Dark Noble 18

Chapter 18 The Student Council President’s Breastfeeding Hndjob ☆

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 Lana sits on the sofa in the student council room.

 I lie down with my head on Lana’s lap.

 The soft feeling under my head and her bouncing breasts.

 Hmm, what a great view.

 A lap pillow and a handjob, in the evening in the student council room.

 Today’s menu is definitely a hit.

 ”Is, is this okay?”


 My penis is already starting to get hard.

 Even though I released everything inside Sherry yesterday, it’s still like this.

 ”So, um…”

 Lana’s hand strokes my thigh.

 She seems nervous. Well, it can’t be helped.

 Since I’m feeling kind, I’ll assist her.

 ”President, I’m going to take off my pants. We shouldn’t take too much time.”

 ”Ah, yeah…right.”

 I quickly take off my pants and underwear.

 My semi-erect penis is exposed.


 ”Well then, please take responsibility…”

 ”…Uh, okay.”

 Lana’s hand slowly reaches for my penis.

 It’s quite frustrating, but it’s also interesting. I shouldn’t rush.

 ”This is Alba’s…”

 Come to think of it, during our first experience, Lana didn’t have a chance to carefully look at my penis. It was dimly lit. This will be an opportunity for her to take a closer look.

 It’s still early evening. So, she can still see it clearly.

 Ah…to think I can do something like this in the student council room.

 ”When it gets bigger, doesn’t it hurt?”

 ”…It’s uncomfortable when it’s restrained by fabric.”

 ”Ah, I see…”

 I feel like laughing at her innocent question. But I have to endure it.

 It’s unavoidable. This kind of atmosphere is very important.

 Lana’s warm hand touches my penis.

 It’s warm. Her slightly sweaty fingers are just right.

 ”Haah, haah…it’s amazing, it’s hot…”

 Her gentle hand examines my penis.

 It’s like a medical examination.

 She uses the pad of her finger to explore the shaft, searching and probing.

 It was a stimulating sensation that made me feel restless, but it was enough to heighten my excitement. Gradually, blood gathered in my shaft, causing it to stand erect.

 ”It’s getting hard and big… it turned out like this…”

 Lana looked surprised as she saw my uncontrollable erection. Though she didn’t touch it directly, she firmly grasped the trunk and the base. It wasn’t very stimulating, but it was highly arousing.

 Lana’s hand reached for my testicles. She gently rolled them with her fingers.

 I couldn’t help but let out a moan from the unseen manipulation of my testicles.


 ”Did it hurt?”

 ”No, I’m fine. It just felt really good.”

 ”Well, that’s good… but is this okay?”

 With this level of stimulation, I can’t possibly reach climax.

 Well, if I hadn’t already climaxed with Sherry, I wouldn’t have known that.

 Lana’s hand movements were quite slow. It was more like a massage than a handjob.

 It’s good for prolonging the pleasure, but spending too much time on it isn’t ideal. If we continue well into the night, it would be too risky.

 That’s why I can depend on Lana. I laid the groundwork for my further request.

 ”With this, the stimulation isn’t enough. I won’t be able to climax till the end…”

 ”I-Is that so…”

 Lana’s hand moved towards my shaft. With her limited knowledge and experience, Lana had to make me feel good. Her fingers crawled along the shaft, moving in a winding motion.

 Just the stimulation from her fingertips wasn’t enough to make me climax.

 I showed her an example of how I usually masturbate with my right hand.

 ”Could you rub the thicker part like this?”

 ”Rub…? Like this?”

 Lana moved her hand just as I showed her. It was a perfect handjob.

 Rub, rub, rub, rub…

 Her hand rubbed up and down the shaft.

 The voltage of stimulation suddenly increased.

 ”Is this okay…? Should I go faster?”

 ”Going too fast would be painful, so this is fine.”

 ”Oh, I see…”

 Unexpectedly, Lana’s handjob felt really good.

 The spice of a lap pillow and the student council room were pushing my pleasure to new heights.

 Rub, rub, rub, rub…

 I silently enjoyed the handjob for a while. A slight heat started to build up in my lower abdomen.

 The movements themselves are simple, with only the rod as the target of stimulation. Even so, a hand job from an almost virgin feels good.

 ”Oh, um…isn’t it done yet?”

 ”Not yet.”

 ”But it’s getting late…it’s going to get dark soon, you know?”

 Lana’s hand job becomes a little faster.

