Wizard If 3

Chapter IF-3 Milis’ First Time

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 <Running Wolves> has changed its strategy to earn money in dungeons more efficiently rather than aiming for promotion. Needless to say, they are trying to pay back Alvin’s debt to Shinji as soon as possible.

 Shinji also changed his inn to the same inn as Alvin and the others. It can be said that Alvin blunder has destroyed the trust that had been placed in him. Although Shinji did not bother to say so, it could be assumed that Milis and Renka were there to keep a close watch on Alvin.

 Alvin’s unprecedented failure made him depressed, but Shinji’s encouragement and guidance to take positive actions restored Alvin’s motivation and showed Renka and Milis how generous Shinji is.

 Shinji, however, remains humble. It is no wonder that the girls like him because he supports <Running Wolves> with a senior’s dignity.

 Meanwhile, the deadline for selling the record crystal to the store’s owner is approaching. And to hide it from Alvin, Milis puts him into a deep sleep with a sleeping potion given to her by Shinji with the Freri seal and visits him in Shinji’s room.

 ”Well then…”

 Shinji finishes installing the recording crystal in front of Milis, who sits at the bedside with her body tense and stiff. The crystal shining mysteriously in the dimly lit room looked eerie.

 ”There was nothing suspicious about the crystal. Our faces will be obviously different people, and our names will be converted to other people’s names since we set our names as banned words”

 ”…Yes, thank you very much, Shinji-san”

 Shinji’s kind and caring tone penetrate Milis’ troubled heart. Milis feels good about Shinji’s attitude, which shows no sign of pleasure at the prospect of male-female companionship.

 ”It’s okay. As long as Milis and I keep quiet, we’ll be fine. It’s just until we pay off the debt. Let’s keep it a secret, okay?”

 ”…Yes. I believe in you for offering your help”

 Thanks to Shinji’s encouragement, Milis is finally able to smile naturally. The feeling of security that she can leave everything to him, which Alvin, who is always going his own way, does not have, pierces Milis’s hurting heart and raises the pounding of her heartbeat.

 ”Yes. I’ll be nice to you… will you leave it to me?”


 Shinji sits next to Milis, who accepts to do the deed, and touches both her shoulders over her thin loungewear. Milis was dressed in the usual light beige, short-sleeved pants, and other casual attire to avoid being recognized.

 The light nightgown accentuates her figure, showing off her oversized breasts, which change shape with the movement of Shinji’s hands as his hands slide down from her shoulders and gently wrap around them.

 ”Mmm… ah, uh…Shinji-san…?”

 ”If it’s your first time, I must caress you well. I don’t want to see you in pain”

 ”Y-Yes… Thank you… very much…”

 Milis feels relieved rather than s*xually aroused by this gentle touch. As her heart accepted Shinji’s caresses, her body also began to accept his caresses. Her breasts are squeezed by Shinji’s big hands, and her body is gradually heated.

 ”Mmm, hmm… Haah… mmm…”

 ”I’m going to change the place a little bit”

 ”Ah… Y-Yes…!”

 The breath coming out of Milis’ mouth is hot. Seeing this change, Shinji changes his sitting position from next to her to behind her. Milis blushes and turns her head down when she hears a disappointing sound because she feels regretful of his hand leaving her once.

 Why? But such a thought disappears when Shinji, sitting behind her, grabs Milis’ breasts with his hands. The force of the caress is surprisingly strong but not unpleasant. Rather, it feels good.

 ”Nmm…♡ Mmm… Mm…♡”

 For her body, which had been prepared by his careful caresses and estrus magic, the strong rubbing that changed the shape of her breast was nothing but a pleasant sensation. Shinji smiles thinly as Milis covers his mouth with one hand.

 ”You don’t have to hold back your voice, okay?”

 ”I-It’s embarrassing, you know…”

 ”I don’t mind. Then, I’ll touch you directly”

 Right in front of Milis’ eyes, Shinji’s hand enters through the hem of her top. He unhooks her bra with a skillful hand, and his hand touches her soft breast.

 The exquisite touch, the feeling from the tips of his palms and fingers convinced Shinji that Milis’s breasts were the best ever. At the same time, he thought. “I will make Milis mine.”

