Dark Noble 17

Chapter 17 Lana’s Sense Of Responsibility And Alba’s Acting

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 The next day, Wednesday.

 I went to academy like usual.

 There was no magic medicine class on Wednesdays, so I didn’t have a chance to see Sherry.

 She’s probably in the teachers’ lounge, but it might be dangerous to just drop by. I want to see her, but if I run into Lana again, she’ll get suspicious.

 ”Well, since there’s a connection between the academy and the brōtḥel, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities to see her.”

 But I need to be careful not to let my lust get the best of me. It’s important not to rush things. For the forbidden affair with a friend with benefit, a little patience is all I need.

 Another problem was my physical condition. The meeting with Belzeda last night dragged on for quite a while. Spring is a busy time, and I’m also feeling the effects of my mother Karia’s absence.

 So, I haven’t had much rest since Monday. My eyes are drooping even as I walk.

 And then it was evening. I hesitated, but I decided to go to the student council.

 It’s hard work, but I have no choice. I need to maintain my connection with Lana.


 I opened the door to the student council room and found Lana alone.

 She is sitting at her desk, staring at some papers.

 ”Hello, Alba.”

 ”I was wondering if there’s any work I can do…”

 ”Thank you as always. Then, please check the numbers here on this document and compare them to the numbers on this one――”

 Lana seems like her usual self.

 I took on the student council work from Lana and started working on it.

 ”Hey there.”

 ”What’s up?”

 While I was trying to find an opportunity to talk to her, a few other student council members came in. We’re not alone anymore. I worked for about 2 hours, and it was already evening.

 ”Good work.”

 ”See you later.”

 ”Yeah, good work.”

 The other student council members left. Finally, Lana and I are alone… but I’m just too tired. For once, I’m more interested in sleep than s*x.


 I let out a yawn. Hmm, let’s go home quickly and get some sleep. It’s counterproductive to let my studies suffer and my grades drop. Lana is also getting ready to leave, so I’ll prepare to go home too.

 And then, Lana with her bag came over to sit next to me. She looked worried and was staring at me.

 ”Hey… Alba, you’re also pretty shocked, right?”

 ”Huh? Um…”

 ”Because, what happened between you and me… that’s why you couldn’t focus on the magic medicine class, right?”

 ”Well… no, it’s not related to the student council president.”


 That was actually the truth.

 The reason I received extra lessons in class was actually intentional. It was just because I wanted to be alone with Sherry.

 And the tiredness I feel right now is because on Monday, I went to the brōtḥel with Jonathan, and on Tuesday, I had s*x with Sherry twice.

 It has nothing to do with Lana.

 ”Even today, you seem tired… and your concentration was lower than usual.”

 Hmm… does Lana think I’m shocked because of that affair contract? According to the setup, it seems like I had to sleep with Lana too.

 Both Lana and I had an unwanted first experience. But my concentration has dropped and worsened to the point of requiring extra lessons… and Lana feels responsible for it. Well, that’s a misunderstanding, though…

 ”Even though that happened, Alba is an important member of the student council. I’m here to listen if you want to talk…”

 Lana is truly considerate and kind towards her friends. Even though I had s*x with Sherry yesterday, seeing her face like that makes me feel guilty and uneasy.

 Should I try acting a bit…

 ”But even if it’s because of the president, there’s nothing I can do, right?”

 ”…Alba, that’s――”

 ”I need to forget. I keep remembering that night over and over… but I don’t want to force anything. It’s driving me crazy…”

 I put on a weak expression at the right moment. A sad student who can only be swept away by the aristocratic society.

 There, how about that?

 ”Yeah, that’s right. Alba is going through a lot too…”


 ”I was shocked too, but… it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Thanks to Alba’s kindness.”

 Oh, my favorability rating is high. Not bad. This flow is not bad.

 ”Alba, you have your own struggles…”

 ”…Not as bad as the president. After all, I’m at the mercy of my family.”

 I try to say it a little carelessly.

 Today, I’m Alba, who is likely to be depressed and have a drop in grades. I’m not good at pushing. Pulling is also a weapon.

 Slowly picking up my bag, I try to leave the student council room.

 ”Well, I’m going home… Thank you for your hard work.”


 Lana takes my arm and stops me.

 ”According to the contract, that… This week, I have to do it one more time, right? “

 ”President, you’re kind. But that’s a little cruel.”


 ”There’s no way I can embrace you in a place like this, President. And yet, you’re so close…”

 I stepped in a little further.

 I turned to Lana. Then, as if to emphasize my thing, I pushed my lower body out a little.

 There’s no way Lana wouldn’t understand what that meant.

 She blushed instantly.

 ”…And you won’t even take responsibility, right?”

 ”Ah, no… that’s a lie…”

 It’s kind of funny. She’s more worried about me than about me taking her virginity.

 I’m glad I kept Lana around after all. I can’t have this kind of fun in a brōtḥel.

 Lana was flustered, but there was no disgust in her eyes. She was just confused.

 ”H-How should I take responsibility… Is Alba okay with that?”

 It’s here!!

 I suppressed the urge to cheer and bowed my head. It’ll all be ruined if I smile now.

 (I want to have raw s*x, but I think I’d better not do that. Or a fella…? hmmm, that’s too hard. Well, in that case…)

 After thinking for a few seconds, I let out my desire.

 ”In that case, I’d like to do it with your hand, President, please.”

 Lana looked relieved for a moment at my answer.

 Tch, I could have done with her breast instead. But oh well.

 The meaning lies in the process of gradually drawing Lana in.

 ”Okay… I don’t think anyone else will come today.”

 The warm glow of the setting sun streamed through the windows of the student council room. There was still plenty of time before nightfall.

 Lana locked the door to the student council room. Only the president and vice president of the student council had the key. Not even the teachers had access to the student council room key.

 This would ensure our privacy for any secret affairs.

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