Wizard If 2

Chapter IF-2 Alvin’s Fatal Mistake

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 A month has passed.

 And within that time, <Running Wolves> has been completing their quests well and promoted to the upper-intermediate rank. The same is true for the <Gleaming Silver Wolves>, and it would be no exaggeration to say they both lead successful lives as adventurers.

 One day, an urgent request came from the Adventurer’s Guild. The request was to exterminate a monster’s nest.

 A party of upper-intermediate adventurers received the order, but a long time had passed without their return. Recognizing the nest is big enough to swallow an upper-intermediate rank party, the Adventurers’ Guild decided to issue a joint request for the destruction of the nest.

 <Running Wolves> participated in this urgent request, and <Gleaming Silver Wolves> joined in as well. In total, five parties were engaged in destroying the monster’s nests. And no matter how big the nest was, it was no match for the five parties attacking it. So, none of the adventurers was dead, and the monsters were exterminated.

 After their return, they had a joint drinking party at the tavern attached to the adventurers’ guild to celebrate the completion of the quest. But before they knew it, Alvin and Sylvain had gone off to the second party with another party of male adventurers, who had not had enough to drink after the drinking party was over.

 And because Alvin and Sylvain had heard that they were likely to be promoted to a higher rank for succeeding in this joint project, they were relaxed and let their guard down, leaving a big flaw. Alvin was extremely drunk, and his members Renka and Milis could not go looking for him because it was too late at night and the town was dangerous.

 Above all, Milis, Alvin’s lover, was beautiful, and seeing the flawless Alvin in the eyes of the man who was after her could be fatal.

 Then, now, without knowing why, Alvin was led into the gambling house… and in a single night, he had created an enormous debt.

 This is revealed when Milis, Renka, Shinji, and the others, who have been worried about Alvin, are visited by a ruffian. The man told them about Alvin’s huge debt.

 When the man asked Milis to come with him to talk about the repayment plan, the man said Renka could go if she wanted to. But looking at him with a lecherous gaze, it was easy to imagine what he would do to Milis if she accompanied him.

 However, Shinji stopped Renka from going with her, who looked pale and tried to act stout-heartedly for Alvin’s sake. He persuaded her by explaining the dangers of two women accompanying each other and told her that he would accompany Milis instead.

 Now, Leaving Renka alone at the Mistle-toe Inn (Yadoriki-tei), Shinji and Milis are led to a shady general store in a dark back alley. The Owner of the store is the one who framed Alvin.

 ”So, here we are. Your leader has gotten himself into this much debt…”

 ”No way… I can’t believe it… Al did this…”

 ”But you see, I have his signature right here…”

 The Owner showed them an agreement with Alvin’s signature on it. There was no way Milis could protest if she was shown it. The amount of money was so much that the <Running Wolves>’ savings were insufficient.

 ”I can’t pay… this kind of money…”

 ”Surely. But if you don’t pay it, you’ll be in trouble. So, I have a proposal for repayment”

 The middle-aged man’s chuckling makes Milis pale and shivers down her spine. Standing next to her, Shinji is still unable to find a solution, and he is all but listening to the conversation. And before them, the Owner showed them a black crystal the size of the palm of his hand.

 ”Do you know this? It is a recording crystal that records the scene. And what’s inside is…”

 [Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ No~♡ So intense~♡ Ahh~♡]

 ”Huh!? !?”

 When the crystal shines, a scene of a man and a woman having intercourse is projected on the wall, and the sound of a woman’s pleasurable voice echoes through the room. Milis’s face turns bright red, seeing a well-dressed woman being violated in the normal position from the side.

 Milis is still in an innocent relationship with Alvin and has only kissed him. It is not surprising that she reacts so innocently.

 ”As you can see, it’s a reflection of two people’ devouring’ each other. My store buys recorded crystals and watches them in the store… I’d be happy to buy your video for a very reasonable price”


 ”If you choose me as your opponent, I will deduct the amount from the debt. Or you can accept a client as your opponent. The client will pay you the fee”

 The Owner smirks and looks at Milis’s body as if licking it. Pale Milis takes a step backward in disgust, unable to speak.