 (She has the best breasts… I can’t leave her to Alvin. She almost got played by some random guy)

 Shinji rubs her breasts carefully and drops his lips to her gaping neck. In this act, Milis’ shoulders jump, but she doesn’t resist. And since Shinji had no intention of breaking his promise not to kiss her lips, Milis also felt comfortable with the repeated kisses on her neck.

 ”Haah… Ah, ah…♡ Ah… Haah~♡”

 ”Don’t hold back. Just let yourself go… Here, here…”

 ”Nnngh~♡ Ah~♡ T-That place…♡ No~♡”

 Milis’ jaw lifted as she rested her back against Shinji’s. Her breasts were very sensitive and especially sensitive at the tips.

 The combination of the hardened nipples, the strong sensation of being pinched by the fingers, and the weak but persistent pleasure of having the flesh of her breast squeezed made Milis unable to hold back her cries of pleasure any longer.

 ”I-It feels good, doesn’t it?”

 ”Mmm~♡ Ahh~♡ No, that’s not…!”

 ”It’s fine”

 Milis feels guilty about feeling comfortable with someone who is not her boyfriend, even if it is Shinji who makes her feel comfortable. But Shinji whispers, reminding her that she should not feel bad for Alvin.

 ”It’s not a bad thing. Besides, it’s what we have to do. To pay back the debt”

 ”…♡ (*Gulp)”

 The prepared excuse makes Milis accept it. And because her thoughts is too fuzzy to think, she cannot deny Shinji’s words, which she trusts so much.

 So, she accepts the excuses, and she can no longer refuse to do the deed. Still Shinji takes his time to fully enjoy Milis’s naked breasts. Milis, who was thoroughly caressed, felt a tingling sensation in her womb for the first time.

 As if anticipating this, Shinji’s fingers finally move to her secret area. The hand stroked over her womb slid across her skin and into her shorts and panties. This was when Shinji became the first person to touch Milis’ secret parts.


 ”It’s okay. You can grab my arm if you’re scared”

 ”Ah… Yes…♡”

 Shinji gently guides Milis, who is confused by the unknown pleasure of having her secret parts played with. Shinji stops rubbing her breasts and holds her from behind, and Milis grips his arms tightly with both hands.

 (I feel safe… and, i-it might feel… good…♡)

 Milis surrenders herself to the sense of dependability and security she feels. Her body, which was free of any unnecessary strength, strongly feels the pleasure Shinji’s fingers give her.

 ”Ah…♡ Mmm… y-your finger…Ah~♡ No~♡”

 ”But it feels good, doesn’t it?”

 ”~~♡ Y-Yes…♡ Ah, there…♡”

 A finger enters the vagina and strokes the vaginal wall. The pleasure from the inside was exceptional. Milis’ weak points were soon discovered by his smooth fingering, and she trembled with more pleasure.

 Before she knew it, she was soaking her panties with her love juice. Then, Milis feels something more than ever before coming up from the inside, and she grabs Shinji’s arm tightly and strongly.

 ”Ah~♡ Shinji-san~♡ Something’s wrong…♡ Ah, it’s coming~♡”

 ”It’s okay. Just let it go…”

 ”Ah~♡ ~~…♡”

 Milis shook her head no, but all she could do was obey. While clinging to Shinji’s arms, Milis experiences her first climax.

 (Ah…♡ T-This feels…♡ So good…♡)

 Shinji was right. Milis is lost in the euphoria of climaxing with this thought. And as if to extend the feeling of happiness, Shinji gently plays with her vagina and waits for Milis to return.

 ”That was your climax… that means you cum. Wasn’t that comfortable?”

 ”Yes…♡ That, I was comfortable…♡”

 Milis nods at Shinji’s words, her guilt completely drained from her mind. The euphoria of her first s*xual intercourse, which she had been kept under the false kindness, had filled her up, and she had lost all sense of resistance.

 Perhaps that was the reason. Even though Shinji stripped her of all her clothes… even though he saw her naked as she was born. Even while Shinji put a contraceptive on his erect p*nis, Milis did not feel rejected.

