Dark Noble 15

Chapter 15 Standing Back With The Teacher ☆

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 ”…excuse me.”

 I sneaked up behind Sherry and touched her butt. It’s really well-shaped.

 ”Unnh… more…”

 I followed her request and put my hand inside her robe. I felt the warm skin and the texture of the black robe, which is a symbol of the teacher. It’s a forbidden touch.

 After enjoying the feeling for a while, I opened her robe and saw her lower body. Her skin was slightly pink, and her body was toned. She looked perfect, even in her underwear.

 Sherry was wearing black thin pants, which were very erotic. I gently touched her pants with my fingers.

 ”Ah, unnh, ahn…!”

 Just that simple touch made Sherry’s back tremble. I slowly moved my fingers up and down along the edge of her pants, and she reacted by making sounds.

 Sherry’s private area was already wet. The wet pants and the love juice were proof of that. I thought about inserting it quickly, but I decided to tease her a bit more.

 ”Haah, unnh, ahn… not with your fingers, but more…!”

 ”What do you want more?”

 Rub, rub…

 I teased her by touching her private area through her pants. Sherry looked down and shook her hips.

 ”You know, don’t pretend… it’s Alba’s… ahn…!”

 Squelch, squelch…

 I directly touched her private area, and it was already very wet. It was hot and trembling, and I confirmed it with my fingers.

 ”Unnh, haah, ahn… ah…!”

 Sherry let out a sad voice. It was almost time. I pulled down Sherry’s pants and directly looked at her private area. Sherry’s private area had very little hair, just like Lana’s. It seemed to be normal in this world.

 In the bright classroom, I could clearly see Sherry’s private area. The exposed private area was trembling, and a lewd smell was drifting.

 Sherry’s labia were slightly large, and it was very erotic. I inserted my finger and enjoyed it. I didn’t insert it too deep, since I didn’t want to hurt her… and I didn’t have my nails trimmed. Well, it was okay since I could see it clearly in the bright room. This would be enough for my masturbation material for a while.

 ”Ahk, unnh, meow, ahn…!”

 Squelch, squelch, squelch, squelch…

 I didn’t need to do it intensely, and I didn’t need to insert my finger, but Sherry seemed to be feeling pleasure. The love juice was dripping, and her thighs were getting wet. A small puddle was forming on the classroom floor.

 It was almost time. I held my penis and approached Sherry’s hole. Her pose, with her back towards me and her legs open, was perfect for intercourse.

 ”Can I insert it now?”

 ”Haah, unnh… please… it’s big, insert it…”

 ”You’re a bold teacher, aren’t you ashamed?”

 ”It’s because Alba… I want it so badly… hurry up and fuck me like yesterday…”

 Sherry’s red tail was swaying in the air. Her erotic request was very good. I wanted to try it with Lana too someday.

 I adjusted Sherry’s waist and positioned myself for insertion. Her private area was already very wet. It was sticking to my glans. It was hotter than my lips. I thrust my penis into Sherry’s vagina.


 ”Unnh, aah, ah…!!”

 I inserted it all the way in and Sherry screamed and convulsed. Her vagina was also trembling, and it was tightly squeezing my penis. It seemed like she came in one shot.

 ”Ah, unnh… meow… ah, ah…”

 Sherry’s legs were trembling, and her butt was lifted up. Despite that, she was still holding onto the desk to maintain her balance. I slowly pulled out my cock.

 ”Ah, ah, ah…! “

 My penis was completely wrapped by Sherry’s inner walls. Especially the head of it, it was tightly grasped. Sherry’s insides didn’t want to let go of my penis. Then, I pushed my hips forward again, thrusting deeper into Sherry.

 We were in the classroom during the day, standing back position with the teacher. The situation was too exciting, and the movement of Sherry’s inner walls was driving me crazy. I didn’t think about technique; I just kept moving my hips.

 ”Ah, ah, if you move like that… I’ll cum again! “

 ”It’s okay, you can cum as many times as you want!”

 I held onto Sherry’s hips and kept thrusting. I didn’t want to waste too much time, and I wanted to cum quickly.

 Even from behind, Sherry’s insides were sucking me in, making me feel good. The faster I moved, the more I lost control. I had just cum, but I wanted to cum again.

 But then, we heard the sound of footsteps and voices coming from the hallway.

 ”Wait, wait!”

 ”The bread is sold out! Oh no!”

 ”Ah, ah…! “

 Even Sherry was covering her mouth with both hands.

 This was bad, someone was coming to disturb us in the middle of sex in the classroom.

 ”The bread isn’t sold out yet!”

 ”Haha, you’re too tired!”

 It was a innocent-sounding girl’s voice, quite childish. She must be an elementary school student…

 The voices from the hallway were getting closer, and it sounded like they were standing still, chatting.

