Wizard If 4

Chapter IF-4 The Changing Girlfriend

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 Since her first s*xual encounter with Shinji, Milis has been doing it regularly.

 Milis has no choice but to continue to have s*x with Shinji because of the debt agreement, and she repeats the act even though she feels guilty about Alvin. As they continued to have s*x, Shinji pleasured Milis’s body thoroughly and brought her to climax again and again.

 In her pleasure-melting thoughts, he whispered to her that if she kept doing the same thing repeatedly, the purchase price would drop, and she would never doubt his words, so he trained her in various s*xual techniques.

 ”Yes, that’s good… Haah, haah…”

 ”Mmm, haah… I-Is it good…?”

 ”Yeah. Milis’ breasts are the best”

 Shinji is sitting on the bed while Milis’s big breasts between his big cock, and she is giving him a breastsjob. As Shinji has given Milis the pleasure of deep climax so many times, even Milis’ G-cup breasts can’t hide his big cock.

 She is salivating and bobbing her breasts up and down with her hands as she is told to do while staring at the glans visible through the cleavage with a blush on her face. When her plump breasts are pressed against his pole and rubbed evenly from the base to the glans, Shinji’s cheeks relax pleasantly.

 (Shinji-san is looking so comfortable…♡)

 Even if it is a lewd act, it is not a bad thing to be praised by someone who is not your lover. Especially if it is Shinji who has been helping her while keeping the secret from Alvin.

 Her hand naturally tightens, and the pressure of the cock increases. Not only that, but she also slides the cock, which has become more slippery with the pre-cum, up from the root to the bell mouth with her breasts more carefully. Shinji’s cock is much bigger than usual, and he is more strongly pleasured by Milis’s breastjob. The chemistry between the breasts and the cock could not have been more perfect.

 ”Oh, kuh… It’s about time… Suck it, Milis”

 ”Haah, haah~♡ Yes, Shinji-san~♡ Mm, mmm~♡”

 Milis took the glans in her mouth, and Shinji thrust his hips up almost simultaneously. Milis, who was to receive the semen with the glans firmly in her mouth, did not take her mouth off even though her eyes were black and white at the volume of the ejaculation. After finishing his ejaculation, Shinji pulls his cock out of his mouth, looking at the lewd white drooling from the edge of her mouth.

 ”You don’t have to drink it. Here, put it out on the cloth”

 ”Nggh… Yesh…”

 Milis spits out the white muck on her tongue onto the cloth offered by Shinji. In every instance, Shinji shows his concern for Milis. Especially during the s*x session, which was filmed alone between the two of them, he treated Milis with tenderness and care.

 Milis, who had been following Alvin’s lead, had never experienced being pampered so thoroughly. Although she knew the pleasure of supporting him, the physical pleasure that accompanied the greater pleasure and the emotional pleasure of being fulfilled as a woman caused her to relax her guard, and before long, Shinji’s image began to be etched on her mind.

 ”Now it’s my turn. May I?”

 ”Mmm… Please, Shinji-san… Ahhh~♡ Ahh~♡ Hyan~♡”

 Her hands, which had gripped the sheets patiently on the first day, were now on Shinji’s back. Her legs, which had been modestly open, are now firmly spread and connected more deeply. Milis’ body feels pleasure wherever she is caressed, and she doesn’t try to hide her lovely voice anymore. And best of all.

 ”Ggh, it’s out…! !”

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ So deep, it’s hot…♡ And a lot…♡”

 The method of birth control has changed from common contraceptives to contraceptive magic. The contraceptive magic is magic to prevent pregnancy, and Shinji’s semen with this magic will not cause pregnancy. Therefore, there is no risk of getting pregnant even if the semen is inserted raw.

 She initially refused, but after being thoroughly pleasured by Shinji, she finally agreed to have raw s*x with him by using contraceptive magic to make it more pleasurable. And his words were true. Moreover, the crystal recordings were sold at a higher price.

 ”Haa~♡ haa~♡ Mmm…♡ I came…♡ That’s nice, nice…♡”

 ”Me too. Milis and I seem to have pretty good chemistry. I can hold you as many times as I want”

 ”G-Geez…♡ Shinji-san, don’t say that… Mmm…”

 In the beginning, they had separated as soon as they had finished having s*x, but now they are talking to each other after ejaculation. Shinji no longer blames her for the kisses on the neck, ears, and cheeks. But in fact, it’s so comfortable for her. She also has already completely forgotten about Alvin and is absorbed in the act of skin-on-skin contact.

 ”I’m telling the truth. Look, it’s still hard, isn’t it? Let’s do it again, okay?”

 ”Ah~♡ E-Even though you’re saying that, you already moved~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 Milis obediently cries under Shinji even though she is unceremoniously forced into a series of fights. Now, as the record changes and becomes more extreme, the buyout price goes up. Milis, who is completely absorbed in this cycle, uses the reason “for the debt” as an excuse and is completely immersed in the pleasure given to her by her encounters with Shinji.

 Therefore, Milis’ mind is being rewritten with the memories of Shinji.

 ”Mil, what’s wrong?”

 ”Uh, um… It’s nothing, Al-kun”

 Even when she went on a walking date with Alvin, who was short of money, she remembered the memory of going home from the grocery store, eating, and shopping with Shinji. Alvin’s hand, which she used to want to hold, is no longer as exciting as it used to be when she held hands with him. In fact, she is more excited when Shinji is holding her.

 Of course, Alvin notices the change in Milis. It is natural that her eyes, which used to look at him with the sparkling eyes of a maiden in love, have lost their color.

 However, Alvin cannot point it out. The reason is obvious.

 (Quick, I have to pay back my debt to Shinji…! Otherwise, I can’t show my face to Mil!)

 His dear girlfriend is in danger because of his blunder. If he doesn’t pay back all his debts, he won’t be able to whisper his love to Milis again. Alvin thinks so. But he does not know that his time loss will lead to fatal consequences…

 ”Well, Al-kun, See you in the dungeon tomorrow”

 ”Yeah. Good night, Mil. I’ll do my best!”

 ”Yes. Good night, Al-kun~♪”

 Alvin had no way of knowing that Milis, smiling in front of him, would later be embraced by Shinji in his room.

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