Wizard If 8

Chapter IF-8 After Stealing Milis Route, Living Together Arc

Edited by: Kanaa-senpai

 In the south of the central city of Medio, there is a big town called “Sul.” Just as Medio is the largest town in the central part of the country, Sul is the largest town in the southern part of the country. With many people living here, it’s no surprise that there are many problems, making it a bustling place for adventurers.

 Shinji, a young man with black hair and black eyes, had resumed his activities as an adventurer in Sul. After disbanding the party called “Running Wolves,” he moved to this town with Milis, whom he had stealed, and they formed a party of just the two of them.

 Although their ranks as adventurers were not high, they were able to rent a house together and lead a normal life. Without any urgent need to raise their ranks, Shinji and Milis lived their days with a steady approach.

 On that day, Shinji went to deliver the potions he had made at the rental house by gathering medicinal herbs to the Adventurers Guild. After successfully making the delivery and receiving payment, he returned home, where Milis was waiting for him at the entrance.

 Milis, with her long golden hair tied back with a ribbon, had a ponytail and was wearing a casual outfit consisting of a short-sleeved shirt and a miniskirt. On top of that, she wore an apron decorated with a white frill, a gift from Shinji. The sight of her, which could only be seen if he lived with her and trusted each other, beautifully showcased her outstanding figure. Her ample chest, slender waist, and firm buttocks—everything about her was to Shinji’s liking, so it was only natural that he would feel an undeniable surge of desire upon returning home.

 “Welcome back, Shin~♪ Dinner is ready~”

 Unaware of Shinji’s thoughts, Milis welcomed her lover, Shinji, with a smile.

 “I’m back, Lis. Thanks, it smells great.”

 “Hehe, I made it delicious. Wash your hands quickly, and I’ll serve it.”

 “Got it.”

 Although he wanted to push Milis, who was swaying her hips, right there in the kitchen, it would be a shame to let the dinner get cold. Since they were living together, there was no need to rush, so Shinji changed his mind and decided to enjoy dinner with Milis.

 Milis’s cooking had a wide range of dishes, and they all tasted good. She was also skilled in various household chores such as cleaning and sewing. These abilities had been honed to support Alvin, but now they were being used for Shinji’s sake. Their cohabitation had greatly improved Shinji’s somewhat lax lifestyle.

 Because of that, he has no choice but to repay her gratitude with happiness. Since they started living together, except for when Milis couldn’t have s*x due to her monthly cycle, Shinji had never missed a day without making love to Milis. And of course, tonight was no exception.

 “Ah… ah…@ Shin… Shin… ahh…@”

 Shinji and Milis were connected in the missionary position, but Shinji always took the lead. The creaking sound of the bed under their weight and the sound of flesh colliding echoed in the room.

 Between Milis’s widely spread legs, Shinji rhythmically thrust his hips while tightly gripping her large breasts. But no matter how strongly he kneaded the abundant breast meat that couldn’t fit in his hands, it would bounce and ripple every time he thrust his hips. Her exquisite breasts had been thoroughly developed by Shinji and had become splendid erogenous zones.

 “Ah… ahh…@ I’m…@ I’m going to… cum…@ Ahh…@”

 Because of that, Milis easily reached climax just by having Shinji thrusting his thick and strong p*nis into her while persistently kneading her breasts. Waves of happiness flooded her brain, and her heart and body immersed themselves in pleasure. In addition, her tight vagina clenched around his p*nis, which hadn’t ejaculated yet, clinging to it, almost begging for release, but Shinji didn’t ejaculate.

 “Kuh… haah… Lis inside trying to completely drain mine. I was so close…”

 “Ahn…@ Shin, it’s okay to release…@ Once won’t satisfy you, right? @”

 “Yeah… We can do it as many times as we want, Lis.”

 “Yeah…@ Let’s do it over and over…@ Haa, ahh…@”

 While Shinji continued to playfully knead her breasts, Milis’s heart raced at his lascivious smile. The lustful gaze directed at her from her beloved filled her with a sense of self-esteem as a woman. The pleasure of being desired and embraced, it had firmly taken root within Milis.

 (Happiness…@ Shin, I love you…@)

 Moaning in pleasure as the piston-like movement began again, Milis indulged in an ecstatic expression. Being brought to climax repeatedly and filled with his milky essence, she was enveloped in love and happiness.

* * *

 Shinji and Milis were a wizard and a priest, respectively, and to embark on adventures, they needed a vanguard like Alvin. It was common to form a party with a fixed set of members and aim for promotions, but talented individuals like him were not always available. The cost of obtaining Milis was quite significant, but there was no regret.

 (Besides, there are countless ways to do things. Adventurers aren’t just about fighting.)

