Wizard 91

Chapter 91 Iris, The Witch from Hometown

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 It’s been a month since <Running Wolves> reached upper-intermediate rank.

 Although the weather has turned cold, the members of <Running Wolves> have been collecting magic stones in the dungeon every day to earn money.

 There have been no requests for appointments since the exam.

 This is because <Running Wolves> is not very well known, as they have just risen to the upper-intermediate rank. On the other hand, there are no incidents or events that would raise the profile of the group, so Alvin and his friends are living a normal life.

 On this day, Alvin and his friends returned to the guild after collecting the magic stones from the monsters, and went to the purchase counter to sell the magic stones.

 As they were waiting for the appraisal, a receptionist from the guild walked towards Alvin and his friends. There is a girl walking behind her that Shinji had never seen before.

 A blue haired girl with twin tails tied with a white ribbon.

 She had a face that was still young, but her facial features were cute.

 She looked slender, probably because she was wearing a robe. At least, it’s definitely below average. Her thighs peeking out from her miniskirt and her knee socks made her look like an attractive girl.

 ”Are? Iris?”

 ”Eh? Iris-chan?”

 When Alvin noticed, Milis also reacted. Renka also surprised at the sight of the girl called Iris.

 ”Thank you for your hard work, all of you from the <Running Wolves>. I’ve found someone who knows you, and I’m here to inform you”

 ”Senpai…… it’s been a long time, desu”

 Iris bows her head with a small smile on her lips.

 The receptionist also gave a bow and left after confirming that Alvin and Milis had rushed to the scene. While seeing them off, Shinji decided to ask Renka about Iris.

 ”Is she from your hometown?”

 ”Yes. She is the daughter of Al’s master, a year younger than him, and she trained with him. Al’s master had set a rule that apprentice had to start training at the age of ten, and since Al started training before her, she called him senpai”

 ”I see…….”

 When Alvin and Milis noticed Shinji and Renka looking at them, they pulled Iris’s hand and brought her in front of Shinji.

 Shinji noticed that when Alvin grabbed her hand, Iris’s cheeks were slightly red, and by the time she came to Shinji, the redness had gone away.

 ”Shinji, this is Iris! She’s my master’s daughter and my kouhai. Iris, this is Shinji! He’s the wizard in our party”

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Shinji. My role in the party is wizard. Nice to meet you, Iris-san”

 Iris bowed politely to Shinji, who greeted her with a kind smile for others.

 ”Nice to meet you……. I’m Iris, desu……. Senpai is indebted to you…….”

 ”Iris, I’m the party leader, you know?!”

 ”But you’re the one being taken care of, so I should be …… right. Renka-san …… long time no see. Thank you for taking care my senpai, desu…….”

 ”You’re still harsh……! It’s not wrong, but!!”

 Iris takes a glance at Alvin’s protestations with her eyes.

 Two of them seemed to be smiling as they joked around like brother and sister.

 ”It’s been a while. I’m glad to see you’re doing well. Did you come all the way here by yourself? How dare Galeo-san allow you to come here alone?”

 ”I didn’t tell Papa about it……. I just left a note at home…….”


 Seeing the three of them surprised and Iris says, “I did it!” made Shinji thinks that she is aggressive despite her appearance.

 ”Papa is bad…. Even though I’ve risen to the intermediate-lower rank, he told me that soloing is dangerous, so he’s going to stop me now. Because of this, I wrote a note saying that I would rely on my senpai adventurer to keep me going”

 Iris mumbles, “But,” and makes a disappointed face.

 ”I didn’t expect to see you in the upper-intermediate rank…… Congratulations, senpai. You’re so close to your dream…… It’s amazing. If it’s …… senpai, there’s no more room for me to …… find my own friends party”

 ”Iris-chan …….”

 Iris is also an adventurer, albeit an intermediate-lower one.

 She also understands the system of promotion, and has no intention of bothering <Running Wolves> who have become upper-intermediate rank.

 Alvin and the three of them are adventuring together, and she thought that if she was in the intermediate level, she might be able to join them.

 Milis hugged Iris tightly.

 ”Al-kun, what do you think about having Iris stay at our party house for a while?”

 ”Hmmm, I think that would be nice. What about Renka?”

 ”Yes……. If you want to contact Galeo-san, that would be fine. I’m sure he’s worried about Iris”

 Renka stares at Iris.

 Iris seems to be aware of this and nodded honestly.

 ”It’s a good idea. Shinji, do you mind?”

 ”I don’t mind. I’m looking forward to working with you for a while”

 ”……Thank you, please take care of me”

 Shinji smiled when he saw Iris bowing politely.

 ”You’re very polite. Did your father teach you that?”

 ”……Yes. Papa is very strict about etiquette……. But I know it’s necessary. …… Thank you for the compliment”

 Iris said her Papa was bad, but it didn’t mean she didn’t like him.

 She just wants him to stop being so overprotective of her when she wants to make it as an adventurer.

 (She likes her father, doesn’t she? She’s a good girl)

 Shinji smiled back at Iris as he thought about it.

 ”As a fellow wizard, if you need anything, just let me know, okay?”

 ”……Yes. Thank you, very much”

 ”We have two days off tomorrow, so we can go out. There are many stores in this city, so you can find some cute clothes”

 Milis happily invited Iris to join her.

 ”Mil! I’m coming with you!”

 ”I’m the one who was invited to ……. But I can’t help it, you can come along with me, senpai …… Fufufu”

 Iris loosens her mouth happily.

 Shinji found it very cute the way she talked happily with Milis and Alvin.

 Her attitude towards Alvin was particularly unreserved.

 He doesn’t know if it’s because they’re siblings or if it’s out of fondness, but there’s no doubt that Alvin is special to Iris.

 (This girl is also nice …… Yeah)

 The first step is to aim for a physical relationship.

 In order to do that, he need to start with a relationship of trust. ……

 Shinji’s evil scheme was about to begin again…….


 The new girl is Iris, a twin tail kouhai.

 She is a quiet and a bit of a mouthy wizard.

 Will Shinji-kun be able to slowly make his way into her heart?

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