Dark Noble 1

Chapter 1 Mafia Heir Of ‘Midnight Fangs’

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 It seems like I have been reincarnated in a different world. Trying to board a train while feeling dizzy from overwork seems to have been a bad idea. I felt like I tripped somehow – probably got hit by a train that came at a bad time, and I died.

 And right after being born – I thought this was a reincarnation into a different world when I was a baby. The moment I opened my eyes, I saw people around me with animal ears and clearly saw an orc with a pig face. By the way, my mother had crimson eyes and fangs.

 A noble lady with clear ice-colored hair, fearless crimson eyes, such an unparalleled beauty, Karia Valshe. That was my mother. Karia lovingly held me and said,

 ”Your name is Alba. Alba Valshe is your name.”

 After a while, I began to understand the world I was reincarnated into. The level of civilization seems to be around modern times. There are clean flush toilets and something like a refrigerator. But it seemed like there were no phones.

 I’m not sure about the general level, but this level seems more comfortable to live in. Besides science and technology, there was also magic (Majutsu). However, magic seemed to be important in terms of lineage, and it seemed rare for people to be able to use it.

 As for the Valshe family, they are considered nobles. The Valshe Baron family in the Oratorio Kingdom. They didn’t seem very noble, but that wasn’t the important part.

 The Valshe family was secretly entrusted with the control and management of the red-light (brothel) district in the capital of the Oratorio Kingdom. It seems that several hundred years ago, the ancestor of the Valshe family was childhood friends with the then lecherous king, which led to this responsibility.

 Since then, the Valshe family has controlled a small piece of land and the red-light district in the capital.

 That wasn’t all. The lecherous king also ordered the ancestor of the Valshe family.

 ’If there are people disrupting the morals of the capital, deal with them – but do it discreetly.’

 And so, the Valshe family became like a mafia. It was natural for them to take on the part that could be called the dark side of the kingdom.

 From the outside, the Valshe family was just an unremarkable Baron family for several hundred years. But behind the scenes, they became the mafia that controlled the red-light district of the capital.

 This wasn’t all good. Inevitably, the Valshe family became a target for other criminal organizations. By the way, my father was apparently assassinated shortly before I was born. It was said to be done by another criminal organization.

 I was reincarnated into such a family and world.

 Fortunately, it seemed like I was adaptable even in this world. If I thought of the job ordered by the king long ago, it was easy to accept.

 The business of selling s*x would never disappear from the world. Someone had to run the red-light district, and they had to fight crime anyway.

 Now, I’ve learned various things and by the time I turned 14.

 One midnight, I was summoned to the head of the Valshe family’s room. Of course, it was my mother – the head, Karia, who summoned me.

 ”Excuse me.”

 ”Alba, come in.”

 Karia stood there on a moonlit night. With the same beauty as when she gave birth to me, Karia was there. Although she was my real mother, even after 14 years, she was still a presence I couldn’t casually approach.

 ”The advancement exam at the Royal Magic Academy is coming up, isn’t it? As the head of the Valshe family, I’m very proud of you.”

 ”Thank you. I will strive to excel in the exam without being conceited.”

 Since last year, I had been attending the Royal Magic Academy in the capital. It seemed that those with talent in magic among the nobles were obligated to attend, and I had no right to refuse.

 I never thought I would be living the school life again, but I was enjoying it. At the academy, I attended as a student who was unremarkable but well-behaved and academically excellent. The secrets of the Valshe family were unknown to anyone.

 ”Hehe, it seems like you’re doing well in the student council at the academy too, right?”

 ”Haha, I’m having fun.”

 Moreover, I was a member of the student council at the Royal Magic Academy. It would be unimaginable for the heir of a mafia to be serving as the secretary of the student council.

 ”Even when running an organization, Alba is always calm and collected. Sometimes, I feel like you’re older than me – this is also a wonderful quality. Heaven has bestowed blessings upon the Valshe family.”

 ”That’s all thanks to my mother’s guidance.”

 Being the eldest… I started to break out in a cold sweat.

 I was already serving as my mother assistant, the second in command of the Valshe family’s other face – the Mafia group known as ‘Midnight Fangs’. I am an only child and it’s certain that I am the heir. Of course, I handled the work for Midnight Fangs smoothly.

 However, it’s not that difficult. The routine tasks are all taken care of by the long-standing members.

 My job is limited to managing the books, making decisions in critical situations, and using force when necessary. Well, using force sometimes involves fighting with other criminals.

 ”With you in charge now, I can trust the organization.”

 ”…Isn’t that a bit too soon?”

 ”You will take good care of the senior executives and protect the Valshe family. I have things I must take care of.”

 ”Things you must take care of…?”

 For a brief moment, deep hatred flashed in Karia’s eyes. I involuntarily took a step back. Karia probably only holds such intense feelings for one thing.

 ”You can’t be, mother…”

 ”I see, you are indeed a smart child. I have found clues to the person who killed your father, my husband.”

 14 years ago, my father was assassinated, but the culprit has not been caught yet. I never expected there would be progress now.

 ”I cannot forgive the one who tarnished the Valshe family and killed my beloved husband. They will definitely pay for it.”

 ”What specifically will you do, Mother?”

 ”I will go to an old friend in the north. Anyway, I won’t be able to return for several years.”


 I know Karia’s personality well. She is kind to me, but ruthless and unforgiving. For the sake of the Valshe family and its reputation, she wouldn’t hesitate to kill. Perhaps I should say she has been rather restrained over these past 14 years.

 Running Midnight Fangs conservatively, as Karia suggests, should pose no problems. Thanks to my magic abilities, I am already one of the top fighters in Midnight Fangs. There are very few people within the academy who can defeat me in a magic duel.

 ”I understand. I can empathize with Mother’s regrets very well…”


 ”But please, don’t stay in the north forever. I believe I can run Midnight Fangs smoothly for 2 years even without you.”

 ”Understood, thank you.”

 Karia nodded deeply. Even if I try to stop her, Karia will head north. So, setting a two-year limit is still better.

 ”Please don’t do anything reckless.”

 ”Yes, Alba, take care of yourself too.”

 ――And so, at the age of 14, I became the boss of a mafia that rules the red-light district.

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