back to his room with Renka in his arms and lowered her onto his bed on her back.

 He stripped off Renka’s clothes, which he had removed many times before, with a skillful hand. Shinji also stripped off his own clothes. He then covered the naked Renka with his own.

 ”Chu… ♡ Nn, I love you, Shinji~ ♡”

 ”I love you too. I like you the best, Renka.”

 They kissed lightly, their lips just touching each other several times.

 Renka liked s*x with Shinji, but she also liked kissing, especially when it was just touching. It’s not just about pleasure, it’s about the happiness that flows from deep within your chest when you kiss. …… This is an act of love for Shinji.

 Shinji’s caresses begin when he is feeling happy.

 He carefully rubbed her breasts, which fit perfectly in Shinji’s hands, and Renka’s nipples became hard in no time. When he pinched her hard nipples with his hands and fingers, a sweet voice leaked out.

 In return, Renka’s hand touches Shinji’s big cock. As both hands continued to caress the glans, gently kneading it, the tip began to ooze precum, staining Renka’s hands.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Already~ ♡ I won’t be defeated~ ♡ Because I’m~ ♡”

 ”It’s not fair that Renka is the only one who gets touched, is it?”

 Shinji’s fingers are inserted into Renka’s secret area as she continues to touch his trembling p*nis.

 Renka’s secret area, which is wet from kissing and caressing her breasts, easily took Shinji’s finger.

 As they kissed, Shinji and Renka lost themselves in tongue-to-tongue kissing, making nasty sounds while they touched each other’s genitals.

 It was an act of mutual understanding, not of pleasure.

 They prepare each other’s genitals for the most pleasurable s*x possible.


 After a long, long kiss, they let go of each other’s faces and Shinji sat back down on the bed.

 Without saying a word, Renka also straddled Shinji and sat down on top of him on face-to-face position.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah…♡ As expected… ♡ I love this position… ♡”

 ”Renka, you like this position”

 When the p*nis was smoothly inserted, Renka’s vagina tightened around Shinji’s p*nis.

 Renka’s arms wrapped around Shinji’s body and hugged him tightly.

 The sensation of her soft breasts being crushed by his chest felt good to Shinji, and the sound of Renka’s breath as she buried her face in his neck is comforting.

 ”I like the feeling of being embraced by you, Shinji ♡”

 ”Sure. It’s my privilege to be pampered by Renka”

 ”Ah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ That’s right~ ♡ I can’t spoil you in front of everyone… ♡ Nn~ ♡ Nn~ ♡”

 Shinji grabbed Renka’s hips tightly and shook her body gently.

 Shinji’s p*nis rubs Renka’s vagina, slowly and in small movements, giving her a pleasant sensation.

 Renka also moved her hips to match.

 Renka feels a great deal of pleasure, and the love juices that flowed from her secret area soaked the sheets even though the tight embrace prevented her from moving violently.

 ”Shinji……♡ I love you……♡ Chu, chu……♡ When you protected me……♡ I was happy, but I was scared…. ♡ Shinji……♡ Don’t be reckless again……♡”

 ”Mmm, Chu……. I’ll be as careful as I can. But I have to be able to protect my own woman”


 Renka’s face turned red when she was told that she was the one who should protect her, and her eyes were full of love as she stared at Shinji.

 Her vagina tingled ♡, and her body screamed that she had to serve the male in front of her who had protected her with everything he had.

 ”How many times again are you going to make me fall in love with you, ……♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Ah ♡ Nn~ ♡ You can ejaculate anytime you want, ……♡ Oh ♡”

 She loosened her arms and placed her hands on Shinji’s shoulders and began to move her hips up and down as hard as she felt like it.

 Shinji also moved his hands from his hips to her waist and thrust his p*nis deep into her vagina in time with Renka’s movements.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡

 Her vagina pulsated with the need for her beloved man’s semen.

 Shinji’s exclusive pussy tightened, and her cervix sucked on his glans, begging him to cum.

 Shinji was at the end of his patience.

 He gave one last thrust into the depths of Renka’s vagina, which wrapped around Shinji’s p*nis without any gaps.

 It was a perfect fit.

 Shinji ejaculated in the pleasure of his p*nis melting.

 ”Ahhh~ ♡ Ahhhhhhhh~… ♡♡ It’s coming out ……♡ Inside me ……♡ It’s so much… ♡♡♡”

 Renka also climaxed at the same time as Shinji’s ejaculation.

 While shaking her hips, she exposed her debauched face to Shinji with pleasure.

 Then, Shinji took his lover’s lips in his excitement.

 ”Nchu~ ♡ Chu~ ♡ Rero~ ♡ Nn~ ♡ Nn… ♡ Puha… ♡”

 They kissed deeply, basking in the afterglow of their ejaculations.

 And when Shinji and Renka separated their lips, saliva formed a thread.

 But the room’s door opened as he tried to hold Renka with his still-inserted p*nis, which hadn’t wilted.

 ”It’s my turn now! Mix me too~♡”

 ”I want you to …… mix me too, Renka-chan ……♡”

 Emily and Milis entered the room without reading the lovey-dovey atmosphere in the room due to their drunken tension.

 ”Both of you …… ♡ Hah… ♡ I can’t help it …… ♡”

 Renka, who is completely impregnated, accepts the insistence of these two.

 There is still a room for a real wife after being loved so much.

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