Wizard 93

Chapter 93 Shinji’s Arrangement and Reunion with the Three Elf Sisters

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 The day after they met Iris at the guild.

 Alvin, Milis and Iris went out to the city.

 And on the same day that Shinji met Iris, he had sent a message for someone to the guild’s receptionist before returning to the party house from the guild.

 After confirming the result of the message at the guild in the morning, he waited for someone at his own house in the afternoon.

 Shortly before the appointed time, there was a knock at the door.

 ”Come in, it’s open”

 ”Sorry to bother you…….”

 ””Bother you””

 When Shinji answered the knock, the door opened and three elves entered the house.

 Lila, Lili, and Lilu. They are the three elf sisters who gave the party the name <Green Travelers>. Lila smiles at Shinji as she closes the door, while Lili and Lilu bows lightly next to Lila.

 ”It’s been a while since we’ve seen each other, and I’m glad to see you’re all doing well”

 ”Fufu, yeah, it has. Because we’ve been back to our hometown too”

 At Shinji’s urging, Lila and the others all sat down on chairs.

 While they were sitting in the chairs, Shinji used the water from the kettle to brew some tea, which he handed out to the others, and then sat down himself.

 ”It’s been a long time, but my sister has been communicating with you through letters”

 ”When she read your letters, she looks very embarrassed…….”

 ”But, isn’t that’s fine? It’s fun to correspond with Shinji-san……. There’s not much entertainment in the village…….”

 Lili and Lilu made fun of her, and Lila glared lightly at her twin sisters, her long, thin ears flushing red. She seemed to be embarrassed, and Shinji gave a small laugh when he saw her ears twitching up and down.

 ”How was your trip to your hometown?”

 ”……It’s just a matter of feelings, but we had a ritual to get rid of the stain, so we were able to relax. I’m glad I went back because I was able to spend some time with my sisters”

 Lila smiled calmly.

 ”We thought about retiring, but…… it was still fun for the three of us to visit different cities”

 ”We’ll continue to be adventurers. But we’ll have to start over at the intermediate rank”

 Lili and Lilu also had bright smiles on their faces.

 All three of them seemed to be completely recovered and had no negative feelings whatsoever. Shinji thinks that even though he didn’t help them out of the goodness of his heart, it was worth getting his hands dirty.

 ”I see. Then don’t panic, just take steps by steps. He was a bad guy, but it didn’t change the fact that you had fewer people. Is there anyone you can recruit?”

 ”No, not at the moment. But I’m not in a hurry, so I’m going to take my time looking for someone”

 When Shinji heard that there were no candidates, he decided to get down to the business of calling her out today.

 ”My party leader’s kouhai has been staying with us since yesterday, and ……her parents told her to quit being an adventurer if she didn’t form a party. She’s an intermediate-lower rank wizard, so we’re still waiting to see what she’s capable of, but I was wondering if she’d be a good candidate for …… a new member”

 When he heard the story yesterday, he could imagine that Iris Papa, Alvin’s mentor, was the type who had firm ideas.

 As long as she couldn’t go on an adventure with Alvin and the others, she would have to find her own party, as Iris had said. If Iris stays solo, she will really be forced to quit or go independent to escape…… far away by herself.

 If Iris can find a party on her own, it’s none of his business, but if she can’t, it’s a good opportunity to sell her a favor.

 It would be an advantage for <Green Travelers> to have a wizard of the same gender and a clear identity.

 Since the letter had been sent this morning, there was a possibility that Iris Papa would arrive as early as tomorrow evening, and Shinji decided to talk to Lila and the others about it anyway.

 ”Intermediate might be good!”

 ”I can see why her parents are coming for, since it’s not safe for a girl to go solo”

 Lili was simply intrigued, and Lilu seemed to agree.

 There are many different types of adventurers, but it is true that the lower the rank, the worse the adventurers.

