Wizard If 5

Chapter IF-5 Declaration of Betrayed Lover

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 Milis has been selling the record crystal for three months. The huge debt was almost gone. And considering the amount of money she has sold so far, it is easy to imagine that she will be able to pay off her debts by selling one more crystal. Therefore, it was obvious that the next time would be the last s*xual intercourse, which also meant the end of the secret relationship.

 ”So great. It looks good on you. Milis looks good in a maid’s uniform, too”

 ”I-Is this a maid’s u-uniform? It’s revealing my chest, and the skirt is too short…♡”

 Milis was wearing a modified maid’s uniform in Shinji’s room at his request. It was the last time, so when she was asked to wear it, she did it, but the outfit was very aggressive.

 The boldly open bosom of the outfit reveals the cleavage of Milis’ G-cup breasts, and there is even a hole for a breast job. Her thigh-length mini-skirt exposes her attractive and fleshy thighs.

 Her legs were wrapped by high socks and a garter belt, and a white headdress on her head also looked very good on her, and Shinji looked very satisfied. Milis was also pleased to see him happy and had no intention to change her clothes.

 ”I’m so excited. Milis, will you do it for me?”

 ”…♡ Shinji-san, you really like breast job…♡”

 After removing his trousers, Shinji’s big boner is revealed. Milis also clamped it between her big breasts and slid her breast up to catch the sperm.

 She welcomes the cock through the hole in her maid’s dress and dips her tongue into the tip of the cock, which has emerged from the cleavage by brushing through the breast. Shinji moaned a little at the pressure of her breasts as she firmly clamped the slippery thing from the left and right sides.

 (Shinji-san looks so comfortable…♡ I want to make him better…♡)

 Milis continues to serve him hard while making a lascivious sound. The cock is now buried in her soft breast, and the flesh of her breasts is entangled with the pole. She squeezes the pole tightly and rubs it over and over again, and the pre-cum begins to overflow from the glans.

 ”Nnnn *Kiss*…♡ *Lick Lick*…♡ *Slurp*~♡ Puha~♡”

 ”Kkhh… Haah… That’s good, Milis… more…”

 Milis took the tip into her mouth and licked the glans intensively with her tongue while she nuzzled the pole with her breast. Shinji resists the rising sensation of ejaculation, but Milis senses that he is about to ejaculate from the jerkiness of his p*nis. So, she sucks on the glans for cumming, knowing what is weak in Shinji’s p*nis.

 ”Kuh… It’s out…”

 ”Mmm, mm……♡ Puha…..♡ Come on…..♡”

 Milis’ mouth is sprayed with thick semen. She’s used to drinking cum, so she slurps it down her throat and swallows it. Then, in order not to leave the stinking cum in her mouth, she rubs it from the root of her pole to the glans and drinks it down.

 (She has gotten used to this, hasn’t she? Besides, Milis is now completely turned on when she drinks the semen)

 Her cheeks are flushed red, and her face is mellow as she removes her mouth from his p*nis and gazes hungrily at his sperm. Leaving Milis alone, Shinji pushed her down and slowly pulled off Milis’s panties.

 ”I’m coming in, Milis.”

 ”Yes…♡ Oh, mmm…♡ Haaaaan…♡”

 Milis accepts his cock in the normal position and holds Shinji firmly with her arms wrapped around his back. Her breasts crushed by his chest made her comfortable, and Shinji started to move his hips without any hesitation, bringing his cock to the deepest part of her again and again.

 ”Nnn~♡ Ah~♡ Ah, ah~♡ So deep~♡ Shinji, san~♡ It’s good~♡ So great~♡”

 Shinji knew Milis’ weak spots perfectly. Especially the depth of her vagina, which had been fully developed by the repeated s*x and had already learned to take on a shape that was exclusively for Shinji’s use.

 Each thrust was a strong pleasure that burned Milis’ head and gave her a tremendous feeling of euphoria. Her body was already completely submerged, and her sloppy, loose face expressed that she couldn’t stand the feeling of being fucked.

 Suddenly, Shinji stops moving his hips. He looks into Milis’s eyes with his cock still pressed against the back of her vagina.

 ”Hey, Milis, are you sure you want to finish today?”

