Wizard 90

Chapter 90 Alvin’s Fulfilling Life in a Party House

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 ”Al-kun, it’s morning”

 Alvin woke up with a gentle shake.

 He turned his head to the direction of the voice, and his eyes met Milis.

 ”Good morning, …… Mil”

 ”Good morning, Al-kun”

 Alvin awakened by Milis’s soft smile and changed his clothes.

 He left his room and went to the dining room with Milis to find Akane in her maid’s outfit arranging the breakfast dishes.

 ”Good morning, Alvin, Milis”

 ”Akane-chan, good morning”

 ”Good morning! Where’s everyone else?”

 There are only enough dishes for two people on the table.

 ”They’ve already finished eating and gone back to their rooms. It’s the day off, isn’t it? They’re probably relaxing”

 ”I see. Then can we have breakfast too?”

 ”It’ll be ready in a minute. Please sit down, both of you”

 With a small smile, Akane retreated to the kitchen.

 After a week of living together, Alvin is glad to see that Akane’s attitude does not show the painful events at the goblin’s nest.

 ”Here you go”

 ””Thanks for the food!””

 Akane’s cooking was to Alvin’s liking, as they were from the same hometown. Her presence is a great help to them, as she can cook, clean and do laundry.

 ”I’m going to go do something else, so when you’re done eating, just leave it there. I’ll wash it all up”


 Akane walked out from the dining room.

 As he ate his breakfast, Alvin looked at Milis.

 ”That’s right. We’ll go to town after we eat this! I’m going to train with my master in the afternoon, so it’s only in the morning”

 ”Okay! Where are we going?”

 ”Well, let’s go to …… look at some clothes. Because the weather’s getting colder”

 ”I agree because I want to do the same”

 Because he was taller than last year, he couldn’t wear his old warm clothes anymore.

 While they talked about this and that, they finished their breakfast, said thank you for the food, and left their seats.

 ”I want to prepare, so I will meet you at the entrance. I also need to tell Renka-chan that we’re going out!”

 ”All right!”

 Alvin followed Milis with his eyes as she walked to the back of the party house. The straight corridor allowed him to get a good look at Milis.

 Milis knocked on Renka’s room and then opened the door.

 He peeks into the room and vaguely watch them talking.

 With a small wave of his hand, Milis closed the door.

 Then she realizes that Alvin has been watching her for a long time, and comes back to Alvin’s side with her cheeks flushed.

 ”Al-kun, what’s wrong?”

 ”No, it’s nothing. I just wanted to take a look”

 ”……? You’re weird, Al-kun”

 Alvin laughed lightly at Milis, who was scowling, and it made Milis pouted.

 Then, he apologized and went back to his room, picked up his wallet and took Milis with him to the city.

 The hand he held tightly was warm.

 Feeling happy, Alvin walks away.

 [They are going on a date ♡]

 [Well then, we can do it in the morning without worrying about it]

 [Fuah~ ♡ That’s right… ♡ Chu~ ♡ I like you Shinji ♡]

 Alvin was not aware to the fact that Shinji and Renka made love in Renka’s room.

* * *

 ”That’s enough for today!”

 ”Thank you so much ……!”

 Alvin, who had a date with Milis in the morning, had been practicing hard with Emily in the afternoon.

 Alvin, who is drenched in sweat, wiped off his sweat with a towel. Emily wipes off her sweat as well and continues to talk.

 ”Even though you’re in the same rank as me, you’re still not as good as me!”

 ”Because Master’s reaction speed is amazing. …… How many times did you think I could hit you? ……”

 ”Fufu. Just guess it!”

 Alvin is unable to get an effective strike against Emily, who intuitively detects feints and attacks from blind spots. The unconventional way of fighting Emily is helpful but cannot be imitated.

 (I can see why Shinji is a genius…….)

 He packed his bags and carried them on his back while though so. Emily slapped Alvin’s back when he was feeling down.

 ”You’re getting better! There are many times when I thought I was in danger. It’s just a matter of time before we can do actual battle!”

 ”Well, I guess we should go back to …….”

 ”Yes! Akane’s dinner is waiting for us!”

 Alvin walked behind a cheerful Emily, and the two of them returned to the party house in the evening.

 Alvin knocked on Milis’s door on his way to the bathroom, wanting to see her face.

 ”Mil, are you there?”

 ”Fueh? Al-kun! You’re early today!”

