Wizard 90 5

Chapter 90.5 Extra Edition – Shinji’s Blazing Party House Sex Life

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

In the middle of his sleep, Shinji suddenly feels a strange sensation in his crotch. And almost at the same time that he realized that his pants had been taken off, his lower body exposed, and that he felt strangely comfortable, someone had climbed under the quilt and is sucking on his p*nis.

Looking at the window, the sky is beginning to light up, making Shinji wonder who’s running in the morning, and he pulls up the quilt.

“*slurp* chu ♡ huu ♡ Shinji, horning~ ♡”


Shinji half squealed as Emily skillfully greeted him with her mouth still in his cock. His cock which had grown so erect with her tiny mouth seemed to need to ejaculate at least once to get it under control.

“Really, Freri is so soft on Emily…”

“*Pant…♡ Ehehe~ ♡ Because I’m her best friend, after all ♡”

As Shinji’s followers, Emily and Freri often exchange thoughts with each other through the use of lewd crests. Because of this, Freri never stops Emily from approaching Shinji when he is asleep, and Shinji is often forced to make love to her in the morning. And now, Emily rubbed her thumb and middle finger up and down on his slick, saliva-slick p*nis, and kissed the glans.

“Chuu ♡ Ehehe, Shinji, does that feel good?”

The smiles on Emily’s face as she repeatedly caresses the sensitive glans are a perfect balance of cute and lascivious, and the small size of the breast makes Shinji want to dominate her. The handjobs given by the cowardly Emily are smooth, strong and touchy, and there is nothing to complain about in terms of strength and touch. While doing so, his pre-cum are flowing, and the watery sound echoes through Shinji’s room. A muffled voice also escaped from Shinji’s mouth as he is given a hand job that seemed to be trying to squeeze the cum out of him, not to increase it.

“It feels good, but if you keep going like this, I’m going to ejaculate”

“It’s not a problem ♡ Shinji ♡ Cum on my face…♡”

Emily replied in a sweet voice to Shinji’s words. And from her looks who want to be defiled as she looks hotly at the tip of his glans and the urethra that spits out pre-cum. Shinji has no reason to hold back his ejaculation, and unleashes his desire.

*Spurtttttttttttttttttttt ♡

The first thick spurt of semen of the morning shoots out and splatters Emily’s face. The white slime stains her golden hair and skin, and drips onto the sheets and around Shinji’s waist.

(Haaaa ♡ Shinji’s smell, it’s amazing… ♡)

Emily felt a shiver run down her spine at the thought of being dominated by Shinji. Shinji, too, is stimulated by the desire to dominate and torment his lovely girl by smearing her with the white slime, and he felt the need to pour the proof of his own into her body as well as her face.

“Emily, it’s my turn now”

“Ah ♡ Shinji ♡ Give me lots of cum in my vagina ♡”

Thus, it’s only natural that Shinji attacked Emily back and quickly laid her on her back, and she happily accepted the act.

After she finished, Emily left Shinji’s room. Today is a rest day, and she and Alvin are scheduled to train for battle outside the town in the morning. She knows that she won’t be cared for during the day, so she runs in the morning.

As for Shinji, he has no plans. Yesterday, his girlfriend, Renka, told him that she was going into town with Milis. He had asked her if he could accompany her, but she had refused, saying that she wanted to go out with just the girls.

Therefore, Shinji fell asleep twice and woke up last among the residents of the party house. Late in the day, he went to the dining room and found his breakfast on the table, protected from the dust by a cloth. After eating it in silence, Shinji takes the empty dishes to the kitchen and puts them in the tub where the other dishes are soaking in water.

(It’s so quiet… no wonder everyone is out…)

Shinji walked down the deserted corridor, but as he entered his room, he suddenly felt the presence of someone in the storage room next door. Shinji peeks into the room and finds Akane in a maid’s uniform cleaning the window. The back view of her wiping the windowpane, the way the skirt of her maid’s uniform swayed, and the way her hair tied behind her head which made the nape of her neck visible, sparked Shinji’s mischievous desire. He then entered the storage room and approached Akane. Akane notices the presence of someone and turns around to see Shinji and smiles at him.

“Shinji-san, good morning. Have you eaten yet?”

“Oh, good morning. I’ve eaten. I left the dishes with the others”

“Thank you. I’ll wash them after I’m done”

Akane said and turned to the window again. She thought Shinji is going to leave, but her heart started to beat faster as he approached. His face, reflected in the glass, looks as if he is planning to play a mischievous trick.

