Wizard 89

Chapter 89 Orgy after Welcome party・Extra

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 After getting out of the bath, Shinji left Renka and the others and went back to his room.

 He closes the door of his room and sits down on his bed and summons Freri.

 ”Come, Freri”

 Freri appeared next to Shinji in a sitting position.

 Freri appeared to be naked, just as when she had been repatriated from the bathroom.

 And because she had been watching Shinji, Renka and the others having s*x, Freri was completely in heat.

 Her reddened cheeks, moist eyes, shiny skin, large breasts and plump, swollen nipples …… all stimulate a man’s instincts.

 ”Shinji……♡ Let’s have s*x……♡”

 Freri opens her arms and invites Shinji to join her.

 Shinji who was invited, put his hands on Freri’s shoulders and pushed her down on the bed. Then, he cast a function-giving spell on his own p*nis.

 Seeing the magic on his p*nis, Freri slowly opened his legs.

 ”Do you think Shinji’s magic will work? “

 ”See it for yourself …… I’m going to insert it”

 Shinji placed his p*nis against her private parts.

 Her private parts are always ready to receive a man even though without foreplay, because she has succubus blood albeit just half-breed.

 Therefore, Shinji thrust his erect p*nis into the back of Freri’s vagina at once, without hesitation.

 ”Ah~ ♡ Ah… ♡ This is… amazing… ♡”

 The sensation of Shinji’s p*nis penetrating her vagina that full of her overflowing love juices gave Freri an intense feeling of pleasure that she had never felt before.

 The sensation of pleasure overwhelms her shame of letting people hear her voice.

 It is the first time Freri had felt the instinct of a female to give in to a male.

 ”Nn~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Amazing~ ♡ Shinji …… ♡ Shinji’s cock is amazing …… ♡ It feels good ♡”

 ”I’m glad it worked properly on you, Freri”

 Shinji smiled with satisfaction as he watched Freri begin to moan beneath him as he fucked her in a missionary position.

 After a lot of harem s*x, his p*nis still erected, but become insensitive because of spurt out too much semen.

 Even though he inserted his p*nis into Freri’s vagina, he didn’t feel an immediate ejaculation as he usually did.

 Freri, who has succubus’s vagina, has never been made to climax purely from pleasure before.

 In many cases, the pleasure and shame of being praised for her nectar was used to make her climax, and s*x was an act to receive delicious magical power.

 But now, Freri’s thought is melted by the pleasure of being penetrated by Shinji’s p*nis.

 Instead of looking forward to the semen, she is able to genuinely enjoy the s*x itself.

 This made Freri, who had succubus’s blood in her veins, very happy.

 For a succubus who thinks of s*x as a part of her meal, being able to experience s*x that she can lose herself in is one of the best things that can happen to her.

 ”Fuah~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡ Shinji~ ♡ I want~ ♡ I want a lot of s*x until morning~ ♡ Hah~ ♡ Ah …… ♡ Ahh~ ♡”

 ”That’s exactly what I want ……!”

 Shinji’s enthusiasm for s*x suddenly increased as he was able to make the grown Freri cum.

 And the effects of a vagina tainted with pleasure also manifested itself in the body.

 Because just grabbing a handful of her swaying breasts made Freri’s body tremble. Her whole body seems to have become sensitive, and even a simple caress brings back an easy response, as if she were a girl who was not used to s*xual activity.

 Also just rubbing her nipples made them overflow with nectar like mother’s milk. The nectar had a sweet taste when he licked it with his tongue. One after another, the nectar overflowed without stopping.

 ”Ah … ♡ More … ♡ Suck it harder… ♡ Shinji, it’s feels good… ♡ Lick a lot of my nectar… ♡ Hah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡”

 As Freri hugged Shinji’s head, pressing her breasts against his head, Shinji licked and sucked on her nipples as she told him to.

 As he tasted the nectar, Shinji noticed that the sensation in Freri’s vagina was changing.

 The vaginal folds that writhed and writhed were no longer trying to squeeze semen out of her, but were now wrapped tightly around his p*nis, slowly giving him pleasure over time.

 Freri’s body was beginning to dedicate itself to making Shinji feel good for as long as possible.

 ”Shinji……♡ Shinjiiiii……♡”

 Shinji hugged Freri, who called his name over and over again.

 He had never thought of her as anything other than his partner and ally.

 He knew that Freri would be the same.

 They may have enjoyed s*x, but it had always been a give and take relationship.

 ”Chu …… ♡ Chu …… ♡ Chu …… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Nn~ ♡”

 Shinji sensed from Freri’s attitude that he was not just a master to be stood up to, but also recognized as a male who could dominate the female Freri.

 Freri, now having been transformed into a submissive female, hugged Shinji back.

 Freri kissed him hard, clung to him, and wrapped her legs around him, soaking in the pleasure.

 The s*x completely dominated by Shinji.

 Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan ♡ Pan

 As Shinji repeatedly thrust his p*nis deep into her vagina, his limit was approaching.

 And Freri who knew he was about to climax because his p*nis began to quiver and shake, smiled lewdly and looked at Shinji.

 ”Please cum inside my vagina…… ♡ Please do it inside…… ♡ Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Me too~ ♡ I’m cumming~ ♡ It’s the best cum ever of my life~ ♡ Ah…. cummmmmming~ ♡♡♡”

 Dopu ♡ Dobu ♡ Doku ♡ Dopu …… Dopu ♡

 Shinji ejaculates into her vagina as he thrusts his p*nis deep into her vagina to restrain her from escape as hard as he can.

 The semen is released a lot and fills her womb and vagina, and semen overflows from her private parts and stains the sheets.

 Freri’s mind went blank as she felt a sensation unlike anything she had ever felt before.

 It’s the first time today that Freri had experienced a climax that made her unable to think about anything else.

 (I’m happy …… ♡ It feels good …… ♡ His semen …… ♡ It’s delicious …… ♡ This kind of person as my Master …… ♡ I’m…… ♡ Very happy …… ♡)

 Shinji release his power from Freri’s body, who was hugging him with her whole body.

 And then he looked directly at Freri’s face, whose gaze had been wandering vaguely.

 ”It looks like you’re finally satisfied from the bottom of your heart”

 ”Yeah…….♡ Thanks Shinji ……♡”

 Shinji and Freri are laughing at each other.

 Suddenly, he lowered his gaze and saw the red glow of a lewd crest on Freri’s vagina. Shinji didn’t remember carving it.

 Freri smiled shamefacedly at the red lewd crest.

 ”Well, if succubus feels really good and is really satisfied, she will unconsciously carve a lewd crest on herself …… ♡ So that even if she is separated from that person, she can trace the connection and go back to see him …… ♡ So this is a sign that Shinji made me give in. This is a sign that Shinji has brought me to his knees. ……♡”

 Freri lovingly stroked her own lewd crest.

 ”So, please continue to love me …… ♡”

 ”Oh, …… Of course. Keep up the good work, Freri”

 She kissed Shinji’s lips lightly, and when Shinji started pistoning again, Freri’s charming voice came out.

 In the end, as Freri had declared earlier.

 The s*x between the two continued until morning.


 Shinji now recognized by Freri as not only a contract master, but also a respectable male.

 Originally, she liked Shinji, but only as a contractor and ally.

 But now that she’s also his woman, she’s joined the ranks of those who love Shinji.

 Renka, Emily, Freri, and Akane ……?

 And Milis and Flair just like s*x.

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