 (This is a smart… and illegal way…)

 It is illegal to make Milis a prostitute against her will. The same is true if someone forces Milis to have s*xual relations with them for a debt. And Shinji will not keep quiet if it is against the law. However, in this way, Milis’ voluntary act of selling the crystals she has recorded is voluntary. Even if the other party is the store’s owner, it can be said that it is Milis who chose the other party.

 ”This is the amount of debt he has to pay. I would have registered him as a debt slave, but fortunately, he had you. If you sign the contract of sale of the recording crystal, I will release him from custody. The repayment of the debt will be limited to the sales of the recording crystals, though”

 This is not illegal. In the case of a huge debt, the Owner has the right to sell the Owner’s body to cover part of the debt as a debt slave if it is judged that the debt cannot be repaid. If he does so, Alvin will lose his freedom, not only as an adventurer but also as a free man. And unless Milis decides now, there will be no future for Alvin. Besides, she has no character to abandon Alvin.

 ”…I… understand… the contract…”

 ”Wait, Milis. I’d like to confirm, Owner”

 As Milis about to nod, Shinji steps out in front of her. Milis hides behind Shinji’s back as if to protect her, and she is temporarily relieved when the Owner’s uncomfortable gaze is interrupted.

 ”If I pay some of that debt to you upfront, will you let Alvin go?”

 ”Hmm? Well, the only way to release him is to pay him in one lump sum in cash. Or only with the contract of the recording crystal. Of course, I don’t receive a lump sum in case of a recording crystal.”

 The store’s owner is interested in Milis’s body and Milis’s lasciviousness, so it is natural for him to do that. However, with this answer, Shinji could conclude that the Owner’s purpose was not money but Milis. If so, Shinji felt he had the best chance and continued his words.

 ”Then I want to become Milis’ client. I will pay 40% of the debt in one payment.”

 ”S-Shinji…san…? Why are you…?”

 Those words made Milis despair. She had believed him to be a kind man. But now, his once-reliable backside feels filthy. However, this feeling was soon dispelled.

 ”Hmm. You are just his companion, aren’t you? Or do you have feelings for her?”

 ”That’s not true. If Milis dealt with a bunch of guys, she’d get depressed for sure. No matter how many times she tries to hide her face in the video, there is a possibility that the secret will leak out from the other man’s mouth. If it’s just Milis and me, Alvin won’t find out as long as we keep quiet. That way, after the debt is paid, Milis and Alvin can have a chance to get their lives back on track”

 ”…Shinji, san…”

 Shinji’s words lit a ray of hope in Milis’ heart, which had been sinking into despair. At the same time, she was deeply ashamed of herself for having shown contempt toward Shinji. Her heart was filled with guilt for having doubted Shinji, even though she knew he was a kind and dependable man.

 ”You are very kind. But you might not be able to get a good price for the lukewarm footage of a kind man”

 ”You can judge that after you actually see the video. So, what do you think?”


 The owner groans as he thinks about it. It’s no fun that he can’t hold Milis anymore. However, the offer of paying 40% of the debt in one payment was tempting. Although the Owner is a womanizer, what he loves most is money.

 (For the sake of his lover, she is embraced by his friends… should I sell this as an immoral series? I guess I should put money first)

 The store’s owner shakes his head as he thinks of a way to market the AV films. Of all the people, Milis is the most relieved to hear this answer. Her pale face finally regained its color.

 ”Okay. I expect a good quality video. Then sign the contract”

 ”…Yes. I understand”

 Milis and the Owner made a contract.

 Milis would sleep with Shinji until the debt was repaid, and then the Owner would sell the crystal recordings. Immediately after the contract was made, Alvin was released, and Shinji gave him a terrible sermon.

 Upon consultation with Milis, it was decided to tell him that Alvin’s debt was paid by Shinji. The debt was paid with the money Shinji had saved up when he was at the bottom of the class.

 Of course, Alvin was scolded not only by Shinji but also by Milis and Renka. Alvin was 100% at fault and had no excuse for their anger. It was a whole day later that Alvin, who sincerely apologized, was released from the sermon.

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