Wizard If 7

Chapter IF-7 Breakup Wedding Sex

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 The change in Milis’ love for Shinji becomes more and more pronounced.

 She still wears the same blue monk’s uniform she used to wear when she was an adventurer, but the underwear she wears under the blue monk’s uniform has been changed to a s*xy undergarment with a small area of cloth that Shinji bought for her. Her long hair, which used to cover the nape of her neck, is now tied up in a ponytail, which is more to Shinji’s liking. The ribbon that ties her hair also a gift from Shinji.

 On her days off, she wears a black one-piece dress that evokes a woman’s s*x appeal, and she is able to turn the tables on other men who make s*xual advances toward her. It is as if Milis is blossoming as a “woman,” and no one believes that this is happening naturally.

 Unfortunately, Alvin has no idea, and neither does Renka. Then, only Shinji remains, but there is no evidence. However, Shinji is the only possible candidate under the circumstances. Therefore, Alvin decides to have a one-on-one talk with Shinji. But it is too late for that.

 After arranging to meet in the evening, Alvin visits Shinji’s house. The house is Shinji’s personal property, and is a “spear house” that he maintains to secretly hold women.

 Alvin knocks on the door, but there is no response. He turns the doorknob and finds that the door is unlocked. In order to get a better look, Alvin opens the door a little and looks inside.

 ”Mmm~♡ Ah~♡ Geez, Shin’s cock is too active~♡ Fufu… *Lick*~♡”

 ”…Huh? What?”

 He sees his girlfriend Milis kneeling in front of Shinji on the bed and giving him a breastjob. All Alvin can do is to look at Milis, who is making a silly noise and running her tongue over the tip of the cock with a lewd look on her face that he has never seen before.

 Milis was wearing a pure white dress. It was like a wedding dress, with a lot of lace. However, the design is an aggressive one designed for nighttime s*xual intercourse.

 The skirt of the tight-fitting dress, which clearly shows the lines of the body, is short, exposing her voluptuous thighs. Her legs are cinched with high socks and a garter belt, making her thighs look more attractive.

 The most eye-catching part of the scene is Milis’ breast area, which boldly shows off her large breasts. From her neck to her shoulders and breasts, there is no fabric at all on her upper chest, clearly showing off her ample cleavage. In addition, there is a hole in her breast…a so-called “Breast job hole”, through which Shinji’s big cock is welcomed into her cleavage and is being served.

 [What are they doin!? What…? I can’t speak… and I can’t move…]

 While Alvin is in shock, Freri is casting a magic on him.

 It is a silent magic that prevents him from speaking and a paralyze magic that prevents him from moving. Now, Alvin is dragged into the house by Freri, who appears at his side, and the door of the house closes. The slamming of the door is also silenced by Silence magic, so Shinji notices the slamming but Milis remains completely unaware.

 She is concentrating on Shinji’s erect cock in front of her, and her mind is occupied with how to serve him comfortably.

 ”It’s bigger than usual…♡ Are you aroused by these clothe…♡”

 ”Yeah. Lis’ erotic wedding, it looks great on you and it turns me on”

 ”Ehehe~♡ I’m so happy~♡ Then, I will make you feel so good, Shin~♡ *Lick*~♡ *Lick*~♡ *Smooch…♡”

 The way she holds her breasts and rubs her cock up and down is something Alvin is familiar with, and it makes it clear that their relationship has been going on for a long time. He can only continue to watch as Milis, with a mixture of trust, affection, and lust, serves Shinji with a face Alvin has never seen on a woman.

 [Why…? Why, Mil…? Why, with Shinji…?]

 Alvin can tell that she’s happy to serve him. He knows that it is not forced, but completely consensual. In contrast to Alvin, who seems to be crushed by the despair that is surging toward him, Milis is filled with a feeling of happiness.

 Even though it is not a real wedding dress, it is a wedding dress. No wonder she is thinking of marriage. She felt that this was a sign that Shinji was serious about her.

 The guilt she had felt for the relationship that started with debt and physical relations, the guilt she had felt for betraying Alvin. Milis felt so happy that all of them disappeared.

 Milis no longer has any doubts, and she decides to give her all to Shinji who is in front of her, and serves him.

 ”Oh, I’m cumming, Lis. I’m cumming…!”

 ”*Kiss*~♡ It’s okay~♡ Shin’s semen~♡ Give me it all~♡ *Slurpppppp*~♡”

 ”Oh, that’s… amazing!”

 *Pound! Pound! Pound! Squelch! Squelch! Squelch!

