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Chapter IF-1 Alvin’s Dreams and Milis Supporting Him

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 Three months have passed since Shinji joined <Running Wolves>.

 On that day, <Running Wolves> had a day off from adventuring, and Shinji was walking around [Medio] aimlessly in the morning. As he wandered around, he saw a familiar face at a coffee shop in one part of the town.

 Around a round table sat Alvin, Milis, and an adventurer-like man and woman Shinji did not recognize. To Shinji, it looked like they were on a double date. When Alvin notices Shinji, he gives him a big wave.

 ”Morning! Shinji!”

 ”Good morning, Shinji-san.”

 ”Good morning, both of you. Are you on a date?”

 Shinji approached the table and bowed to Alvin and the other adventures, whose names he did not know.

 The man looks about the same age as Alvin, with short silver hair, and stands out. Although he does not carry a weapon, he wears leather armor similar to Alvin’s, which suggests a close relationship between them.

 The woman has wavy dark red hair the same age as Renka’s. She is dressed in the same shorts, sleeveless jacket, and cloak as Renka. Her figure is also well-defined, but the most eye-catching feature is her big breasts, which are not so different from those of Milis.

 Shinji, however, does not explicitly look at her breasts and turns his attention back to Alvin and the others in a gentlemanly manner.

 ”We are, and they’re from the same hometown”

 ”Yes, we see each other sometimes and talk. Akane-chan, Sylvain-kun, may I introduce you? This is Shinji-san, the wizard who joined our party.”

 ”Nice to meet you. I’m Shinji. Pleased to make your acquaintance.”

 The young man’s name is Sylvain. The woman’s name is Akane, and she smiles at him. Shinji’s kind smile and polite greeting made a good impression on them, and Sylvain and Akane got up from their seats and, in turn, put out their hands to shake.

 ”I’m Sylvain. Like Alvin, I use a sword. Nice to meet you.”

 ”I’m Akane. I’m a ranger like Renka. I use a dagger, though differently. Nice to meet you.”

 ”Nice to meet you too. Well, If I’m bothering you, I’ll leave…”

 Shinji shakes hands with Sylvain and Akane, who look at each other with concern. Shinji does not want to ruin Alvin and Akane’s good impression of him by interrupting their double date. Akane, however, waves her hand in denial.

 ”You’re not bothering us. Alvin and Milis are lovers. Shinji-san, if you don’t mind, why don’t we talk together? I’d like to hear about the <Running Wolves> from you”

 ”Yeah, right. Well, let’s just talk party to party. Alvin and Milis, how about you?”

 ”Yeah! Is Mil okay with that?”

 ”Yes. Shinji-san, please take a seat”

 Shinji did not miss Sylvain’s momentary disappointment at Akane’s denial. It was easy for Shinji to guess that Sylvain had feelings for Akane, even though Akane did not seem to have any intention of doing so. As Shinji sits next to Alvin and joins in the conversation, he thinks to himself.

 (I like this girl too. Like Milis, Akane has the kind of breasts I like)

 Shinji, who loves big breasts, can’t get enough of them. But despite his evil thoughts, Shinji remains completely unchanged on the surface. The casual conversation continues without the four members noticing his thoughts.

 As they talk, Shinji learns that Sylvain is the leader of a party called the <Gleaming Silver Wolves> and an intermediate-intermediate rank adventurer like the <Running Wolves>. Shinji also learns that they are mainly taking quests to gain reputation from the adventurers’ guild, rather than in dungeons where they can earn a lot of money by collecting magic stones.

 He also learned that Alvin would like to focus mainly on quests rather than dungeons. The reason is to challenge <Hateyama>, where his parents died, and Milis and Renka are supporting Alvin with the same feeling.

 ”I see. I understand that your ultimate goal is to challenge <Hateyama>. I’m not complaining as long as we can make money. I’ll support Alvin’s dream.”

 ”Really! ? Thank you! Shinji! Keep up the good work!”

 ”Fufu, that’s great, Al-kun!”

 Milis smiles at Alvin, who is happy that his dream has been approved. Having observed Milis since he joined the party, Shinji has come to want to corrupt Milis, who supports Alvin with his deepest love.

 That is why he does not rush to make a move and waits for an opportunity. Thinking of the possibility of increasing that chance, Shinji speaks up.

 ”Then we might as well prioritize quests over dungeons. Fortunately, with Alvin and the party’s skills, we should be able to reach the upper-lower ranks of the dungeon.”

 ”How do you know that?”

 ”Because the party I was in before was at the upper-lower rank. Come to think of it, I haven’t mentioned that.”


 Four people scream as they see Shinji’s face when he answers Alvin’s question. When the people around the table look at Alvin and the others to see what is going on, they have no choice but to bow their heads apologetically and cover it up. When the stares disappear, the conversation begins again.

 ”I’ve never heard of this… Seriously. Anyway, why did you dissolve the party?”

 ”Former upper-lower rank, huh…? Alvin, you got a good man in your party. If you’re going to be active in the quest, I’d like your advice”

 ”I wouldn’t mind that much. Quests can be hit or miss, and you need to control your risk to some degree”

 While Shinji tells Milis that the reason for the breakup of his former party was the pregnancy of one of his friends, Alvin and Sylvain, pursuing the matter further. Then, Shinji also gives a spontaneous lecture on the low-risk quests, such as exterminating monsters’ nests, and the cautions to be taken when accepting such quests.

 After returning to the inn, Alvin and the others consulted with Renka and decided to change the course of action of <Running Wolves> to give priority to the same quests as those of <Gleaming Silver Wolves>.

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