 Not only using her hands, but she also uses her upper body’s spring a little bit. I can’t help but be amazed by her learning ability. Lana is an honors student even in the erotic department.

 Her ample breasts sway in front of me. I want to suck on them. I want to receive a breastfeeding hand job.

 So, I voiced my request directly.

 ”…President, could you show me your breasts?”


 ”If we continue like this, it won’t end. I’ll have to go home feeling frustrated.”

 ”Uh, is that so…”

 To be honest, even just a lap pillow hand job would be enough to satisfy me. But since I promised to take responsibility, I want Lana to cooperate more.

 ”It will definitely end faster if you do that.”

 ”…Mm, I see…ah, ugh…”

 Lana hesitated. But eventually, she stopped the hand job and resigned herself, putting her hands on her robe.

 The structure itself is the same for Lana and Sherry’s robes. In other words, only the breasts can be exposed.

 ”Don’t look too much…”

 Lana exposed her big breasts herself. They are heavyweights, yet they look so soft. They are the captivating breasts that every middle school boy dreams of.

 If it were allowed, I would want to worship them, but let’s not. There is a mysterious happiness in looking at breasts from below. It’s probably a man’s instinct. Women’s breasts are loved everywhere, throughout history.

 ”President, please bend down a little.”

 ”…? Okay…”

 The ignorant president has no idea what will happen next. By bending down, Lana’s breasts come to a good position. I gently kiss the tip of her big breasts.

 ”Eek! Don’t touch there…!”

 ”…You want to finish, right?”

 ”But still…! Ugh…”

 Lana doesn’t move her upper body back. I feel encouraged and thoroughly savor her nipples. There is hardly any scent of sweat, only the sweetness of her skin. Lana trembles nervously, accepting my breastfeeding.

 ”Haah, ah…uhh, no…”

 Handjob is not being performed, so I used my free hand to guide Lana’s hand. I placed my penis in Lana’s hand and prompted her to move it. It’s not going to finish otherwise.

 Rub, rub, rub, rub…

 The handjob resumes. This is now a complete breastfeeding handjob. Lana’s huge breasts spread out before me, with my lower body engaged in the handjob. There’s no way it wouldn’t feel good. I’m losing control.

 ”Ha, ah… Uh, ah…”

 As I listen closely, I can hear Lana’s small moans. Her nipples are hardening, and there’s no restraint in the handjob. Heat is swirling at the base of my shaft, building up.

 At that moment, Lana notices my pre-cum.

 ”Something… is coming out of Alba… Ah, ah…”

 ”Hmm, it feels good for men too.”

 ”Is that… what it’s like? Ah, mmm…”

 The pre-cum that spills out makes the handjob smoother. This is bad. The rhythmic sound of water creates more pre-cum.

 Lana, who lacks sexual knowledge, continues to rub my penis. The heat in my lower abdomen is screaming to be released.

 ”It’s hot, swollen… Ah…”

 The speed of the handjob has increased significantly. The up and down motion, lubricated with pre-cum, is an unforgiving pleasure. Let’s keep going straight like this, all the way to the end. While sucking on Lana’s chest, I accept the impending climax.

 ”President, president…!”

 ”Haah… Ah, release it…!”

 Permission to ejaculate has been granted.

 It’s over. Semen erupts from my lower abdomen.

 Spurrttt, spurrttttt…!

 ”Wow…! Amazing…!”

 Lana’s hand continues to move, firmly squeezing out the semen. Unconsciously, it spurts out in succession.

 Dizzy from the sweet pleasure of the breastfeeding handjob, I release all the semen as guided by Lana’s hand.

 ”It’s coming out so vigorously…”

 Just the other day, I released this inside her. I didn’t say that.

 Now, she did continue the handjob until I finished… Maybe my plan to surround Lana is working better than I thought.

 ”Phew… Thank you, President.”

 ”Have you calmed down a bit…?”

 ”Yes, somehow I’m okay…”

 ”I-I see… Oh, it’s already dark outside. I should go home.”

 ”…I suppose.”

 It’s a shame, but the paradise of lap-pillow breastfeeding handjobs is over. I have to clean up. Although a considerable amount of semen has been scattered, it will disappear with the use of magic (majutsu). Convenient, isn’t it?

 After finishing the cleanup, Lana and I parted ways and went home. While I didn’t have sex with Lana, it was a fulfilling day. I enjoyed Sherry’s paizuri and standing doggy style, as well as Lana’s handjob.

 I’ll save pouring my cloudy liquid into Lana for next time.

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