“Um, Shinji-sa…♡”

Before Akane can say, Shinji comes up behind Akane and hugs her without hesitation. One hand stroked the top of her vagina, and her lewd crests glowed lightly, making Akane’s body tingle. He then buries his face in her neck, and the forceful invitation he gives her quickly changes her face from that of a maid in a party house to that of Shinji’s woman (maid).

“Master, you can’t…♡ I’m still cleaning, you know ♡”

“You say that, but you look like you’re expecting it”

Akane began to feel a crush on Shinji’s aggressive, so-called “Master” attitude. Moreover, the fact that he had freed her from a painful past, and the atmosphere of a man who could lead and depend on her, made her dependent on him, and nurtured in her a heart that found pleasure in serving him.

“Because when Master asks me to do it… My body gets excited ♡”

“That’s a cute thing to say, Akane…”

“Ahh…♡ Nn ♡ Master…♡”

Shinji’s hands, which had been caressing Akane’s stomach, now grabbed her lush breasts. As Shinji savored the soft sensation of Akane’s breasts changing shape freely in his hands, Akane thrust her hips against the window frame and pressed her fleshy ass against him. Shinji, on the other hand, rubs his stiffening p*nis against her ass and pinches her nipples, which have grown so hard that he can see them even through her maid’s uniform.

(It’s already so hard…♡ He’s excited for me ♡)

Akane was well aware of Shinji’s love for maids. So, the fact that he is excited not only by the way she calls him “Master”, but also by her obedient and lewd attitude, makes her realize that he likes the element of a lewd maid. In fact, she is right, and Shinji is so excited that he puts his hand on Akane’s maid’s uniform, exposes her breasts wrapped in her bra, and then pulls her bra off and squeezes her raw breasts.

“Ah ♡ *pant* nnn ♡ Master, excuse me, nnn ♡”

Akane let go of her ass and skillfully undid his pants and underwear with her hands behind her back. Then she pressed her ass against him again. The slippery fabric of the maid’s uniform and the softness of her ass gave Shinji a visually stimulating ass-job, and he swayed his hips aggressively. In spite of the perverted play, Akane continues to give him a ass-job without complaining. The pleasure she receives is minimal, and of course, Shinji is the first to tell her he’s reached his limit.

“I’m going to ejaculate like this…”

“Yes ♡ Nkuu ♡ *pant* ahh ♡ Do as you please, Master, please make me dirty ♡ Ah ♡”

Akane presses her ass from side to side with both hands to make her feel more comfortable. On the other hand, Shinji, who feel the pressure on the flesh of her ass squeezing his p*nis, also rubbing it up against her ass, and it made his cock quivered with delight. Then, with a final release, a thick stream of semen is released, staining the maid’s dress from her ass to her back. The strong scent of male semen spread through the storage room, and Akane felt the tingling in her womb grow stronger and more impatient.

“Um, Master…♡ please have mercy…♡”

“I know. I’ll have to make sure to return the favor”

What Master wouldn’t respond to a modest plea? So, Shinji pulls up her long skirt, shifts her wet underwear to the side, and quickly inserts his cock.

“Ahh…♡ Master, please make me feel good…♡ Ahh…♡ Aahh…♡ Aahh…♡ It’s deep…♡ It’s strong…♡”

Shinji then enjoyed the situation of fucking the maid standing on her back while listening to the charming voice of Akane who is willing to play with him.

◇ ◇ ◇

It was late afternoon. Since Alvin is working hard on his rest day, Shinji doesn’t have nothing to do. So, he went out to the sunny garden to practice his magic.

“How did this happen…”

But, before he knew it, Shinji had been dragged into the shadows of a grassy field and attacked by Freri. The plants in the garden had grown so carefully that he couldn’t see them at a glance, and it went without saying that it was her who had done this. Some of them are entangled in Shinji’s legs, blocking him from getting out from underneath the straddling Freri.

[You can train your magic while having s*x]

“I intended to practice my magic today…”

There is already no clothing covering Shinji’s lower body, and his erect p*nis is welcomed into her vagina. While they were exchanging thoughts, the succubus vagina is writhing to squeeze out her semen and give Shinji pleasure.

If he supports her argument, there is also the method of training each other’s magical power during s*x. Compared to the training that Shinji had done with Renka and the others in the suburbs of the city, this method had the advantage that there is less loss of magic power because it is not released outside the body, and thus it is possible to train the manipulatioin more efficiently.

Shinji, however, wanted to use magic, not manipulation. So the two of them are at odds with each other.

[I’m thinking I should train magic today. Should not?]