 ”Meow, ah, ah… “

 Normally, we would stop here. Both Sherry and I had our reputations to consider. But Sherry’s inner walls were still tightly grasping me, and they weren’t letting go. Instead, they were urging me to move faster.

 My rational mind was telling me to stop, but my instincts were screaming at me to continue. Unfortunately, men can’t resist their desires. I whispered to Sherry,

 ”…Please, be quiet.”

 ”Hmm…! Hmm!!”

 I ignored Sherry’s protests and thrust my hips forward again.


 ”Aaaah, ah, ah…! “

 ”It’s no good, Miss Sherry. There are people outside, please be quiet.”

 ”Ah, ah, Alba too… you can’t move your hips like that!”

 Sherry was saying something reluctantly, but her inner walls were still contracting strongly. She was the one who initiated this, and I was just following her lead.

 ”Ah, ah, mmm… stop, stop!”

 Outside, we could still hear the girls’ voices faintly. The situation was pushing me further, and I was enjoying it even more. I grasped Sherry’s thin waist and indulged in the pleasure.

 My balls were burning, and I couldn’t hold on anymore. Sherry was covering her mouth, trying to suppress her voice. But her inner walls were still sucking me in. We were both approaching our limits. I kept thrusting into her womb.

 ”Ah, ah, it’s too much… ah, ah, stop!”

 ”But your insides are hotter and tighter than yesterday!”

 I pushed my hips forward, and Sherry’s waist tried to escape. But I held onto her tightly and didn’t let her go. As a punishment, I thrust my hips even more violently.

 Sherry let out a small, desperate voice, begging me to stop.

 ”Ah, ah, I’m going to cum…! “

 ”Me too!”

 It didn’t matter if there were still girls outside or not. I just wanted to release my pent-up semen into Sherry, so I thrust my hips forward with all my might.

 ”Ah, ah, mmmmm…!!”

 My penis was being squeezed by Sherry’s walls, and I was about to reach my limit. At the same time, Sherry’s body was trembling, and she was taking in my s*men from behind.

 Spurt, spurt, spurtt…!!

 My desire was exploding, and my semen was shooting out. Sherry was bending over, taking it all in from behind.

 After we finished, Sherry’s flesh walls suck my penis tightly. I drool at the service of her fine folds. I move my hips in small movements and send my semen deep inside Sherry.

 ”Meow, it’s hot… and there’s so much, ah…!!”

 Ah, this really feels amazing. The satisfaction is just on another level. And doing this to a teacher from behind… It’s like something straight out of an adult video. I can’t believe this is actually happening in another world. Reincarnating was totally worth it.

 ”Nnn…ahh…it all came out…?”

 ”Yes, it’s all out.”

 Sherry’s face was red and sweaty, and her expression was filled with passion. I pulled out my penis, and semen started dripping out of her. It was a crazy sight.

 ”Nnn, ahhh…!!” “

 The white, cloudy liquid spills out from her vagina, the entrance to her womb spitting out the semen without any restraint. White splotches of cum cover her black robe. What a sight.

 My penis twitches in response, but the post-ejaculation stops me from going any further.

 ”Ah, it spilled.”

 Sherry says with a hint of disappointment.

 ”If you want more, I’ll fill you up again.”

 ”Really? That’s wonderful!”

 Sherry’s long eyes glisten with desire.

 ”Because I can never fully satisfy my needs at the Manor of the Blue Rose… If I could play with Alba, that would be much better, meow.”

 ”If I could have sex with Miss Sherry, I wouldn’t need to go anywhere else.”

 Spending time with Sherry on days when I couldn’t have sex with Lana would be efficient. It’s what’s called a friends with benefits relationship. A chance to become a friend with benefits with a teacher… I wouldn’t miss it. I wasn’t that innocent or moral.

 Now, I embraced Sherry from behind. It was a sign that we would have sex again in the future.

 Then the two of us leisurely cleaned up. There were spells for cleaning, washing, and fragrance-controlling medicines, so it only took about 10 minutes for all traces to disappear.

 As long as we didn’t blab about it, no one would think we had sex here.

 ”It’s lunchtime. Let’s take it easy and leave the classroom at a different time,” I thought, when I heard a knock on the door. Someone had come… at this inconvenient time.

 ”Oh, we have a visitor, meow.”

 ”…What should we do?”

 ”This is a tutoring session, so there’s nothing suspicious. Be bold.”

 Sherry replied, pushing her black-rimmed glasses. It seemed to switch her to teacher mode. She was completely different from when we were mating.

 ”Yes, meow. I’ll open it now.”

 ”I’m sorry for coming at lunchtime!”

 There’s no way I could have mistaken that, it was Lana’s cute voice.

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