Dark Noble 11

Chapter 11 Red-Haired Cat Girl And Flirting☆

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 ”I’m Sherry. Nice to meet you.”

 ”Nice to meet you too.”

 ”I’ll leave the drinks here, feel free to have as much as you want♪”

 It’s probably best not to drink too much right now. I just nibble on some nuts.

 ”Hey, mister… do you have a reason for coming here today?”

 ”Well… I just came with a friend, so nothing in particular.”

 I sense a lot of magic power from Sherry, but I keep it to myself. In reality, there are many magicians in this large hall. The guests and the staff are from different social classes. It’s not a place where commoners can just come and hang out.

 ”Oh, so you’re just going with the flow, huh~”

 As Sherry says this, she presses her body against mine. Even though her large chest is touching my arm, she doesn’t seem to mind. Sherry looks to be around 20 years old. Her attractive chest and the sweet scent of Sherry are already stirring something in my lower abdomen.

 ”Shall I explain more about the system here for you?”

 Sherry’s bright red lips whisper in my ear. Her hand slowly caresses my lower abdomen. Since I’m wearing thin pants today, even this light touch is quite stimulating.

 ”Please do.”

 ”First, the girls here are the first to approach you. Then, you can enjoy various services…”

 Sherry’s hand provocatively rubs against my bulge over my pants. There’s a pole dance happening in front of me. There are beautiful women nearby. It would be strange not to get excited in this situation.

 ”Usually, it’s just with hands like this. The rest depends on the customer~… If you don’t like the girl, you can raise your hand, and a staff member will come for a change.”

 ”I see…”

 Rub, rub…

 The intermittent stimulation is making it hard to think clearly. In this situation, it’s impossible to think rationally. Sherry gently scratches the crotch area of my pants.

 ”If you pay an extra fee, you can play games on the stage. If you’re lucky, you might even get chosen to play from the stage.”

 Sherry looks towards the stage. In the dim light of the stage, there’s a pole. There’s only one person dancing now, but maybe 2 more can dance. ――They must be playing games there.

 At that moment, Jonathan from the next table speaks up.

 ”Number 5, you’re invited to a special game~”

 Jonathan, who received the same explanation, seems to have succumbed to temptation and is joining the game. He’s being led by a fluffy girl, leaving his seat.

 ”Sorry, I couldn’t resist…”

 ”It’s okay, I’ll have fun here.”

 ”Ah, okay… enjoy yourself then!”

 Did the playboy’s blood in him overcome his hesitant heart? I also don’t know the details of the game. For now, let’s see what they’re up to.

 ”It seems your friend is joining the game. What about you, mister?”

 ”…I’ll just observe for now. I want to flirt with Sherry.”

 ”Aww, like this maybe?”

 Sherry’s hand slips into my pants and touches my bulge. It’s already quite hard. Her warm hand is directly stimulating my bulge.

 ”Wow, mister, you’re really big…”

 ”Is that so?”

 ”Even the tip is impressive. If this goes in, it’ll feel good.”

 Sherry’s voice takes on a seductive tone. It’s irresistible. But I want more stimulation. I want to explore more of her chest that’s pressing against my arm. As I reach for Sherry’s chest,

 ”Do you want to touch? Go ahead… How’s this?”

 Sherry casually exposes her breasts by removing her dress. Sherry’s breasts are beautiful and firm, unlike Lana’s softness. I express my gratitude and start massaging Sherry’s chest.

 ”Mm, ah, your hands feel cool and nice… I won’t lose either.”

 Sherry grabs my shaft and starts moving her hand up and down. The speed is slow, but it’s a complete handjob. With this kind of stimulation, my shaft has no choice but to be fully erect. In no time, it’s rock hard.

 ”Meow~ Your size is really big and thick. Such a lewd shape…”

 ”Yours is also lewd, like your breasts and thighs.”

 ”Is that so? Hehe… I’d be happy if you think so.”

 So, Sherry let go of my penis. I felt a bit empty without the stimulation, but it turned out to be unnecessary worry. Sherry quickly moved her hand to my pants.

 It seems like it’s okay to take off my pants now. It was a good timing since the erect penis was getting uncomfortable.

 As I quickly pulled down my pants, Sherry climbed on top of my thigh. It seems like the continuation will start from this position.

 ”Hehe, it’s a rule here… make sure others can’t see this.”

 While Sherry said that, she caressed my penis. It was so pleasurable that I couldn’t help but sigh.

 ”Looks like some naughty juice is already coming out from the tip…”

 Rub, rub…

 Sherry, with her breasts exposed, giggled mischievously and gave me a hand job. She used various techniques like moving up and down the shaft, stroking the tip with her fingertips… quite skilled.

