Dark Noble 20

Chapter 20 Information Provider

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 For several days after that, I lived in peace.

 I finally got enough sleep and started to focus on my studies.

 And today, I came home from the academy a little early.

 It was still before sunset, so it was time for some elegant reading time.

 However, I’m starting to feel like I need some action.

 Lana or Sherry… or should I try something new? That’s a tough one.

 While I was reading a book in the mansion’s living room and thinking about naughty things, Belzeda came in. He looked kind of serious.

 ”Young Master, we got a call from that money lender.”

 ”Oh…? From Meer?”

 I guess she didn’t have the courage to visit without an appointment after the punishment I gave her. I thought about doing it from behind next time she does that.

 ”What is it? Some lame sales pitch?”

 ”Well… that too, but it seems she has information about the drugs.”

 That’s unexpected.

 Meer is supposed to be a clean money lender, but she has connections to the nobles. Maybe she got the information from them.

 ”Her subordinate came to tell us in person. I wasn’t there, so she left a message and went back.”

 ”By the way, have you heard the details?”

 ”It seems she wouldn’t tell us even if asked. If I was there, this wouldn’t have happened. These guys are really messing around.”


 Belzeda is strict about these things. He was probably worried about information leaks, but Meer herself should have come.

 Maybe the punishment was a bit too effective. It’s just causing more trouble.

 ”I don’t think she understands our relationship yet.”

 ”Yes, really… We’re also working behind the scenes, so there’s no helping it. What will you do, Young Master?”

 ”Should we go get the information or summon her?”

 I put a bookmark in the book and closed it. I think Meer has the wrong idea. She doesn’t think we’re trying to eradicate drugs. She probably thinks it’s just a little turf war.

 If she really understood the ‘Midnight Fangs’ modus operandi, she wouldn’t just send a subordinate and be done with it.

 Maintaining order in the capital is crucial. We must eradicate drugs at all costs. No matter what, we will cut off the root of this drug trade. Meer doesn’t understand this.

 But this is a good opportunity. I’ll meet with Meer and have a talk with her. If the chance arises, I’ll also take advantage of the situation.

 ”Is Meer’s office close by?”

 ”Yes, it’s located in the capital’s commercial district. Are you going there, young master?”

 ”I also want to thank about Lana. But I can’t entrust this to you.”

 ”I understand… If it’s about that matter, then… fine.”

 Belzeda reluctantly agreed. I could just summon her, but that wouldn’t be polite.

 We value sincerity. If we have a reason and a proper greeting, we’ll visit in person. Of course, I also have a little ulterior motive. I’ll go and teach her myself.

 Now, wearing a hood and mask, I rode a carriage to Meer’s office.

 It’s still before sunset, so the streets are crowded.

 There’s no guarantee that Meer will be at the office, but that’s okay. I brought a book with me, so I’ll just wait for a while. I’m the kind of person who waits patiently and speaks face-to-face.

 Meer’s office is quite large. It’s a bit old, though. I told the receptionist at the office that I was from the Black Rose Mansion. The receptionist was scared, but she quickly led me to the VIP room on the top floor.

 Meer is out on an errand but will be back soon.

 Perfect. I’ll continue reading my book.

 About 15 minutes later, I heard a commotion. Then there was a knock, and the door was flung open. Meer, looking apologetic, rushed into the VIP room.

 Today, Meer is wearing a light beige dress. Her level of exposure hasn’t changed much from last time. Her cleavage is visible even without her chest valley showing. Her fox ears and tail are standing tall, probably due to nervousness.

 ”I’m so sorry! I kept you waiting…!!”

 I was sitting with my legs crossed, pretending to read. Meer flinched when she saw me.

 ”I wasn’t waiting. I was reading.”

 ”I’m really, really sorry about that!”

 Meer bent hrt back 90 degrees and bowed at a right angle. As if to say “oh well,” I closed the book with a pat. Let’s talk a little annoyed today. It should go smoother that way.

 ”No need to apologize. Please, have a seat.”


 With maximum elegance and speed, Meer sat down on the sofa. Well then, shall we start with the drug-related matters?

 ”I heard it from Belzeda. There was some information about drugs.”

 ”Ah, yes… It was when I went to the noble’s mansion, our client… Clearly, that…”

 ”I see, they were using drugs.”

 Meer nodded tremulously. But I’m not foolish enough to jump into the conversation lightly.

 ”What was the situation like? You didn’t witness it happening in front of you, did you?”

 ”W-Well, you see…”

 Meer’s eyes swam restlessly. Did she not expect me to come, or does she still have doubts about selling the noble’s information?

 ”I won’t reveal the source of information. You can trust me on that.”

 ”I understand, but… if this information proves to be useful, could I expect an increase in our transactions or…”

 It was definitely the right call not to send Belzeda to her. He might have lost his temper here. I’m also a little irritated.

 ”…Are you underestimating me?”

 ”Ah! I-I understand! I’ll say it!”

 Meer readily surrendered. It was worth punishing her.

 Nevertheless, Meer’s alluring fragrance is remarkable. I don’t have a hobby of tormenting women, but I can be assertive towards Meer.

 Watching the frightened Meer, my lower body starts to throb. I haven’t been able to have intercourse with a woman for the past few days, just mast*ing. Somehow, can I make Meer mine?

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