But, Freri tilts her head and pulls down the shoulder straps of her dress. Her growing, full breasts swayed softly in the sunshine, exposed to the open air. The temptation is too blatant, and Shinji’s p*nis responded clearly. Her breasts, which had grown so large, are filled with so much charm.

[Nn ♡ Shinji’s cock is honest ♡]

Freri smiled and swayed her hips back and forth as if to entice Shinji while her breasts swayed invitingly and their pink tips continued to tempt him. Shinji chuckled as he felt that he had no choice but to satisfy her.

(She’s been wanting to connect with me since her lewd crest has taken over…)

In the past, when she wanted Shinji’s magical power, she would just give him a blowjob, but since the lewd crest has taken hold, Freri always asks for penetration. As a half-succubus, s*x with her is very pleasurable, but since she absorbs magic power, Shinji has to plan it carefully.

Today is a rest day, though, so there is no problem.

“Okay, I’ll do it for today. You’re such a troublesome contract spirit”

[Nnn ♡ I’ll make you feel better for it ♡]

“Because it’s also part of my magic training…?”

Freri nods to Shinji’s words and builds up her magic inside her body. Shinji does the same, and uses a function-granting spell on his p*nis to satisfy her. And so, as soon as Shinji’s p*nis fills her vagina, the intensity of the pleasure it gives her jumps up, and Freri shivers with the pleasure she’s been waiting for.

(It’s here ♡ It feels so good ♡ Shinji’s dick… ♡)

Immediately, Freri is in love with the cock that gouges her vagina. Then, in order to get as much pleasure as possible for as long as possible, she controls the contraction of her vagina and wiggles her hips in a very slow movement in order to squeeze the semen out of Shinji. Shinji, on the other hand, enjoying the lascivious dance of her straddling him, but he also moved his hips at a gentle pace, repeatedly knocking into the depths of her vagina.

“But sometimes, it’s not so bad to do it outside…”

[Hmm ♡ I like the sunshine ♡ it’s warm ♡]

Freri’s skin, which had grown from a pale green to a whiter shade, looked more attractive in the sunlight. And because the courtyard is surrounded by a wall, they can look up at the sky. She is not averse to doing things outdoors in a bright, liberating environment, and she exposes her body without concealment, monopolizing Shinji’s gaze. Her smile, her breasts swaying, her vagina dripping with love juice, as she squirms in the cowgirl position, pushes Shinji to his limits.

“I’m about to ejaculate…. Then I’ll stay still for a while and concentrate on manipulating my magic”

[Nn…♡ I’ll go along with you ♡ Just give me the magic power…♡]

Shinji, unable to hold back the feeling of ejaculation, grabs Freri by the waist. He thrusts his hips into her vagina, as if he had never been so gentle before. Freri, too, lays her hands on his hips and sways her hips in time with his movements. They have been together for a long time, and the pleasure they create is incredible. The timing of their hips is perfect, and the sound of their flesh against flesh echoes in the garden.

*Pound♡ *Pound♡ *Pound♡ *Pound♡ *Pound♡ *Pound♡

They may be hidden behind the leaves and grass, but the sound is obvious. But now, there is no one in the party house who could blame them, and they ran straight to their climax. Thus, Freri’s mouth made a lovely sound, and her body cowered.

“Aa, ah ♡ I’m cumming ♡ Shinji, I’m cumming ♡ Aa ♡ ~~~~ ♡”

Freri’s hips tremble, and her womb catches the semen with a look of utter debauchery on her face. And as she presses her hips against Shinji’s, her contracting vagina pumps up the semen, absorbing Shinji’s magical power along with it. Shinji accepts the pleasure given by the magical vagina, which would charm and captivate an ordinary man, without a care in the world.

(The sucking, as always, is amazing…my dick is melting…)

Nevertheless, it seems that all the semen has been sucked out. However, the sight of Freri’s breasts being crushed by Shinji’s chest, as she slumped down and leaned against him, is so incendiary that it left no time for his p*nis to wilt. Rather, he wanted to poke her more! More s*x! her male instincts are screaming inside him.

“…I’m going to control the magic power…”

But in order to concentrate on the training, Shinji doesn’t move her hips and catches his breath for a longer connection.

[Nnn ♡ But you can always move if you want to ♡]

The satisfied Freri, without shaking her hips, just smiles with her mouth as she clings to Shinji. After that, the time passed peacefully, with no more s*xual desire and no more magical training turned into s*x.

Then, that evening.

Shinji is visited by Renka, carrying a shopping bag. In the bag she carried were the things she had purchased on her trip with Milis. What did she buy?

