Dark Noble 12

Chapter 12 Red-Haired Cat Girl And Cowgirl Position☆

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 Sherry’s sweaty hand grabs the penis and guides it. I’m so grateful to Jonathan for this delicious experience. Meanwhile, Jonathan is on stage enjoying a 69 with a fluffy girl. It seems like they’re having fun, so I can join in without hesitation.

 Squelch, squish…

 My penis is now touching Sherry’s labia.

 ”Ahh… mmm, ah, ah, feels good…”

 Sherry skillfully moves her hands and hips. Each time, my glans gets covered in her love juices. Despite not being very big, her movements are impressive. Pleasure is being delivered accurately.

 ”Are you going to come soon? It’s not allowed, okay…?”

 ”…I’ll try.”

 Sherry’s secret place is getting quite hot. The movement of her labia against my penis feels really good. Since Sherry is on top, I can’t see the angle, but I can feel the stimulation on my penis.

 At the entrance of her vagina, my penis is savoring the sensation. The surrounding noise no longer bothers me. All I can focus on is Sherry’s seductive breath and alluring body.

 With my free hand, I fondle Sherry’s chest. Her firm, wonderful breasts are truly amazing. I roll her perky nipples with my fingertips.

 ”Ahh, you’re good at this, mister…”

 ”Sherry, you’re good at moving your hips too, aren’t you?”

 ”Well… it’s been a while since I’ve had such a thick penis.”

 Sherry’s sweet voice is getting to me. I can’t hold back. I want to release this intense desire inside Sherry as soon as possible.

 ”Ready to go?”

 ”Mmm… okay, but be gentle, okay?”

 My penis is already buried inside Sherry. With her permission, I grab Sherry’s slender waist and push down towards my penis, grinding against it. This is when Sherry lets out a startled voice for the first time.

 ”Mmm, ah, ahh, wait… not so rough, ahh!”

 My penis is perfectly positioned. With a little force, it enters Sherry’s tight vagina. It feels like I’m pushing through, her folds are warm, and my penis is tightly sucked in.

 If Lana’s vagina is like a gentle embrace, Sherry’s is like a suction pump. Both types are equally good.

 ”Ahh, ah, ahh… you’re coming in…”

 Having sex with a girl I just met. Unlike the slow pace with Lana, this is also amazing. Sherry’s vagina is massaging my penis. Honestly, with the handjob earlier, I don’t think I’ll last long.

 ”Ugh… ahh, amazing… ahh!”

 ”Don’t run away.”

 Sherry lifts her hips, trying to lessen the stimulation. But I won’t allow that. I firmly grab her hips and thrust my penis deeper, mixing with her love juices and indulging in pleasure.

 ”Ughhh! Ah! I’m cumming!”

 My penis reaches deep inside Sherry. She’s lost her composure. She trembles all over and clings to me.

 Feeling encouraged, I continue to piston deep inside her with my penis. I’m having sex with a woman I just met, driven by lust. Sherry also moans sweetly in response to my movements.

 ”Deeper, don’t… it’s too weak… ahh, ahh!”

 ”…I like hearing that.”

 ”Mmm, ahh! Stop… you’re only hitting deep… ahh!”

 I use my hips to thrust deep inside Sherry. I can’t be too rough, but I can tell Sherry is skillfully using her hips to enjoy my penis. It seems like my penis is releasing precum inside Sherry.

 ”It’s so thick, it’s spreading! Ah, ahh! Feels good, can’t stop!”

 ”…I won’t last much longer.”

 ”It’s okay, keep going… release inside me! Fill me up with your heat!”

 When she says that, I have no choice but to cum inside her. My penis is already filled with semen at the base. As I reach the final moment, I thrust vigorously into Sherry’s depths.

 ”Mmm, no! Ah, I’m… ahh!”

 Sherry’s pleasure-filled sighs drowned me, and her bright red hair was disheveled. Her short gasps indicated that Sherry was reaching her limit. I couldn’t stop either. Like a beast, I thrust my penis into Sherry. And finally, I unleashed my carnal desire.

 Spurt, spurt, spurrrttt…!!

 An enormous amount of semen exploded from my penis.

 ”Ahh, ah, aaahh, I’m cumming…!!”

 Sherry’s whole body trembled and convulsed as she reached her climax.

 ”It’s so hot inside my belly…!! Ahh, aaahh…!”

 The semen defied gravity and went towards her vina. The pleasure was so intense that it made me dizzy. I firmly grasped Sherry’s dress and left the mark of our copulation inside her.


 ”Ah, meow, there’s so much coming out…! It’s reaching deep inside…!”

 Her trembling flesh milked my penis in an upward motion. The semen was intermittently sucked in with a squelching sound. The intense movement of her vaginal walls made me feel like drooling.

 After several tens of seconds, her flesh finally weakened its movement. It seemed she was finally satisfied. She had squeezed me quite tightly… Sherry leaned against me, breathing heavily. I gently stroked her red hair and savored the moment.

 ”Meow… There was so much coming out…”

 ”It felt good, didn’t it?”

 ”You too, mister…? This is the first time experiencing something like this on a first encounter.”

 Rather, the impact of having unprotected sex on a first encounter was quite overwhelming. Such sex isn’t something that can easily happen in ordinary circumstances.

 ”I was made to cum for real… You’re quite experienced, aren’t you?”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Hehe, the person who marries you will be happy… They’ll get to taste this amazing penis.”

 Saying that, Sherry moved her hips lightly. Although it was still hard, the stimulation was too strong. I let out a moan.

 ”Hey, can we do it again…?”

 ”Ah… If we wait a bit, it’ll be fine.”

 As I answered, Sherry pressed her lips against mine. Her slippery tongue slipped into my mouth, engaging in a passionate deep kiss.

 I could taste the sweet grape juice she had been drinking. While caressing Sherry’s hair, I let my hand wander from her spine to her waist.

 ”Meow… I like that…”

 While savoring the afterglow, my penis was tightly gripped. It seemed like Sherry wanted to enjoy a second round already.

 Looking towards Jonathan, I saw that he also had a girl straddling him, moving her hips. It seemed like he wouldn’t be returning for a while.

 So, I’ll make the most of it on my own. I put more strength into my hips and penetrated Sherry’s depths with my penis. It was a signal to resume our copulation.

 ”Ah, meow… Can we already…?”

 ”Yes, because it feels good inside you.”

 Sherry’s eyes were also filled with lust. We exchanged a deep kiss, and I resumed the piston movement. The time passed like a dream.

 In the end, I had plenty of sex with Sherry. I even came inside her 3 times. It’s terrifying how youthful energy works, even though I had masturbated yesterday…

 On the way back from the Manor of the Blue Rose, Jonathan and I were completely exhausted. I guess you could say we were thoroughly satisfied. We exchanged a brief greeting and went our separate ways. I hope I can meet Sherry again… I feel like it would be easy to make that happen using my position.

 However, the reunion with Sherry happened unexpectedly and immediately thereafter.

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