Dark Noble 19

Chapter 19 Small Talk And The Student Council President’s Solo Act ☆

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 Lana parted ways with Alba and returned to her mansion in the royal capital. Standing before the gate, she stared at her hand, the one that had just served Alba.

 (It’s okay, right…? There’s no smell at all.)

 The cleansing magic should be perfect. She shouldn’t be caught… or so she thought.

 Even though she was convinced, she couldn’t help but check.

 Lana sniffed her hand repeatedly and entered the mansion. The butler and maids were as usual, nothing seemed amiss. It was all her imagination.

 On her way to her room, Lana was stopped by a maid.

 ”Miss Lana, a letter from your brother.”

 ”Thank you. I’ll read it in my room.”

 ”Well… please don’t overexert yourself.”

 ”Hehe, it’s okay. Don’t worry.”

 Lana smiled and took the letter from the maid. The sender was her brother from their northern territory.

 Despite her smile, Lana’s heart was heavy. The letter was probably about the territory and finances. Most likely, it was bad news.

 Lana headed straight to her room. She collapsed onto the bed face up and opened her brother’s letter.

 It contained updates about the territory.

 ’About the money sent… it was a big help. Thank you.’

 She had already received some of the money from the Manor of the Black Rose. However, it wasn’t wise to send too much to the territory at once. Lana had been sending the money gradually.

 She had told her family that she borrowed it from her academy friends.

 It was a bit of a stretch, but neither her father nor her brother suspected anything. Perhaps it was because they were too busy to notice.

 ’The situation this year… just as we predicted last year, it’s not good. I’m also trying to find ways to raise money, but I have no choice but to rely on you too… I’m sorry.’


 Lana felt a little relieved. If it went according to last year’s calculations, the money from her mistress contract should be enough. Still, she couldn’t be too optimistic.

 Most of Lana’s family’s territory was forest. Many of the inhabitants were elves like Lana, and their livelihood depended on agriculture and gathering. As a result, the family’s finances had always been tight. Even Lana’s room now had only the bare minimum of furniture.

 Lana thought back on the recent events and her interactions with Alba.

 ”I’m glad Alba took me in… right?”

 Just earlier in the student council room, they did something intimate. But she couldn’t leave him alone.

 From Lana’s perspective, Alba was an excellent student but didn’t interact much with others. He was mature, calm, and flawless. For someone who joined in middle school, he was incredibly talented.

 So, Lana was truly surprised to find out Alba was attending remedial lessons for magic medicine.

 ”It’s my fault, right? I dragged him into this…”

 Lana had no choice but to sell her virginity. Her family had been struggling to pay the tribute to the kingdom, almost defaulting multiple times.

 Their familiar moneylender, Mia, was also in a tight spot. Despite being a moneylender, Mia was honest and had always helped Lana’s family. After discussing with Mia, Lana made the decision. There was no other way. Being with Alba was the only option.

 ”I’m sorry, Alba…”

 Lana placed the letter on the table by her bed. She could write a reply tomorrow.

 ”Ah… ugh…”

 Lana’s hands reached for her chest and thighs. Recently, whenever she returned to her room, she found herself doing this.

 It was the stress ―― excessive stress ―― that drove Lana to masturbate.

 ”I have to stop… doing this…”

 Even as she said it, Lana’s hands didn’t stop. She had always masturbated frequently.

 Despite being an exemplary student with excellent grades, a model of good behavior, and no rebellious phase, who sold her body to help her struggling family, Lana couldn’t overcome her sexual desires.

 Lana unbuttoned her robe, exposing her chest, the same chest Alba had sucked on earlier.

 ”…Ah, my nipples are already hard…”

 Every time she voiced her thoughts, shivers ran down her spine. As she was told on their first night, Lana loved being teased.

 With practiced hands, Lana began to massage her breasts. She knew exactly what to do, having done it so many times before.