“…It looks good on you, Renka. It’s beautiful and very s*xy”

“Good… I bought it with Mil”

Inside the bag is a baby doll, which Renka changes into. The pale purple babydoll complimented Renka’s well-shaped body perfectly. Shinji looked at Renka with a passionate gaze, thinking that it was typical of Renka to choose a simple design with little lace, and she smiled shyly.

“Which do you like better, Akane’s maid’s uniform or this one?”

“Of course, the current Renka”

Renka is very competitive with Akane’s maid outfit. Renka thought about wearing the same maid’s outfit, but decided to use her special baby doll as a lover’s nightgown. Seeing Shinji’s reaction, she secretly breathes a sigh of relief that she made the right choice. Shinji pushed his lover down on the bed.


“I’m glad you wore it for me. I like you, Renka”

“Yeah…♡ I like you too… chu ♡”

Renka’s heart fluttered as Shinji smiled, expressing his joy straightforwardly. She then puts her arms around his back and hugs him, and he hugs her back. They kiss, body to body, sharing warmth and saliva.

“*slurp…* *pant* I’m taking off my clothes.”

“*slurp…♡ Okay…♡”

They stopped licking each other’s tongues, and Shinji pulled himself up. In no time at all, he and Renka are naked and hugging each other again. As they rubbed their bodies together, the tips of her breasts hardened, feeling the comfort of the smooth texture of the baby doll. It was clear that Renka was starting to get excited.

“Ah ♡ Shinji ♡ if you pinch me suddenly…♡”

Even from the top of her baby doll, Shinji could see her nipples hardening, and when he pinched them with her fingertips, Renka’s mouth made a sweet sound. He wants to make her squeal even more, so Shinji carefully tweaks both nipples with his hands. Pinching, squeezing, flicking… Renka can do nothing but lie on her back as he caresses her in various rapid succession. Her cheeks flush with shame as he stares at her face.

“S-Shinji ♡ why are you looking at me all the time…♡”

“I thought Renka’s reaction was cute ♡”

“~~ ♡ D-Don’t…”

Renka’s thighs are rubbing together as her body is being slowly worked on. The nipple torture felt good, but the tingling in her womb only grew stronger, and her desire for penetration grew stronger. Shinji notices the fire of lust in Renka’s eyes, and without saying a word, he removes his hands from Renka’s breasts and strips off his pants and underwear. He then pulls off her pants, opens her legs, and slowly inserts his cock.

(Oh…♡ Shinji can understand everything… ♡)

In the meantime, Renka is completely left to her own devices. The fact that Shinji does what she wants without saying a word makes her feel happy that their heart and mind are connected. And with her vagina overflowing with love juice, Renka takes Shinji’s p*nis into her vagina and reaches out her hands to him as they connect in the normal position.

“Shinji ♡ Squeeze me ♡ Ah, ah ♡ Haa, an ♡”

Hearing Renka’s sweet voice, Shinji wraps his arms around her back and hugs her as she wants. Although Renka’s hands are behind her back and her legs are around his waist, and she can’t move much, but she wiggles her hips at the same time her vagina is repeatedly penetrated. The bed creaked and creaked, and Renka’s charming voice echoed in Shinji’s ear, making him even more excited.

(I love you, Shinji! I love you!)

Renka hugs him with all her heart. Shinji could feel Renka’s affection for him through the three points: the tight hold, the tight vagina begging for semen, and the deep, tongue-to-tongue kissing.

(Renka is really cute…)

The comfort of s*x with Renka, who is so devoted to him, is making Shinji unable to hold back his ejaculation. It’s not a strong and intense pleasure, but a lukewarm and gentle pleasure that made his testicles produce a lot of semen.

As his p*nis trembles, Renka realizes Shinji’s limits. The only sounds in the room were their breathing and the frothy sound of their love juices. Without saying a word, he pours his semen into her tight vagina as she climaxes.

*Spurt…♡ *Spurt…♡ *Spurt…♡ *Spurt…♡

The force of his ejaculation is not so strong. But the volume is tremendous. It takes a long time to fill Renka’s womb, her vagina, slowly, with a lot of semen. It’s not a blinding climax. It’s a deep, gentle, soothing climax that leaves them both in awe.

“*lick…* *slurp…♡ Nnn… hmm…♡ hmmm…♡”

Until the long aftermath recedes, Shinji and Renka close their eyelids, embrace each other, and indulge in a sweet, sweet kiss.

This is a scene from a rest day.

Shinji embraces the women who live in the <Running Wolves> party house as he pleases, and they, in turn, desire and surrender to his pleasures. Only Alvin, the leader of the <Running Wolves>, does not know that a lustful feast is taking place under his roof.

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