 She moved her breasts intensely and pressed her lower breasts against his waist from both sides at once. Eventually, Shinji sprays a huge amount of cum on Milis, who sucks his cock hard in her mouth. The amount was more than she had ever had before, and it was too much to fit in her mouth. So, the spilled white spilt from her mouth runs down her chin and drips down to her breast.

 But, Milis was still trying hard to swallow it, and it was so lewd that it made Alvin see with despair the reason why she had changed.

 ”Mmm, puhaa♡ Hey, Shin~♡ I want you to fuck me, too, next time~♡

 ”Yeah, I know. Come here, Lis”

 ”Yes~♡ Please love me a lot, Shin…♡”

 Without noticing Alvin rolling behind her, Milis releases Shinji’s cock from her chest and climbs on top of Shinji, who is sitting on the bed. They embrace each other in a frontal, face-to-face sitting position. Milis’s eyes see only Shinji and his cock, but Shinji’s eyes see Alvin lying on the floor.

 [Stop… Stop it… Already…]

 Before he could shake his head no, Shinji and Milis were connected. The raw, unprotected cock slowly slid into Milis’ vagina. The vagina is Shinji’s own, which has become very wet from repeated intercourse. The glans reaches the deepest part of the vagina without any difficulty, and both Shinji and Milis let out a breath that feels so good.

 ”Hwahhh…♡ Shin’s cock, so good…♡”

 ”Lis’ vagina is great too. I knew it, we’re perfect for each other. Here we go”

 ”Ah~♡ Geez, don’t move so suddenly…♡ Mmm~♡ I’ll move, too….♡”

 The two, embracing each other lovingly, begin to move gently. The movements of a man and a woman who are in love with each other’s hearts are so smooth that the room is soon filled with the sound of gurgling, lascivious water. Milis makes no pretense of hiding her sweet voice, and her arms are wrapped around his neck, and her hips move up and down as she presses her big breasts against his muscular chest. Alvin felt his eyes darken in front of him as he was confronted with such a disgusting courtship behavior.

 ”Lis, you’re too tight…oh, it feels so good, doesn’t it?”

 ”Yes~♡ Ah, ahh~♡ it feels so good~♡ Shin’s cock~♡ It hits me right where I want it~♡”

 ”Me too, I can’t get over how good it feels inside Lis. I love it when you suck on it”

 ”Shin~♡ I like you~♡ I love you~♡ Shin’s cock too~♡ I like it~♡ Ah~♡ Ah~♡”

 Milis’s feelings are clearly expressed. And Alvin is moved to tears as he realizes that Milis is completely stolen away from him. In front of him, Shinji enters his last spurt. And in order to make Milis realize that she is his, he ejaculates raw.

 ”Nnnn♡ Shin~♡ Shin~~♡ So intense~♡ Ah~♡ Are you cumming, are you cumming? Ah, ahhh~♡”

 ”Yeah, it’s about time. Let’s cum together, Lis”

 ”Yes~♡, I’m going to cum too~♡ So let’s do it together, Shin~♡ Ah~♡ Cumming~♡ Cumming~♡”

 Shinji’s cock thrusts up into Milis’ vagina from below, and she bucked her hips in time. Their perfectly matched breathing and pistoning movements give Shinji and Milis the most pleasurable sensations, bringing them to climax. They keep their climaxes as long as they can and keep pounding their hips against each other until they reach the very limit.

 *Pound! *Pound! *Pound! *Pound! *Pound! *Pound!

 The last thrust was the most powerful one. The glans pushes up against the uterus, aiming at the cervix. And as the tight vagina wriggles for cum, the extra thick semen is sprayed on the cervix.


 ”Cumming~♡ Mmmmmm~♡ Mmm~♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Slurpp*~♡”

 The two are firmly connected, their lips pressed together. Shinji and Milis kept their tongues moving slowly as they continued to bask in the afterglow of their climaxes while the cum poured in and out. And as the white cum was not able to be contained in the vagina, it was dripping from the vagina down the p*nis. In front of the perfect seeding of Milis, Alvin continues to shed tears.

 [Why…? Why…? Why Mil…? Why did you and Shinji…?]

 Milis continues kissing Shinji, not knowing that Alvin is in despair behind her back. She looks so loving, so happy.

 ”*Kiss*~♡ Shin…♡ I like …♡ I love you…♡ *Kiss*~♡ *Kiss*~♡”

 ”I love you too, Lis”

 A long, drawn-out, quiet lip-sync repeat. Before long, Alvin was gone from Shinji’s house.

 The next day.

 A party breaks up and four young guys leave town.

 At that moment, a blond priestess was standing next to the dark-haired wizard…

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