 Shinji’s main job was creating and delivering potions. With the cooperation of Freri, a half-succubus, half-flower spirit, the potions Shinji created were of high quality and fetched better prices than usual. Furthermore, the quality of his potions had been recognized recently, and even though he was a intermediate rank adventurer, he was sometimes asked to make specific potions.

 As Shinji’s reputation as a potion artisan started to grow, he became popular despite having a girlfriend named Milis. Unlike adventurers who never knew when they would die, being a potion artisan was a stable and lucrative profession. With his skill and earning potential, Shinji was a man with a bright future. Though his looks were average, his friendly manner and cleanliness made it impossible for people not to notice him.

 Shinji was going through what you might call his “popular phase.”

 However, as someone with a fetish for cuckolding others, Shinji wouldn’t be attracted to women who had no partner. So, he skillfully evaded their advances to avoid causing any trouble, but his indecisive attitude only fueled more advances. As a result, Milis saw it as if Shinji had his eyes on other women.

 “Today, I’ll make the move… so Shin, you stay put, okay?”

 “Got it. I’ll leave it to you, Lis.”

 While Milis believed in Shinji, the one who had taken him away from Alvin, she also feared losing Shinji. At the same time, she felt jealous and didn’t want him to look at anyone else.

 In considering what she could do to prevent Shinji from being stolen by other women, she realized that using her body and expressing her love for him would be the best option, especially knowing Shinji’s preference for busty women. Therefore, she decided to please him with the position he would enjoy the most—cowgirl.

 Milis, who was usually not so aggresive, took the initiative, and Shinji lay down on the bed. The sight of her looking down at him from above was truly a breathtaking view. As planned, Shinji’s p*nis was already fully erect even before penetration.

 “Mmm…@ Ahh…@”

 Placing both hands on Shinji’s chest, Milis slowly lowered her hips and welcomed his p*nis into her vagina. Her moistened vagina accepted it effortlessly, taking it all the way in.

 On the other side, feeling the pleasant weight of Milis sitting on top of him, Shinji looked at the breasts pressed against his arms. The large breasts swayed up and down with their movements, stimulating his desires. Unable to resist, his hands reached out and grabbed her bouncing breasts.

 “Ahh…@ Shin, I told you not to do anything…@”

 “I’m not moving my hips. I mean, how can I stand just looking at Lis breasts?”

 “G-geez… I know you like my breasts…@ And I’m happy about that… Mmm~@ But you can’t look other than mine, okay?”

 “I know…”

 While gently moving her hips, Milis displayed an affectionate smile mixed with pleasure. Shinji thoroughly kneaded her breasts with both hands, enjoying the soft, yielding sensation. The sensation of sinking his fingers into the soft breast tissue brought him immense happiness, captivating his heart. Milis, too, was aroused by having her erogenous zones stimulated, producing more love juices and intensifying the movement of her hips.

 “Ah…@ Ah…@ Ahh…@ Shin…@ I love you…@ I love you so much…@ Ah…@ Ah…@”

 “Yeah… Me too. Hah, it feels good…”

 “More…@ It’s getting better…@ Ah…@ Ngh…@ I’m going to… come…@ I’m coming… before you…@”

 The sounds of flesh colliding, pancake-like, and the squelching of love juices frothing echoed. Milis was on the verge of climax because Shinji’s p*nis hit just the right spot. Still, she desperately tried to hold on until Shinji climaxed, continuing to move her hips. However, unexpectedly, he tightly pinched her nipple, causing her to reach her limit.

 “My nipple…! @ No…@ Ahhh~! @”

 Milis sat on top of Shinji, trembling with climax. With her nipples being continuously played with, her body quivered and her chin lifted. The lingering pleasure of climax was prolonged by the sticky manipulation of her breasts.

 “Too bad. Lis came first.”

 “You’re… mean…@”

 “Come on, you’re gonna make me cum, aren’t you?”

 “Yeah…@ I will make you feel really good, Shin…@”

 Milis tried to glare at Shinji with a pouting gaze, but her face lacked strength. Following his urging, she began moving her hips again.

 However, Milis climaxed three times before Shinji ejaculated. And by kissing each other repeatedly and making love, she was able to alleviate the jealousy and insecurity she had deep inside her heart.

 Of course, Shinji would not be satisfied with just one ejaculation. The roles reversed, and Milis ended up being filled with Shinji’s seed in her womb. Having reaffirmed his love through s*x, Milis drifted off to a peaceful sleep.

* * *

 Shinji gradually became more proficient in potion-making, and as a result, his and Milis’ cohabitation became even more stable. Milis’s family background as an apothecary played a significant role in her dedicated support of Shinji. With their accumulated achievements, Shinji’s adventurer rank had risen to the upper-lower rank, allowing him to create potions of various kinds.

