Dark Noble 16

Chapter 16 Student Life And Mafia Life

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 What does Lana want from Sherry, anyway?

 My spine suddenly chills.

 Could it be that she found out about my affair?

 No, that wouldn’t make sense for Lana to come here. I would expect another teacher to show up.

 ”Okay, I’ll open it now, meow.”

 (Is it possible that there’s some connection between them that I don’t know about…?)

 It felt natural to think that way. Sherry softly mutters something to Lana, making sure I can’t hear.

 ”…Meow, you’re a student in remedial class.”

 I stay silent and nod. Sherry is completely in teacher mode.

 I need to switch to “student in remedial class” mode too. If I do that, there shouldn’t be any problems. Maybe.

 Sherry opens the door.

 There, with a notebook in hand and sparkling eyes, stands Lana.

 ”Miss Sherry, I wanted you to teach me this part… huh?”

 Lana furrows her eyebrows as she notices me standing behind Sherry.

 ”Um, don’t worry about him. He was in remedial class. It’s already over, meow.”

 ”I-Is that so? In remedial class… It’s unusual for Alba, isn’t it?”

 My heart skips a beat.

 But there’s a reason for this remedial class. A very deep reason.

 Sherry and I had s*x at a brōtḥel yesterday, and we’re still having s*x. It was a pleasurable mating session. I shouldn’t be able to say that, but…

 I convert my exhaustion from mating into a convincing performance. I act tired and dejected.

 ”Ah… I couldn’t concentrate on the lecture, that’s all…”

 I create an awkward atmosphere and avert my gaze. I’m just a student who received remedial class. Nothing more than that.

 According to the contract, even if Lana finds out about Sherry and my affair, there won’t be any problems. There was no promise that I would only sleep with Lana. However, Lana’s impression of me will deteriorate. At least, there’s that risk.

 ”So, the 2 of you were alone during the remedial class…?”

 Lana stares at me with a look of disbelief. Uh-oh. I feel sweat forming on my back.

 That’s when Sherry steps forward, right in front of Lana.

 ”Oh, are you jealous?”

 ”N-No! That’s not it!”

 ”No way, the look in your eyes just now was a bit suspicious, Dear Lana. You can’t fool me!”

 ”I’m really not! To stay on the student council, you need good grades. I was just worried if Alba’s grades were slipping…”

 ”Oh, I see… Well, you don’t have to worry that much.”

 ”Yeah, it was just a coincidence today.”

 ”Well, if you say so…”

 So she was genuinely worried about me, huh? Yeah, it could be a problem if my grades start dropping while I’m in the student council.

 It seems like Lana’s sense of responsibility as the student council president kicked in.

 Phew, she’s really a good girl… Even though I took her v*rginity in a r*pe-like situation.

 After that, Lana and Sherry started talking about magic medicine.

 As I mentioned earlier, Lana’s goal was to learn about magic medicine from Sherry. By the way, Lana and Sherry have known each other for a long time.

 Well, if Lana, who’s in the advanced class, knows Sherry, I might as well listen to their conversation. I’ll pretend I was just there for extra lessons.

 ”Oh, it’s better to buy these mushrooms from the south. The ones from the north have varying quality, you know.”

 ”I see! Is that because of the climate and stuff?”

 ”Yeah, it’s no good if it’s too cold. Oh, as for these ingredients――”

 Looking at it this way, Sherry really is a proper teacher. But her hidden side is that of a naughty big sister. Lana was listening to Sherry’s talk seriously and taking notes.

 Hehe… Once I calm down, it’s kind of interesting and gives me a sense of conquest. They don’t know that I’ve had s*x with both of them. I firmly suppress the smile that’s about to spill out of my mouth.

* * *

 After parting ways with Lana and Sherry, I head to my afternoon lectures.

 After attending a few classes, it’s already evening. I go to the student council and help out with whatever tasks need to be done.

 Lana was in the student council. But, there were other people there too, so I couldn’t talk carelessly.

 More importantly, I was getting really sleepy…

 ”You look really tired, aren’t you?”

 ”Are you going home early today?”

 I was even being worried about by the student council members.

 Last night, I had fun at the brōtḥel, and today I had an affair with Sherry, and I also had afternoon lectures.

 Even though I’m young, it’s hard. I was physically tired.

 ”Well, then, I’ll take advantage of your offer and go home early today…”

 Leaving the student council behind, I went home. I would be happy if that was the end of my day’s schedule, but I had a meeting with Belzeda at night. Oh well.

 The main topics were financial reports and new product development, but there were other issues as well. Or rather, the “other issues” were more important. Belzeda reported with a frown.

 ”It seems like drugs are circulating again.”

 ”Again… They never learn.”

 Even under the laws of this country, narcotics are strictly prohibited.

 But frankly, the countermeasures are lax. The inspection of goods entering the royal capital is relatively strict, but the crackdown on drugs that have already entered is not at all catching up.

 We will absolutely not tolerate drugs in our house. That is a promise to the king and the reason for the existence of the Valshe family.

 Therefore, we sometimes cooperate with the police secretly in drug-related matters.

 For example, drug dealers are found rolling around in front of the police station, or the location of a drug storage warehouse is leaked. We do more rough things too, but it is our custom to act without regard for profit and loss in drug-related matters.

 ”It seems like there are big people involved in this case, and the police are also slow to move.”

 Belzeda had already been tracking the drugs to some extent. I read through the documents Belzeda had prepared.

 The territory of the drug dealers, the price per unit, the amount of transactions… It’s definitely not just a small amount of circulation. It’s an amount that can’t be explained without some big people involved.

 What bothered me was that the drug dealers were even showing up in the noble district of the royal capital.

 Normally, drug dealers don’t go to the noble district. The chances of getting arrested are much higher there.

 ”I see… There are definitely big people behind this. Put together a team and investigate carefully.”


 ”Next, let’s call for information. It’s this big, so… information will probably come from somewhere.”

 ”Understood! And right away!”

 Belzeda understands the history and cause of the Valshe family, so he readily accepts. He’s a veteran executive, after all.

 I think the mastermind behind this isn’t a proper criminal organization. They’re too disorganized for that. It feels like some stupid noble is getting cocky and spreading it around ―― something like that.

 I continued to discuss various things with Belzeda, and the night wore on.

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