 ”What… Haah…♡ do you mean…♡”

 ”How can I forget about you, Milis, when we’re so good together… and why we can’t have s*x anymore? This experience is too good…”

 ”Nnn~♡ Haah~♡ Ah~♡ Shinji-san…♡ But we have a promise… Mmm~♡”

 Milis’ hands are still firmly holding Shinji’s back, despite her verbal refusal to do so. Slowly Shinji rocked his hips, and Milis also rocked her hips for pleasure.

 ”Milis likes to have s*x with me, right? Because you’re shaking your hips right now”

 ”Ah~♡ Ahh~♡ Mmm~♡ Because~♡ It feels so good…♡ So I can’t help to move my hips…♡ Ah~♡ So deep~♡ Noo~♡”

 ”Is it no? You don’t like the way you feel good? Don’t you want to do it with me anymore?”

 Milis’s heart beats faster and faster as Shinji gently stares at her and continues to pound into her. As her head is filled with thoughts of pleasure and happiness, the feelings for Shinji that have begun to grow in the depths of her heart overflow.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ I like it~♡ But~♡ I can’t do it anymore with Shinji-san~♡ Because I’m with Al-kun~♡ Ah, haah~♡”

 ”You like it, right? I’m glad, Milis”

 Shinji’s face is close to Milis’ face. If he moves just a little more, their lips will touch… A dangerous position, but Milis does not feel uncomfortable with it. Instead, she wants to know how good the kiss feels.

 A kiss on the lips is a sign of love. That’s why he promised not to kiss her. But at this moment, Milis realizes that she is attracted to Shinji. However, how could she want to kiss Shinji even though she has a lover named Alvin?

 (But now, I prefer Shinji to Al-kun…)

 Milis gently closes her eyelids. Seeing this, Shinji understands that she is saying, “Kiss me,” even if she does not say it.

 (She’s fallen…now, let’s finish it…)

 Shinji and Milis’ lips meet. Her body shudders, but she immediately relaxes. It was a very different kiss from Alvin’s touchy kiss, a tongue-licking kiss.

 The passionate kisses quickly captivated Milis, and at the same time, the pleasure was multiplied by the penetration of her vaginal depths. The pleasure of kissing and fucking her opened her mind.

 ”Let’s keep having s*x. Okay, Milis?”

 ”*Kiss*~♡ *Smooch*~♡ Yesh~♡ It’s okay~♡ From now on, I’m going to have s*x with you, Shinji-san~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ So intense~♡”

 Having finally gotten the message, Shinji shakes his hips vigorously to make Milis climax. She climaxes lightly several times, and he repeatedly thrusts his cock into her spasming vagina, enjoying the tightness of her body as he continues to drive her into pleasure.

 Now, Alvin is no longer in her mind. She gazes into the man in front of her, her eyes tinged with pleasure, and her legs are entwined around his waist as she soaks up the euphoria that surrounds her body.

 ”I kissed you, and Milis is my lover. Right?”

 ”Yesh~♡ I’m going~♡ To be your lover, Shinji-san~♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Kiss*~♡ I like you~♡ Ah~♡ Haah~♡”

 ”I’m glad. I like Milis too. I like you, Milis.”

 ”I’m so happy~♡ …♡”

 Being whispered love to Milis, she is emotionally excited. Her body and soul are now degraded, she accepts everything Shinji does, and her body begins to feel pleasure more openly. Milis is even able to reach a light orgasm with just a few words of love. Her reaction is quite cute, and Shinji smiles devilishly at her. But this charming smile makes Milis’s heart beat faster, and her vagina tightens.

 ”Oh, Milis, you’re squeezing me… It’s out, it’s going out. It’s okay, right? I’m gonna cum in your vagina…!”

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡ Cumming~♡ It’s okay~♡ Put it out~♡ Put it out inside~♡ Deep inside me~♡ Ah~♡ I’m cumming too~♡ Cumming, cummmmming…♡”

 Shinji reached his limit with the tightness of his cock as he thrust it deep into her vagina, shooting his sperm into her uterus. With her legs intertwined, Milis pulls his hips in closer, their genitals tightly and deeply connected as she savors the heat pouring into her uterus.

 ”Mmm…♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Smooch*~♡”

 Milis continues to lovingly embrace Shinji, letting the euphoria spread from her upper and lower mouths. For a long, long time, Shinji and Milis continue to kiss each other.

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