 Due to this progression, they no longer had to personally gather herbs and instead began submitting collection requests as needed. Shinji now spent more time at home diligently working on potion-making rather than adventuring outside.

 “Um… I don’t think we need to buy anything else, right?”

 Milis entrusted Shinji with house-sitting duties as she went to town to buy supplies for their food. Influenced by him, Milis had transformed her appearance and was now wearing a shawl over her elegant dress, concealing the cleavage of her ample bosom. As she gracefully walked, her beautiful golden hair swaying, she captivated the attention of many men.

 It was in these circumstances that Milis coincidentally encountered Alvin, her former boyfriend and childhood friend, who happened to be visiting the town. They casually walked from the main street to a back alley and faced each other again.

 “Mil, is this where you’ve been?”

 “…Al-kun. What brings you here?”

 Alvin, who had slightly slimmed down compared to how Milis remembered him, looked like someone who had been heartbroken after losing his beloved. It was understandable. For a while, he had become even skinnier and fell into a state of depression. However, with the dedicated support of Renka, another childhood friend, he managed to recover and resume his activities as an adventurer. Visiting [Sul] town was part of his adventurer duties.

 “It’s just a coincidence due to work… But more importantly, I’m glad. I was worried when you suddenly disappeared!”

 “Why I left, Al-kun knows, right?”

 “…! Yeah, but! We were supposed to talk, right? Because Mil and the others suddenly disappeared, the party ended up disbanding. And now I’m in [Medio]…”

 While Alvin was emotional, Milis remained calm. When they left the [Medio] town together with Shinji, she had already heard from Shinji that Alvin had been spying on them. Milis had already fallen in love with Shinji more than with Alvin, but she knew she was at fault for having cheated. That’s why she chose to take Shinji’s hand and run away together, avoiding eye contact with Alvin and Renka, who were left behind.

 The consequence of that decision was the disbanding of the [Running Wolves] and the spreading reputation of Alvin who had his lover taken away. It was only natural that Alvin and Renka couldn’t stay in [Medio] anymore.

 “…I see. But you could have just forgotten about me. After all, I’m aware of what I did.”

 “You shouldn’t be able to forget… Mil is my girlfriend! And that Shinji guy took you away!”

 “Don’t speak ill of Shin. I can’t forgive you, Al-kun.”

 Alvin hated Shinji, the detestable man who stole his girlfriend, with a burning passion. It was an abhorrent act to appear dependable and kind on the surface while secretly getting involved with someone else’s lover. Nonetheless, Milis defended Shinji and locked eyes with Alvin, displaying a fierceness she had never exhibited before. It was clear to Alvin that she had been completely captivated by Shinji.

 “It’s the truth! Mil is being deceived! A guy who takes another man’s woman can’t be a good person! You don’t know when he will betray you again!”

 “That’s not true. Shinji cares for me deeply. He has turned down advances from other women.”

 “What are you talking about? If that’s the case, then why did he take Milis away from me?”

 Alvin was unaware that Shinji had saved Milis. He believed that the debt Shinji had taken over was his own. So, he couldn’t comprehend why Milis continued to defend Shinji. On the other hand, Milis blamed herself for being drawn to Shinji while they were intimately involved. Therefore, she couldn’t tolerate Alvin speaking ill of Shinji, who had helped her. She had no lingering attachment to Alvin anymore; she was happy in her current situation, and that made her even more resolute.

 “It wasn’t Shinji who took me from you. I followed him because I fell in love with him. I just chose Shinji over Al-kun.”

 “Ah! Mil! You aren’t that kind of person. You’re kind and caring. Even if you… loved someone else more than me, you would have confessed before cheating. You’re someone who understands other people’s pain. What did Shinji do to you…!”

 “That’s why! Shinji is not to blame!… I’m leaving. Shinji is waiting for me. Al-kun, please forget about me.”

 The argument was at a stalemate, and they both knew that there was no way they could reach a satisfying conclusion. Milis hesitated to reveal that the remaining affection for Alvin as childhood friends was the cause of the debt. Thinking that it would be best to forget and no longer be involved, Milis tried to leave, but Alvin couldn’t just let it go.

 “You can’t do that, you can’t do that!”


 Alvin grabbed Milis’ wrist and stopped her.

 “Ah, Al-kun! Let go of me!”

 “I won’t! If you think I’m being deceived because you’re with him, I won’t let it happen! Even if I have to forcefully bring you back, you’ll understand once we’re apart!”

 “No, no…! Let go of me!”

 Despite trying to pull her hand free, Milis couldn’t match Alvin’s strength. His serious expression showed that he was serious about taking her away.