 ”Lili and Lilu also said this, so it might be a good idea to meet her once”

 ”Yes. The rest depends on the person. ……. I’m sorry if I’m only getting your hopes up. Because, I have to ask Lila and the others if it’s interested”

 ”Yes ♪…… and as a thank you for your help…… please take this”

 Lila takes out a bottle from her bag. The bottle is filled with a clear liquid and placed in front of Shinji.

 Shinji’s eyes widened involuntarily.

 ”Isn’t it…… Elven elixir?”

 ”Yes. It’s amazing that you can tell at a glance”

 Elven elixir.

 It’s a potion that can only be produced by elves.

 It’s very simple, but it’s very effective.

 It could instantly restore the maximum amount of magic power.

 Commonly, the only way to recover magic power is to drink the potion or wait for it to recover naturally.

 A typical potion will restore 20 to 30% of the magic. In addition, drinking too much will cause poisoning symptoms, so drinking continuously is not an option. It is necessary to leave an interval of at least one hour.

 It’s a potion that can be a wizard’s trump card, and it’s not sold through the ordinary people route.

 ”Are you sure you want to give me this? It’s very valuable”

 ”Feel free to use it. My father and mother told me to tell you…… the gratitude for your kindness”

 ”Well then…… thank you”

 Shinji’s tension is rising as it is the first time he has ever held an actual potion in his hands.

 It’s not the usual kind of atmosphere or the scary atmosphere of the time when he kills Minato. Instead, it’s the straightforward joy of a child who has been handed a toy.


 ”Yes, what is it?”

 Lila called out Shinji’s name, her heart pounding with impulse.

 Her cheeks and ears reddened, and she squeezed her palms together. Lila’s eyes met Shinji’s with her moist eyes.

 Lili and Lilu looked up at their sister with a frown look.

 ((Eh?! You’re saying that now?!))

 ”I like you! Please go out with me!”

 ”…Ah…I’m sorry. I already have a girlfriend”

 Lila was bluntly rejected.

 She was dumbfounded by his thoughtless reply.

 Lili and Lilu are whispering to Lila. The distance is too great, but Shinji still can hear them all.

 ”Onee-chan… Why didn’t you check first to see if he has a girlfriend or not?…… Before you are confessing”

 ”Onee-chan… You have no choice but to steal him…… You can do it with that body…. You can seduce him by pushing him. And you can also do it with those breast……”

 ”I can hear everything you’re saying…….”

 ””I’m teIling her (telling her)””

 Shinji is a bit freaked out by the fact that goddesses and elves are such carnivorous girls. He can’t complain because he himself is in the position of sleeping with a lot of people.

 ”Nn, what are you two talking about…… But if Shinji says it’s okay, then it’s okay…….”

 Lila shakes her body with a squirming motion.

 She swayed as if to seduce him with her plump breasts. And Shinji could see her soft cleavage, which reminded him of the exquisite body of the elf he had once held.

 If he could, he would like to keep her as a s*xfriend. It would be a shame to miss the opportunity.

 ”Would you like to try it?”

 ”Try what……?”

 ”I can’t make you my girlfriend right now, but why don’t we become s*x buddies first and see if you can steal me away from my girlfriend’s place? I’m going to fuck Lila to make me decide that if you can become my girlfriend”

 ””Wow, that’s nasty””

 Shinji smiles at the twins who are all talking at the same time.

 ”It’s too late to be a demon, isn’t it?”

 ””Yes, it was…””

 He is a man who rapes even if it is to save her life.

 While looking at Shinji and the twins, who were exchanging light words, Lila made up her mind.

 ”I will try ……. I’m going to make Shinji-san my captive…….!”

 And so, the s*x game between Shinji and Lila (?) began in a hurry.


 The three elf sisters, who hadn’t been seen since the second part of the story, are back.

 It’s important to arrange everything.

 It’s also important to tell them in advance rather than suddenly.

 Shinji is being targeted by too many big-breasted girls, like the miko…… Is this a period of popularity?

 Shinji is depressed because he can’t stand the idea of being forced to quit.

 It is calculated that if he has a p*nis that can make a succubus cry, he will not lose.

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