 ”Ah, ah… hnng, mm…”

 No one at the academy or at home could imagine this side of Lana.

 ”Not enough… hnng…”

 Overcome with heat, Lana reached for the drawer beside her bed. Inside were her secret tools. She pulled out a fluffy feather pen and a thick fountain pen.

 Lana brought the handle of the fountain pen close to her face, kissing it fervently.

 ”Mmm, mwah… mwah, haaa…”

 The fountain pen bore no resemblance to a penis. It was just thick, hard, and black ―― an ordinary commercial item.

 However, it was indispensable for Lana’s masturbation sessions. With her vivid imagination, Lana pretended the pen was a penis and serviced it.

 ”Haa, mmm… hnn, ah…”

 In her mind, the recent encounter with Alba played out. His strong, hot penis.

 ”Alba is… suffering, but… ah, ahh, I can’t stop… mwah, slurp…”

 The memory of their tryst ignited Lana’s passion. Even when she lost her virginity, Lana had felt it. Her body was sensitive.

 ”Mmm, slurp… haa, ahh…”

 She didn’t like being forced or in pain. What she loved was being showered with affection. Like with Alba, for instance.

 With her left hand, Lana deftly parted her robe. She held the feather pen in her free hand. It was the feather she needed.

 Lana let the feather glide along the inside of her thigh. The soft, fluffy sensation heightened her arousal.

 ”Ah, ahh…!”

 The pen made from a magic beast’s feather had an exquisitely delicate touch. It provided Lana with a more intense pleasure than her fingers could. The sensation made her lower abdomen heat up.

 The feather pen continued to stroke Lana’s most intimate area.


 Already, love juices were dripping from her slit. She was afraid to insert her fingers but found them unsatisfying.

 The feather solved this problem.

 ”Mmm, haa… no, ahh…!”

 At the academy, she was a serious student council president. But now, she was just a girl lost in the throes of pleasure, drowning in her own masturbation.

 While sucking on a pen, Lana reminisces about her first night. To say it wasn’t enjoyable would be a lie. She was carefully teased and had semen poured inside her 4 times. That night was etched into her memory.

 ”Ah, this is… Alba will hate me…”

 Every time Lana thinks of the weak Alba, her maternal instincts stir. Her body heats up. That’s why she ended up serving him in that way. Dangerous sympathy… That’s why Lana also felt it.

 Love juices flow thickly from Lana’s secret place. She spreads them with feathers. She torments her clitoris, which is wrapped in skin, with feathers.

 ”Mmm, ah, ahh…”

 Drool drips from Lana’s mouth. A sloppy, intoxicated face. She savors the pen and continues to rub the entrance of her secret place with feathers.

 ”Please forgive me, Alba…!”

 She is violated by the disgruntled Alba. Imagining such a scene, Lana continues to reach new heights. She rubs her swollen clitoris from above the skin and moves the feathers up and down her labia.

 Squelch, squelch…

 The lewd sounds lead Lana to even greater pleasure. She has reached countless climaxes, but she never gets tired of it. In fact, Lana has become captivated by it. She earnestly rushes towards climax.

 ”Ah, nngh…!! Ah, haa… aaah…”

 Lana trembles all over as she reaches her peak. She savors the ecstatic feeling for a while, exhaling roughly. However, it doesn’t last long.

 ”…Alba, I’m sorry.”

 At the end of her fantasies and pleasures, a sense of emptiness and self-loathing arrives. No one would desire someone like Lana. Even though she knows that, she can’t stop masturbating.

 If Lana becomes more proactive, will Alba’s mood improve? Will he be able to concentrate on studying? Lana gazes at the pen covered in saliva.

 Honestly, she’s still scared. What will change with her mistress contract… She may have lost her virginity, but what will happen from now on? But Lana thinks. At the very least, she’s the one who involved Alba. Because of her, Alba also lost his virginity ―― that’s what Lana believes.

 She must fulfill that responsibility…

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