 “Please don’t struggle! If it comes to this, I’ll make you faint…”

 Alvin’s gaze became focused. It was clear that if Milis were to lose consciousness now, she wouldn’t even be able to resist. Milis didn’t want to be separated from Shinji, not even if it meant dying. That’s why she decided to abandon her feelings as childhood friends.

 “It’s all because of Al-kun’s debt!”


 Unexpectedly, Alvin’s grip loosened at her words. As Milis shook off his hand and took a step back, vines from the ground suddenly extended from Alvin’s feet, wrapping around his hands, legs, and body, binding him tightly.

 “Vines…!? Is it Shinji!?”

 Alvin, still holding his weapon, struggled to tear apart the entwining vines with both hands. However, the amount of new vines that kept growing was overwhelming, leaving him fully occupied with his efforts. It was not Shinji who came to the rescue, but Freri, who had been instructed to keep an eye on Milis by him.

 ’Now’s the chance.’

 ’Thank you, Freri-chan. …But I think it’s time to settle things here. Can you continue to restrain Al-kun… Alvin like this?’

 ’…I understand.’

 Having been promoted to a higher rank, Shinji could now summon Freri. Thanks to that, Freri, who had gained enough power to effectively bind Alvin, unleashed her magic. With Freri’s assistance, Milis spoke to Alvin.

 “What I said earlier is the truth, Al-kun… no, Alvin. I fell in love with Shinji because of your debt.”

 “…W-What does that mean? Shinji covered my debt. So why…”

 “The truth is different. I was the one burdened with your debt.”


 Alvin was shaken by Milis’ unexpected words. The hands that were tearing the vines stopped, allowing him to be restrained in the meantime. However, with his strength, Alvin could escape the restraints if he concentrated and gave it his all.

 “To release you, I had to repay the debt. But I couldn’t possibly come up with such a large sum of money. Instead of money, I made a contract to record explicit videos using crystal orbs and sell them.”

 “…A contract like that…”

 “For that purpose, I was supposed to have s*x with strangers. But Shinji paid a large sum of money and said this: ‘Only I should be the one to do it. If Milis were to engage with multiple partners, it would distress her. By keeping it a secret between the two of us, we can return to a normal life with Alvin.’“

 Recalling Shinji’s actions as he protected her and stood up against the demanding shopkeeper, Milis’s cheeks flushed. However, it was shocking news for Alvin. He could do nothing but listen to Milis’s story while still restrained.

 “And then, I started recording with crystal orbs behind your back. Shinji taught me various things with kindness. Despite it being my first time, Shinji made me feel so good in many ways. At that time, I planned to return to you once everything was over, so we took precautions and didn’t even kiss.”


 Alvin couldn’t utter a word. He instinctively knew he shouldn’t listen to any more, but he also felt a curiosity about how things had ended up like this, resulting in his inability to speak.

 “I wanted to repay the debt as soon as possible, so Shinji taught me a lot. I performed various services for his p*nis, like fellatio and paizuri, and we engaged in different positions multiple times… gradually escalating to more extreme acts. In return, he paid a high price for the crystal orbs.”

 Recalling the countless encounters with Shinji, Milis wore a lascivious smile. It was the same smile Alvin had seen on her face when he peered into Shinji’s house, and it pained him to see how much Milis had changed.

 “During that time, s*x with Shinji became more and more pleasurable. Just his touch made me feel happy, and I would almost climax just from his p*nis entering me…@ I realized I was getting used to s*x more and more…@”

 Silence lingered between them.

 “I started enjoying swallowing semen, getting excited when he ejaculated on my breasts or face…@ I couldn’t be satisfied with ejaculation through a condom. I wanted to experience the pleasure of having semen injected into my uterus…@”

 Alvin’s gaze shifted from Milis’s mouth to her breasts, then down to her groin. He could imagine Milis, completely consumed by Shinji, and it made his heart race and his stomach churn.

 “By the time I finished repaying the debt, Shinji knew all of my weak parts…@ Then I realized that the time I spent having s*x with Shinji made me genuinely happy. I realized that I love Shinji~@”

 “N-No, that’s not true… H-he must have just… He might have only helped you because he wanted to… to sleep with Mil…”

 “It might be true. But, Alvin…”

 Milis’s gaze towards Alvin, who struggled to speak with his motionless mouth, was icy cold.

 “What Shinji did for me, it doesn’t change the fact that you pushed me into a situation where I had no choice but to be with a stranger.”

 Alvin understood. Milis was telling the truth without needing to lie. It was his own foolish gambling that had pushed his beloved girlfriend to such a predicament and Shinji had saved her.

