Wizard If 6

Chapter IF-6 Alvin’s Lover’s Secret Life

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 With the sale of the last recorded crystal, Milis is finally able to pay off the debts. Milis is now a free, but she is still spending time with Shinji, just as she has been doing in her life of debt repayment.

 No, not exactly the same. It has changed to a lover’s life, without filming.

 Milis acts as if she and Alvin are still lovers on the surface, which is necessary for her activities as <Running Wolves>, but her heart is completely set on Shinji. Milis’ devotion to Alvin has diminished and she spends more time focusing on Shinji, and Alvin and Renka can see the change in her.

 However, Alvin, who has not yet paid back half of the debt, cannot blame Milis because of his guilt. Another reason is that he has not seen Shinji hitting on Milis.

 He does not know about the late-night encounters between Shinji and Milis, and he thinks that Milis is changing her mind from his worthless self to the dependable Shinji.

 However, Alvin is supported by Renka, who is secretly in love with Alvin. She has a secret crush on Alvin and feels pain for him, but at the same time she feels that this is an opportunity for her.

 Renka is careful not to be cheating with Alvin, and only gives him advice. Because she feels that if she says anything, the current relationship and the party will be ruined, and she cannot move.

 Shinji also senses that Alvin and Renka have noticed a change in Milis, so he carefully arranges to meet with Milis. With Freri’s help, it is easy for Shinji to get around both of them.

 For example, when he is waiting to sell a magic stone after returning from a dungeon.

 ”Mmm…♡ *Kiss*… Mmm…♡ Haa…♡ Shinji-san, do more…♡ *Slurp*…♡”

 In the spare time of about 10 minutes or so, Shinji and Milis met up with each other after each of them left with a suitable excuse, and were deep kissing with their tongues behind the shades of the building.

 ”*Kiss*…♡ Ah, Shinji-san♡, if you touch my ass… Mnnn…♡ Don’t~♡”

 ”Don’t you want my cock?”

 ”Geez, you meanie…♡ Of course, I am…♡ That’s why I said no…♡”

 Now, Shinji and Milis embrace each other. Milis’ eyes are hot as she looks up at Shinji in his arms. Of course, Shinji’s hands continue to squeeze and fondle their plump asses, as he desires in the end.

 And then, after dinner after returning from the dungeon.

 ”*Kiss*~♡ Mmm~♡ Ah, haah…♡ *Slurp*~♡ *Slurp*, *Slurppp*…♡”

 ”Ah… Nice… Milis mouth, feels so good…”

 In his free time before bed, Shinji went into Milis’ room and sat on the bed to receive a blowjob from her. Milis, who used to take pleasure in serving Alvin, is now awakened to the pleasure of being desired by Shinji. She would never turn down a blowjob from Shinji, and she even took the initiative to perform a passionate vacuum blowjob in an attempt to squeeze out some of his cum.

 ”*Slurp*~♡ *Slurp*~♡ *Slurppp*~♡ Mmm…♡”

 ”Haah~…. it’s great….you’re great at drinking, Milis”

 ”Mmm…♡ Ehehe~♡”

 Milis’ cheeks relax happily as she is gently patted on the head. After that, they then join Alvin and the others with a nonchalant look on their faces, and discuss the next day’s adventure.

 To top it all off, Milis once had the immoral act of sneaking out of a date with Alvin to have s*x with Shinji.

 It was happened when Alvin meets Milis that day, and he is first surprised by her outfit. Milis, who was conscious of her surroundings, preferred to wear modest clothes that did not expose her skin as much as possible. That is why Alvin buys Milis modest clothes that suit her taste and gives them to her as gifts when she was living in his hometown.

 However, on this date, she wore a fashionable black one-piece dress that clearly showed her cleavage. There is no way for Alvin to know that this dress is a gift from Shinji and that she is wearing it because she has become tolerant to the way people look at her after having been with Shinji for a long time.

 As Alvin goes to town with Milis, who is more attractive than usual, he loses Milis in a crowded free market held in a park. While Alvin searches for Milis in the park, she is hugged from behind by Shinji in a warehouse at the edge of the park.

 ”You look great in that dress. Milis had everyone’s eyes glued to you”

 ”Mmm…♡ I’m fine with just Shinji-san…oh♡ H…♡”

 ”I just wanted to show off my lover. Erotic and cute lover.”

 Shinji’s cock is already growing as he rubs her breasts that don’t fit in his hands over her one-piece dress, pressing hard against her soft peachy ass from behind. Milis is not going to say no to being desired by the man she loves. Rather, she turns her head to look at him, and she kisses him, their tongues entwining, and she leans her back against him.

 ”G-Geez~♡ Shinji-san… *Kiss*~♡ You are the one who taught me the naughty stuff, aren’t you Shinji-san…♡ Ahhh… there, that’s good…♡”

 When Shinji slips his hand under the skirt of her one-piece dress and traces up her panties, Milis squeals with delight. He also pinches her nipple with one hand while intertwining their tongues, then inserts a finger into her secret passage and stirs it, and in no time her vagina is wet and ready for the man’s entrance.

 She is in a standing back position with her hands on the wall. And Shinji inserts his cock into her skirt, which is pulled up in an incendiary manner. And while grabbing her slender hips, he begins to shake his hips vigorously.

 ”Ah~♡ Ah~♡ There~♡ There~♡ It’s good~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 ”I’m sorry, Alvin’s probably looking for you. So, I’m going to go hard now.”

 Now, Shinji was using her hips wildly to get him to cum. But Milis didn’t find it disgusting. She, too, was wiggling her hips in time with Shinji’s movements, trying her best to accommodate his desires.

 ”Ha, ha, Milis… Lis, you’re my girl, remember that”

 ”Uh-yes~♡ I’m Shinji-san’s… girl~♡ So~♡ Ah~♡ *Kiss*~♡ I like you~♡”

 ”Kh, it’s out, it’s coming out. In Lis’ vagina…”

 ”Ah~♡ Give it to me~♡ Shin’s semen~♡ Please give it all~♡ Ah, ah…♡”

 Lis and Shin. It was special nicknames for each of them. As the short time of s*x was not enough to satisfy either Milis or Shinji, it is no surprise that they make plans to meet again in the evening…

 ”Al-kun! I finally found you!”

 ”Mil! I’ve been looking for you!”

 ”I’m sorry, I lost…”

 I’m glad Mil’s okay. It’s been a long time. Let’s get out of the town and go eat”

 ”Yeah. I’m hungry, too”

 With Shinji’s semen in her womb, Milis returns to her date with Alvin. However, she did not really enjoy her date with Alvin. Because her hot womb wants Shinji…

 Eventually, the two return to the inn after dinner and part in front of their rooms. Later, Shinji comes to Milis’ room, and she is cuddled all night long.

 ”Haah~♡ Ah~♡ I like you…Mmm, *Kiss*~♡ Shin~♡ I like you…♡ Ah, ah…♡ my vagina, hot…♡”

 The embrace between Shinji and Milis is strong as they hold each other as they were born, and Milis chooses Shinji for the sweetest kisses. She feels happy to be chosen by him and her heart completely accepts Shinji’s presence. But soon she will be forced to choose between Shinji and Alvin.

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