 ”You’re so beautiful, Milis”

 Milis’s skin was fresh and clean, and Alvin hadn’t even touched it. Her big breasts remained firm even when she was lying on her back. Even her golden pubic hairs were beautiful despite covered with her love juices. Seeing all this, Shinji finds it all fascinating and tells Milis she was beautiful.

 ”…♡ (I’m so happy…♡)”

 At his words, Milis’ heart was filled with joy. She is too busy to think about Alvin, and her face falls down in embarrassment.

 Then, as Shinji’s cock is pressed against her closed pussy, there is a sound of water. Milis, who has been made to be pleasured by the thorough caresses, has accepted the situation both physically and mentally, just for this moment.

 ”Mmm… Hwahh…!”

 Milis raises her eyebrows at the sensation of the tip pushing into her vagina. Shinji’s cock penetrates her narrow vagina and easily penetrates her virgin membrane. The pain is so intense that Milis has no choice but to clutch the bed sheets and endure it. The pain, however, soon became numbing.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah…♡ There, ah…♡”

 Shinji stopped moving when he broke the membrane, inserted his cock to a certain point, and caressed Milis’ breast with both hands. Not only that, he sucked her nipples and bit them sweetly to increase the pleasure.

 The intense pleasure quickly swept away the pain of losing her virginity. On the contrary, the vagina is flooded with love juices, making it slippery enough for Shinji to move.

 Gently and attentively, the cock moves back and forth across the shallow area. And little by little, the cock pushes deeper and deeper into the vaginal walls, which are gradually loosened…


 Eventually, the cock enters the root of the vagina, and the glans touch the back of the vagina. The sensation was like a tight mesh of bumps… even Shinji was surprised at how perfectly they fit together.

 ”Ah…♡ Ah…♡ Ah…♡”

 ”It’s so tight… Ugh…”

 Milis was glad to hear Shinji’s comfortable breathing as he covered her. The pleasure of the piston movement, which started slowly, was completely different from the caresses on her breasts and was very good.

 Every time her vagina being thrusted, her whole body was tossed by the wave of happiness, and her body was delighted. The sensation of the thick and muscular cock filling up her vagina was pleasant, and her voice gradually became louder and louder.

 It was inevitable that Milis, who had been slowly and deliberately taught how good it felt to be penetrated, went wild with pleasure.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ No~♡ So intense…♡ Mmhh~♡ Amazing~♡”

 Milis is held by Shinji in the normal position with her arms over Shinji’s shoulders and her legs spread in an M-shape, fully receptive to s*x. Shinji also rubs her large breasts, which bob up and down with each thrust of his cock, and stops once to suck on her nipples. Due to his excessive sucking, there were red marks all over Milis’s breasts.

 ”Ah♡ Cummming….♡”

 A sudden thrust to the back of her vagina, which had stopped moving, left her feeling lonely. And Milis’s vagina, which was still fully engulfed, tightened up and she revealed her s*xy but shameful come-face to Shinji.

 As Milis had already climaxed many times and was about to run out of energy, Shinji finally tells her it’s time to end it.

 ”I’m about to cum too….”

 ”Haah, haah…♡ Mmm…♡ Shinji, san…♡ Please, please…♡”

 Shinji grabbed her firm, thin hips and gave her the last spurt. Milis’ body, which had experienced repeated climaxes, was now able to feel pleasure even when her hips were slammed forcefully, and her strong hips easily renewed the most pleasurable sensation of the day.

 With each deep penetration of her vagina, Milis felt more and more pleasure. The timing of Shinji’s ejaculation also coincided with the limit of her endurance.

 ”It’s coming…!”

 ”Hwahhhh…♡ Ah, ahhh….♡”

 Feeling the heat of his ejaculation deep inside her vagina, even through the contraceptive, Milis climaxes while holding Shinji. She is left with a long, lingering climax, having shared such a comfortable and euphoric climax with Shinji.

 And while the recording crystal keeps filming the scene, the two sharing pleasure with each other look like lovers to anyone who sees them.

 Later, the owner of the recording crystal is surprised at Shinji’s ability to make Milis sound so skillfully, but he adds some color to the purchase price in the hope that he will be able to obtain better recording crystals in the future. Shinji was surprised at the way he handled the transaction, but Milis was pleased to see that the debt had been reduced.

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