 That’s why, when he peered into Shinji’s house… Milis expressing her love to Shinji, displaying lascivious movements, and being completely engrossed in s*x. It was an undeniable reflection of her true feelings.

 “I’m sorry… I’m sorry, Mil…”

 The truth pierced deep into Alvin, who had believed that it was all Shinji’s fault. Milis remained unaffected by Alvin’s tears of regret.

 “Don’t involve yourself with us anymore… Please protect Renka-chan. Goodbye, Al-kun.”

 Milis turned her back on the despondent Alvin and walked away without ever looking back. Alvin had no strength left to cling to her, and he continued to weep on the spot.

 Eventually, Renka, who had been worried about the late return of Alvin and was searching for him, found him. After hearing the whole story from the broken Alvin, Renka decided to leave the [Sul] town with him, carrying the burden of his remorse.

 They would never be involved again. Alvin sank into regret, enough to make Renka believe that. Whether he could make a comeback was something no one could predict.

* * *

 Meanwhile, Milis achieved a complete separation from Alvin. Shinji felt relieved as the biggest problem he anticipated was now mostly resolved. Hearing the story from Freri, who had been secretly observing them, he learned that Alvin had been broken-hearted and left the town.

 With things settling down around him, Shinji focused on his hidden purpose and began making potions while also searching for women who suited his preferences and possessed high-quality magical power. He absorbed magic from the women he slept with to transform his own magical power.

 Therefore, Shinji started to leave the house frequently. To avoid any inconvenience of having Milis around, he would come up with various reasons to do things separately, naturally reducing the time they spent together. For Milis, who wanted to be with her lover as much as possible, this was nothing but dissatisfaction.

 On that day, Shinji was preparing to go out alone, and Milis was supposed to stay home. However, Milis embraced Shinji from behind and held him back as he headed for the entrance.

 “Shin… Why do you have to go out? Let’s relax at home today…?”

 Feeling her breasts pressed against his back through her dress, Shinji halted his steps. No matter how many times he embraced Milis’s body, he never grew tired of it, and they made love every night. He hesitated to dismiss her request outright.

 (Today’s plan… is the gathering of potion artisans. If I say there’s an urgent matter, I can take the day off.)

 Judging that missing one gathering wouldn’t cause significant problems, Shinji decided to cancel his outing. However, he couldn’t be held back every time.

 “Alright. I’ll skip today’s gathering.”

 “Yeah… Thank you, Shin. I’m sorry for suddenly bringing this up… But I was worried. Our time together has been reduced…”

 “Lis… I’m sorry. You’re right. But you understand that I also need to maintain connections with fellow artisans, right?”


 Shinji embraced Milis’s shoulders and returned from the entrance to the living room. Looking into her anxious eyes as he spoke, Milis nodded. Shinji gently reassured her, regretting his impulsive attempt to hold him back.

 “If we’re going to continue living in this town, it’s important to have connections with others. Lis, you’ll continue living in this town with me, right?”

 “! Yeah! I’ll be with Shin forever…!”

 Although they were currently living together, Milis’s eyes sparkled at the words that hinted at their future. Shinji felt the anxieties he had been carrying slowly dissipating when he realized that Milis also had the same feelings and was considering marriage. He held Milis’s waist, who rubbed her head against his chest as if seeking comfort, and leaned closer to her ear.

 “I’m glad you understand. So from now on, please let me know in advance instead of on the day itself. That way, I can make arrangements for Lis properly.”

 “Yeah… I’m sorry, Shin…”

 “If you’re truly remorseful, that’s good. In that case, Lis deserves a punishment. Today, you’ll spend the whole day with me, okay?”

 Whispering those words, Shinji gently nibbled Milis’s earlobe, while his hand traced a path from her waist to her armpit, grasping her abundant breasts that couldn’t fit within his palm. Anticipating the sweet sound of “punishment” and the way he kneaded her breast flesh, she nodded silently, filled with expectations. And the punishment bestowed upon her was…

 “Shin… this is embarrassing…”

 “It’s a punishment, after all.”

 Milis was wearing nothing but an apron… a naked apron, to spend the day in. Shinji looked at her with a satisfied expression, as she rubbed her legs together uneasily.

 “Come on, Milis. You still have dishes to wash, right?”

 “Ugh… it’ll be completely exposed…”

 “If you don’t wash them quickly, it’ll be noon.”

 Smiling mischievously, knowing that Shinji wasn’t about to be deterred, Milis turned her back, enduring the embarrassment of his gaze on her buttocks and intimate area, and began washing the dishes.