 Alvin couldn’t help but laugh at Milis’ panicked voice.

 ”I’m going to take a bath. I wanted to hear your voice first”

 ”Nn……. Welcome back. Al-kun. Take your time and relax…….”

 The muffled voice sounded as if she was in pain.

 ”What’s wrong, Mil? Are you sick?”

 He turned the doorknob, but it was locked and wouldn’t open.

 ”No…….! That …… I’m alone …… ♡”

 (What do you mean by “alone” …… she’s masturbating ……? Mil is doing that ……?)

 Her embarrassed voice and its content filled Alvin’s head with fantasies of Milis playing with her secret parts and breasts.

 ”That, that’s why you should take a bath first, Al-kun!”

 ”Sorry, sorry! Sorry for the bad timing!”

 Alvin, in a panic, did as Milis asked and ran to the bathroom. He got to know that his innocent and cute girlfriend also masturbated, which excited him strangely.

 As he sweats, he fantasizes about Milis masturbating in secret and pulls out a shot.

 [Moo, I thought we were going to get caught, Shinji-san~ ♡]

 [I’m sorry. Milis’s inside is so good that I couldn’t resist. I’ll ejaculate inside your vagina before Arvin comes out]

 [Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Creampie~ ♡ It feels good~ ♡]

 Alvin was unaware that this conversation was taking place in Milis’ room.

* * *

 ”That was delicious!”

 They all try to eat dinner together unless they have something to do.

 Today, everyone was there, and Akane was handing out after-dinner drinks to everyone.

 ”So, what did Shinji do today?”

 The women are talking happily in a group, and Arvin, who has no time on his hands, is talking to Shinji.

 Shinji, who is drinking a cup of coffee, shows Alvin a book.

 ”A new spell book. It’s the one I bought with my reward last time”

 ”Oh, new magic! I like it!”

 ”It looks good, but I’ll have to try it out. How’s it going over there?”

 ”Master say I’m not half bad…….”

 ”Well, yeah……”

 Alvin nodded to Shinji, who made a knowing face.

 While they were chatting about trivial things, Milis approached them.

 ”Al-kun, Shinji-san. I’ll take a bath with Renka-san and Emily-san first”

 ”Okay. I’ll go in last”

 ”I’m already in, so it’s fine!”

 Shinji and Alvin nodded at Milis’s words.

 ”Al! Tomorrow we have a request, so don’t stay up too late!”

 ”Shinji, good night~ ♡”

 Renka and Emily left the room to prepare for bathing. Shinji followed suit.

 ”Good night. See you tomorrow, Alvin”

 ”Yeah! See you tomorrow morning!”

 The last remaining Milis whispered softly to Alvin.

 ”I’ll be in your room after my bath. …… ♡”

 ”Oh! …… Oh, I’ll be waiting”

 After smiling at Alvin, who nodded several times, Milis also headed to her room.

 Alvin who saw off Milis also returned to his own room.

 After a while of waiting in his room, …… Milis came to his room.

 Milis who has just taken a bath has an indescribably s*xy look, and when Alvin saw Milis in her pajamas, he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva.


 ”Al-kun ……♡”

 Milis hug Alvin and Alvin also hug her back as she enters his arms and hugs him.

 Her soft breasts can’t be blocked by the thin pajamas, and Alvin’s p*nis reacts unintentionally.

 Milis’ cheeks reddened when she felt his hardening p*nis.

 ”Mil, I love you”

 ”I love you too ……♡ Al-kun~ ♡”

 Chu ♡ They kissed, their lips touching lightly.

 His beloved lover and his dependable friends.

 Alvin was able to obtain the most fulfilling life.

 (Only one more …… to advance to the upper rank which is my goal! Let’s do my best!)

 In the back of Alvin’s renewed determination.

 [Ah~ ♡ Ah~ ♡ Master … ♡ I can’t clean … ♡]

 [You said you could clean the last bath at the same time]

 [Shinji~ ♡ let’s do it with me too ♡♡]

 Alvin had no way of knowing that the three his companion were intertwined in the bathroom.

 This is the end of the third volume/part.

 The party house has become an environment where Shinji-kun can do whatever he wants.

 Alvin doesn’t realize it, so he’s happy to be able to live a full life!

 The girls are also happy because they can have s*x with Shinji in secret!

 Shinji-kun is also happy because he gets to have lots of s*x!

 Yeah! All happy! All happy!

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