 Thinking that similar things were happening around, the excitement grew. While I prefer pure love with Lana, these playful activities are enjoyable too.

 After enjoying Sherry’s touch for a while, lights suddenly lit up in a dark corner of the stage. It seems like someone is starting to dance. That’s when Sherry turned around.

 ”Look, your friend is over there.”

 ”…Oh, you’re right.”

 A mat was laid on the illuminated floor, and Jonathan, with his lower body exposed, was lying down. I may be bigger, but he also had quite an impressive one…

 Near Jonathan, the fluffy girl from earlier was there, also exposing her large chest. She started to interact with Jonathan in sync with the music, crawling towards him, pressing her breasts against him, lifting his arms, and caressing his body.

 ”What kind of game is this going to be?”

 ”Well, if one doesn’t climax before the dance ends, it’s like a special reward.”

 ”It seems like you guys have the advantage in this game…”

 ”Hehe, of course. But, we’ll go easy to make it a fair game. Also, even if one loses, they can enjoy extra services for an additional fee.”

 ”…I see, it’s well thought out.”

 While receiving Sherry’s caresses, I kept an eye on Jonathan. The fluffy girl’s hand was playing with Jonathan’s penis. It was then that I realized the fluffy girl’s movements were like using Jonathan as a pole.

 This must be irresistible for regulars. Customers were starting to arrive.

 ”Hey… I want to feel good too.”

 ”What should I do?”

 ”…Touch me here.”

 Sherry lifted her skirt. There were alluring black panties. Without hesitation, I reached for Sherry’s panties. They were not as revealing as thongs, but still quite sexy.

 Squelch… My hand easily found Sherry’s wet spot.

 ”You’re already wet, aren’t you?”

 ”Well… when you touched me, I got excited.”

 Sherry was quite assertive. Her silky red and passionate hair, the sensation of her secret place felt by hand… and her devoted, skilled hand job heightened my arousal. Gradually, I was being pushed to the edge.

 Stimulating the tip and gently massaging the balls… with her various techniques, Sherry teased my penis. She wasn’t trying to make me climax immediately. But if Sherry got serious, I would surely reach climax in less than 5 minutes.

 To distract myself, I looked at Jonathan. The fluffy girl was giving Jonathan a tit job. Hmm… it felt like having sex while watching porn. Somehow, it felt like a good deal.

 ”Hey, mister, are you close to your limit?”

 ”I’m not… used to this.”

 ”Oh, I see. Hmm, what should I do?”

 Sherry stopped her hand and suddenly covered me.

 ”Phew… when you touched me, I also got in the mood.”

 Her hot breath brushed against my ear. My penis was already quite hot. Honestly, I wanted to release soon. Ideally, I wanted to release inside Sherry.

 Now, if Sherry tempted me with various things, I wouldn’t be able to refuse. Sherry was breathing heavily by my ear.

 ”Hehe, hey… shall we get intimate like this…?”

 ”…I’ll pay as much as you want.”

 ”I don’t need money. As long as you make me feel good, that’s all I need.”

 ”Really? That’s…”

 It’s a really exciting suggestion, but it also feels a bit suspicious. We’re in a brōtḥel here, and Sherry is doing business. It’s almost too good to be true that you can have sex without any additional fees.

 ”You have a doubt. Hehe, of course. Well then… let’s keep this a secret from everyone. Can you keep it a secret from your friend too?”

 ”I guess that’s fine…”

 ”You know, I’m not here because I need money or anything. I work here because sometimes I get really hot and bothered… I want to have sex, so that’s why I come here.”

 ”Oh, is that like a heat period?”

 ”Yes, exactly. I can control it with medication, but it’s not enough and I can’t resist… So, I only work here at those times. That’s why I’m quite rare, you know?”

 I see, the Manor of the Blue Rose is exclusive, so weird people don’t come here. We also wouldn’t be able to come without Jonathan’s uncle’s ticket, so it’s perfect for relieving sexual desires.

 And here, there’s no obligation to go all the way with clients they don’t like… I guess I passed the test.

 ”If that’s the case, I’m happy to do it. Sherry, you’re really beautiful.”

 ”Is that so? Hehe… I’m so happy♪”

 Sherry squirms and moves her lower body. I wonder what she’s doing… but I quickly understand.

 Squelch, squish…

 Sherry’s wet private parts are touching my penis. Making lewd wet sounds.

 To think I could have raw sex with the beautiful woman who was just pole dancing earlier. Coming here was really a good decision.

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