 (He… he’s watching…@ To think he’d punish me like this, Shin is such a pervert…@ it’s… embarrassing…@)

 Though they were a couple who loved each other so much that there were no parts of them that hadn’t been seen by each other, she couldn’t help but feel a different kind of embarrassment during s*x. But it wasn’t just embarrassment. Milis also felt a faint excitement.

 Only the sound of dishes being washed echoed in the quiet room. Even if he didn’t have that intention, every time she moved, her buttocks would sway and invite Shinji. He had intended to enjoy watching Milis’s embarrassment, but her alluring backside was too tempting, causing Shinji to stand up from the sofa.

 “Ah, ah… Shin, we’re still… in the middle…”

 “Just continue without minding me. Come on, close your legs.”

 “I… it’s impossible… ah… it’s rubbing against something hard…@”

 As Milis obediently closed her legs as instructed by Shinji, he inserted his p*nis between her thighs and into her intimate area from behind. The rigid member rubbed against her secret place and the closed inner thighs, creating a pleasurable sensation.

 “Ah…@ Ah…@ Shin…@ Ah…@ Breasts again…@”

 “Lis, look this way.”

 “Mm…@ Chu…@ Mmm…@ Slurp…@ Lick, lick…@”

 As they rubbed against each other, her love juices dripped, improving the glide of his p*nis. With each firm thrust against her buttocks, her side breasts, visible from the apron’s side, trembled with the vibrations. Shinji reached his hand inside the apron and vigorously massaged her bare breasts while thrusting his hips. Their lips met in a passionate kiss, tongues entwined, exchanging saliva.

 At this point, washing the dishes was no longer on Milis’ minds. So, Milis released her grip on the dishes and placed her hands on the sink, matching Shinji’s rhythm with her swaying hips. Their synchronized strength and speed intensified the pleasure.

 “Ah…@ Ah…@ Ahn…@ Shin…@ Shin…@”

 Even without penetration, Milis reached a light climax as her breasts were carefully caressed and her hardened nipples were toyed with. Her body, developed to the point where nipple orgasms came easily, could only be devoured as Shinji pleased.

 “I’m coming…”

 “Ah…@ Ah…@ Ah…@ It’s coming out…@”

 While still wedged between her thighs, Shinji ejaculated, dirtying Milis’ inner thighs. The forceful semen not only landed on her thighs but also splattered on the inside of the apron she was wearing. Milis climaxed lightly, and then, smelling the thick cum that had been released, she put her hand on his hand, which was still holding her breast.

 “Kiss…@ Mmm…@ Shin…@ I got dirty…@”

 “I’ve ended up making more things to wash…”

 Milis, enjoying the lingering pleasure, removed Shinji’s p*nis from between her thighs with repeated kisses. Coated with her own love juices, his erect p*nis was ready for another round. Milis had no objections to Shinji rubbing his slippery p*nis against her buttocks. After all, she desired the continuation just as much as he did.

 “Ah…@ Nnn…@ It’s entering…@ Going in…@”

 “It’s… so tight…”

 With Milis presenting herself in a position that begged for penetration, Shinji thrust his p*nis inside her. And so, their day of indulgent s*x began suddenly.

* * *

 After ejaculating inside Milis, wearing only an apron, twice in the kitchen, Shinji’s stamina showed no signs of diminishing. While he could continue, he decided to change the setting and move from the kitchen to the bathroom.

 Since the rental house originally didn’t have a bathroom, they had set up a large wooden barrel that could fit around ten people, which served as a temporary bathing area. Once filled with water, it served its purpose.

 (Once we’ve saved up enough, I’d like to move to a proper rental house with a real bathroom. It’s a hassle to use magic to fill and drain the water.)

 While Shinji prepared the hot water, Milis prepared some foamy soap. After both of them soaked in the water up to their shoulders and washed away their sweat, Shinji sat on the rim of the wooden barrel, serving as a substitute for a bathtub.

 “Lis, I’m counting on you.”

 “Sure, Shin. Just stay still.”

 Milis, standing up, covered her entire body in foam. She then embraced Shinji from the front while he was sitting, and he wrapped his arms around her back.

 As they rubbed their bodies against each other, her ample breasts were pressed and deformed by his sturdy chest. Thanks to the soap, the slippery feeling was delightful as their skin rubbed together. Her hands traced Shinji’s arms and back as their bodies gradually moved downward.


 “Hehe, it got trapped between my slippery breasts…@”

 The tip of Shinji’s glans touched the underside of Milis’ breasts and slid along her skin, guided into the cleavage. The sensation of her supple skin alone was pleasurable, but with the added slipperiness of the soap, a moan involuntarily escaped his lips. Seeing Shinji genuinely enjoying himself, Milis smiled and skillfully jiggled her breasts without using her hands.

 “Shin, does it feel good? Do you want more?”

