Wizard 92

Chapter 92 Iris is Watching Her Surroundings Very Closely

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 ”……It’s big. ……And splendid, house”

 After leaving the guild, Alvin and his friends came back to the party house.

 Iris was surprised to see the party house of Alvin and his friends for the first time.

 ”It used to be a merchant’s house, but now it’s rented”

 ”……I see. I’d like to rent a house in the future too……with the help of the guild. My dreams are expanding…….”

 When buying or renting a house through the adventurer’s guild, adventurers of high rank or lower can get a discount on the rent.

 The government subsidizes the rent so that lower-ranking adventurers can stay at the inn and upper-ranking adventurers can base themselves in the same town.

 Because of this, Shinji secretly owns a house that he bought when he was an upper rank adventurer, and he was able to buy it at a low price.

 ”Did Iris know about the subsidy?”

 ”……Senpai, do you …… have a proper grasp of the guild system?”

 ”Nope, hahaha”

 Iris looks at Alvin, who is laughing and fooling around, with moist eyes.

 ”I’m taking care of it, so don’t worry”

 ”Me too. I’m budgeting on the understanding that we’ll use the system when we rent this place”

 ”It’s okay because Renka and Shinji are here!”

 Alvin, who has regained his composure, asserts.


 ”H, hey! Let’s go into the house!”

 ”H, hey……Senpai!”

 Alvin pushed Iris’s back who had a dumbfounded look and went into the house. Shinji and others followed behind him.

 ”Welcome back, everyone”

 Akane, who was wearing a maid’s uniform, greeted them.

 Iris, who was pushed by Alvin, met Akane’s eyes as she greeted her.

 ”Are? Iris-chan”

 ”…… Akane-san. I’m glad you’re doing well, desu…….”

 Seeing that Akane is smiling without any melancholy, Iris only has a small smile on her mouth.

 Iris, who has been working as an adventurer in her hometown, knew when Akane’s party was destroyed and she returned to her family home.

 Upon returning home, Akane was exhausted both physically and mentally, and had locked herself away in the house where she was born. After a while, she was able to go outdoors, but her expression was dark and she couldn’t even smile.

 Akane was confronted with a heartbreaking voice from her fellow party members’ relatives. Akane’s parents were protective of their child, but the parents of the deceased party members had a strong voice.

 Fearing that their parents would be in a bad position, she left town to avoid causing any more trouble.

 Iris was very happy to see the kind-hearted Akane again, and to see that she seemed to have completely recovered.

 ”Shinji and Renka have been very good to me. I’m doing well now”

 ”…. I’m surprised about the maid outfit, desu”

 ”Since I’m employed, I have to keep my private and public life separate when I’m working. I want you to think I’m at work while I’m wearing this. Oh, guys! The bath is ready!”

 Akane calls out to Alvin and the others as she receives the gaze of Iris, who is looking closely at Akane, from top to bottom, while laughing.

 ”Then, as usual, Mil and the others should go in first. Why don’t you join them, Iris?”

 ”Iris-chan! Let’s go take a bath〜♪”

 ”…. Then, I’ll take your word for it”

 Iris hesitated for a moment, but agreed if Milis and Renka were with her. She turned her gaze to Akane, and before she knew it Shinji and Renka were talking to Akane, and she could hear their conversation.

 ”She’ll be using the guest room for a while, so let’s get it ready. Can we add some food?”

 ”We have the ingredients, so we’ll be fine. We also have clean sheets and towels, so I’ll bring them out”

 ”Then I’ll take them and deliver them to the room, and Shinji will make the bed. Akane will cook. I wonder if I could take a towel and join her in the bath”

 ”No problem. Have a good time”

 ”Thanks, Shinji”

 Renka’s smile at Shinji was beautiful, the kind that one would give to someone who she loved.

 She was surprised by her attitude, but reminded herself that it was only natural for her to live under the same roof at the same party.

 ”Renka-chan! Let’s go take a bath!”

 ”Akane will get a towel for Iris to use, so please go ahead”

 ”Okay! Iris-chan, this way”


 ”I’ll wait in my room!” Alvin said when Milis took Iris’s hand and walked away from the scene.

 Iris, who is concerned about Renka’s condition, turns around and looks back.

 Shinji, Renka and Akane.

 She saw the three of them walking side by side.

 (I thought …… Renka-san liked …… Senpai)

 The distance between Shinji and Renka is a little close for friends.

 Seeing Renka talking so happily, a question arose in Iris’s mind.

* * *

 ”…… Renka-san. Do you like Shinji-san?”


 Iris asked Renka without warning when the three women were soaking in the bathtub.

 Iris who had untied her ribbon to take a bath looked more mature than usual.

 Renka, in a panic, could not answer immediately. Instead, Milis decided to talk to Iris.

 ”What made you think that?”

 ”The distance between her and Shinji-san……? It’s very close for a …… friend, desu”

 After washing her face in hot water, Iris spoke while thinking back.

 Renka finally regained her composure, but her face is still red.

 ”Well, that’s it. How did you know?”

 ”Renka-san is pretty easy to understand, desu……. Because she didn’t try to get involved with men before ……Except for senpai and her family”

 ”Al-kun is completely oblivious, but …… Iris-chan is perceptive”

 ”……Senpai …… is dense after all…….”

 Milis and Renka smiled bitterly back at Iris, who muttered in annoyance.

 Iris walked away from the bathtub and went to the bathroom to wash her hair, and then Iris put herself next to Renka.

 ”…. Renka-san, I thought you liked senpai, desu”

 Iris speaks in a whisper. Renka, who realized that she was taking care of herself in her own way, decided to whisper to her as well.

 ”Yes, I like Al as a younger brother. But now I like Shinji. Don’t tell Al, okay? Al is going to marry Mil. If Al finds out, he’s going to say a lot of things…….”

 ”Well, she had a ring on her finger……. Okay, I will be hidden it from senpai, desu”

 Iris remembers the two of them wearing matching rings.

 Iris who had seen the two of them had been close since on her hometown, was able to congratulate them honestly.

 However, it is also true that there are many things that brothers and sisters can’t do. This is where it gets difficult to stay with a sibling……. So, she inwardly encourages Milis to do her best.

 Renka seems to be the type of person who doesn’t want anyone to interfere with her love life.

 If the brothers find out about it, it is obvious that he will meddle unnecessarily.

 Iris was convinced that she wanted to keep it a secret.

 (……He must be a good person because Renka likes him. ……I’ll try to get along with him, too.)

 She recalled the gentle smile of Shinji.


 Iris is the type of person who watches her surroundings closely.

 She says a lot of things to her brother, Alvin, without hesitation. That’s proof that she treats him like one of her own and that he is a special person to her.

 She thinks Shinji is a good person because Renka, who has always been uncomfortable with men, likes him.

 Shinji-kun, who is a good friend of the people she trusts, is a good person, and made his favorability rating goes up on its own.

 However, it’s a little more than just an acquaintance to a potential friend.

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