 “Ah… yeah, just like that…”

 “Mmm…@ trembling like that…@ It’s wonderful, Shin, your big thing down there seems to be happy~@”

 Her blue eyes looked up with a gaze full of pleasure. Milis was also excited, sandwiching the p*nis between her breasts. She shook her body, pressing her breasts from both sides, increasing the pressure. As she moved them up and down from the base to the tip of the shaft, the p*nis quickly swelled up, becoming rock hard.

 “Lis, your paizuri is the best, after all…”

 “I’m glad…@ you can release it anytime…@ Mmm…@ Mmm…@ Mmm…@”

 “Guh… I-I’m gonna… cum…”

 Milis relentlessly stimulated Shinji with her paizuri, making wet noises. He reached his limit and thrust his hips forward. And then, a large amount of semen spurted from the exposed glans right in front of her, dirtying not only her face but also her golden hair. Milis closed her eyes and accepted the sticky mess, while the overflowed semen flowed down her cleavage, creating a scene of debauchery.

 “It smells amazing…@ Shin, you released so much…@ And it’s all over my breasts…@”

 As Milis let go of the p*nis she was holding, covered in semen, it trailed strands of semen. With a face filled with heat and bliss, she scooped up the semen that had sticked to her face with her fingers and put it in her mouth. And after this act, Shinji’s p*nis didn’t lose its vigor, but rather, his desire to embrace her body grew even stronger.

 “Lis, clean up the foam.”

 “Okay, wait a moment… There, it’s all clean now.”

 Milis scooped water with a bucket and washed away the foam from Shinji’s body, as well as cleaning herself. Without needing to be told, Milis straddled Shinji’s thighs in the bath once again. The desire for s*x was not only Shinji’s, but Milis felt the same way.

 “Mmm…@ Ah…@”

 “You’re so soft everywhere, Lis.”

 “Mmm… Are you praising me? Mmm…@”

 “Of course. I think it’s one of Milis’ charms.”

 Shinji wrapped his arms around her neck and they gazed at each other from a close distance. His hands firmly gripped Milis’ buttocks, shaking them up and down, while his glans pushed into her vagina with a thumping sensation. Her well-developed inner walls continued to transmit pleasure to Milis, causing her body to arch in pleasure.

 “Ahhn, ah…@ Shin, again on my breasts…@ Ahh… Ahn… Ah…@”

 Shinji used his mouth to caress her swaying breasts. His tongue licked around her nipples, leaving marks as his mouth firmly attached to her soft skin. And yet, he continued to thrust inside her. Milis had no choice but to succumb to the pleasure, her body contorting in ecstasy.

 “Ah… Haa…@ It feels good…@ Shin…@ Shin…@ More, a lot more…@ Ah… Aah…@ Ungh…@ Haa…@ I’m…@ I’m going to… Cum…@ Cumming…@ Ahh…@”

 With his face buried in the exquisite breasts he had taken from Alvin, Shinji entered the final sprint. Ignoring the splashing water, he held onto Milis’ firm buttocks and thrust intensely to release his semen deep inside her uterus.

 Milis also embraced the head of her beloved, pressing her breasts against him as she vigorously moved her hips. Although she was on the verge of climax with every forceful thrust, they endured together to reach the peak together. And then…

 “I’m cumming…!”

 “I’m coming…@ Ahhhh~@@”

 As Shinji ejaculated, Milis also reached her climax. The pleasure of having warm semen poured into her womb led her to a deeper climax, giving her an unparalleled sense of bliss.

 “Hah… Hah… Haa…@ Nn…@ Kiss…@ Kiss…@”

 Their eyes met as they clung tightly to each other, and their lips met in a kiss. As they continued to kiss while caressing her peach-like buttocks, the passion gradually transformed into something more intense.

 “Slurp…@ N…@ Lick…@ Slurp…@ Nnn…@ Haa…@”

 Their tongues separated, leaving strands of saliva between them. Captivated by her wet gaze, as if she still wanted more, Shinji smiled while fondling her breasts with one hand.

 “Lis, shall we continue in the bedroom?”

 “Ah! Yes…@ Let’s have more naughty time with Shin…!~@”

 Hearing the desired words, Milis nodded repeatedly. Her adorable response deepened Shinji’s smile, and the two of them headed from the bathroom to the bedroom.

* * *

 The two of them emerged from the bathroom, wearing nothing at all. Shinji wrapped his hand around Milis’ body, fondling her breasts as they headed towards the room. Milis also touched his p*nis with her hand, gently stroking it as they walked. As soon as they entered the bedroom, Shinji dove onto the bed with Milis.

 “Mmm, kiss…@ Nnn, slurp, jyu…@ Haa, aah…@ Touch me more with your hand, Shin…@ Ahh…@”

 His hand caressed her entire body, savoring the moistness of her skin after the bath. Milis lovingly wrapped her arms around his neck and gazed at him with melting eyes, exchanging affectionate deep kisses.

 “My breasts, they feel good…@ Ahh, Don’t… fondle them too much…@ Ahn… Touch my nipples too…@ Ahh, ahh…@”

 Milis shuddered with pleasure as her sensitive breasts were kneaded. Just flicking her nipples with a finger brought her pleasure, and if Shinji squeezed them firmly, she would arch her back in delight. To further enjoy the fascinating breasts that were soft, supple, and changed shape, Shinji whispered into Milis’ ear.

 “Lis, can you straddle me?”

 “Haa, haa…@ Yes, if Shinji wishes…@”

 Milis’ naked body straddled Shinji as he lay on his back. He found this view from below, with her in a cowgirl position, to be the most alluring and lascivious.

 Her long, lustrous golden hair had gained more shine since she spent less time outdoors. Her desire-filled blue eyes seemed to even have heart-shaped marks, radiating intense passion.

 From her collarbones down, her breasts that Shinji had nurtured through their cohabitation grew a size larger. Her incredibly sensitive nipples remained pink and swollen. The sweat flowing down her moist skin after the bath trickled down along her beautiful belly and into her navel.

 Their connecting genitals. Her golden pubic hair was groomed as if always ready for Shinji’s gaze. Her well-rounded buttocks were soft yet defined, embodying the ideal for a man. The healthy and aesthetic leg line from her thighs to her toes was equally captivating.

 Stolen from Alvin and refined by Shinji, she was the embodiment of his ideal woman. Milis’ naked body was so well-crafted that any man would be mesmerized.

 “You’re beautiful, Lis. I truly think so.”

 “I’m happy…@”

 No words were necessary beyond the bare minimum. Feeling profound love in Shinji’s gaze as he looked up at her, Milis held both of his hands. Entwining their fingers, they formed a lovers’ connection, and just by gazing at each other, her vagina clenched with joy.

 As Milis started moving her hips gently, her body swayed, causing a soft, trembling motion. Shinji, receiving her service without moving, narrowed his eyes and savored the magnificent sight.

 “Mm…@ Mm…@ Ah…@ Haa…@ Shin… Feels good? Mm…@”

 “Yeah, it’s amazing. It’s incredibly erotic…”

 “Haa…@ Ah…@ I’ve become like this because you taught me…@ Ah…@@”

 As their encounter intensified, the sound of their flesh slapping against each other echoed in the room. While tightly holding hands, Milis, overwhelmed by pleasure, arched her chest and her breasts bounced vigorously up and down.

 When Milis lowered her hips, Shinji thrust upward. His perfectly timed movements delivered the ultimate pleasure to Milis, cornering her in no time.

 “I’m coming…@ I’m coming, Shin…!”

 “You can come whenever you want… tighten around me…”

 “No…@ Shin…@ not… before you…! @”

 Nevertheless, Milis continued to move her hips diligently. Her daring grind caused her abundant breasts to bounce wildly, and her healthy sweat cascaded down her naked body.

 “If that’s the case, let’s come together…”

 “Yes…@ Together…@ let’s come together…@ Ahh, ahh…@ It’s trembling…@ Come… come… release your semen…@”

 “It’s coming…!”

 *Slurp~@ Squelch~@ squelch~@*

 Their genitals touched as Shinji’s p*nis struck her deepest point. His semen burst forth into her uterus, as if aiming to impregnate it, and Milis climaxed while arching her body. Her hips trembled, and she tightly held his hand. Shinji also tightly held her hand as he pushed his p*nis into her, delivering his semen into her uterus.

 Even though he had already ejaculated multiple times today, the intense semen filled Milis’ uterus and vagina, bringing her a pleasure that filled her with deep, deep happiness. Her mind went blank, and she pressed her buttocks against him, seeking only pleasure.

 “Ah, ah…@ Shin, I love you…@ I love you so much…@”

 Milis whispered words of love like a murmur. Her body relaxed, and Shinji wrapped his arms around her, embracing her as she lay on his chest. Milis raised her head and their lips met.

 *Smooch…@ smooch…@ slurp…@*

 Their lips rubbed against each other, their tongues entwined, exchanging saliva and affection. The only sound in the room was the gentle, slow kissing, a soothing melody. This moment brought Milis an indescribable sense of happiness. She wished to continue kissing him forever.

 (Shin, I love you…@ Together, forever…@)

 The sound of their happiness echoed throughout the room without interruption. Shinji continued to hold Milis, who had pledged eternity in her heart, tightly in his arms.

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