Dark Noble 22

Chapter 22 Fingering The Female Moneylender ☆

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 I easily pulled down Meer’s white panties as she got on all fours. No mercy for Meer. I’ll do as I please.


 Her red, lewd lips come into view. Lips I’ve experienced before. Comparing them, they feel different from Lana’s. Her brown pubic hair is neatly trimmed, giving the impression of proper grooming.

 ”Hmm, the labia seems a bit larger.”

 In reality, her labia is within the average size, but I decided to tease her intentionally. As expected, Meer reluctantly shook her head.

 ”No… it’s not like that.”

 ”Hm? Are you denying my words?”

 I pinched Meer’s still dry labia. I rolled it between my fingers. It feels really good.


 ”My words are absolute. Your labia is big. Repeat after me.”

 ”Uhh, y-yes… m-my labia is big…”

 As expected of a widow. She quickly resolved and obeyed. Come to think of it, it was the same during the first blowjob. Meer has a weak side when she crumbles. It’s convenient for me.

 While playing with her labia, I grabbed Meer’s tail with my free hand. I didn’t touch Sherry’s tail, but how will this go?

 ”Eek! Ahh! Not the tail…!”

 ”What’s wrong? Does it hurt?”

 ”Well, um… It’s too stimulating, so… Ahh, no!”

 While touching her private part, I vigorously stroked her tail. Immediately, Meer screamed and exhaled. Such a strong reaction. Her whole body twitched as she endured my torment.

 ”No… Ahh, both… Mmm, ah!”

 Despite her lower body trembling, Meer didn’t try to escape. Shaking her head, she let out moans. It doesn’t seem painful ―― or rather, her secret place is oozing with a large amount of love juice.

 Every time I rub Meer’s brown tail, the lewd scent becomes stronger, and more love juice is secreted. Honestly, I thought I’d have to use spit if she didn’t get wet, but it was needless worry.

 Meer’s hole is already slippery, making it easy to play with her secret spot. But wow, she’s reacting so well. It’s getting more interesting as I tease her.

 ”Ah, ah! Mmm, hah, aah…!”

 ”It seems like my fingers have become your favorite. Your love juices are all over them.”

 ”N-No, it’s not like that! Ah, no, it’s just that my tail is sensitive…!”

 ”I see. Then, let me try inserting this finger.”

 ”Huh? Not now… Mmm, aahhh… Ah, hah, aah!”

 Slurp, squelch!

 Ignoring Meer’s voice, I forcefully thrust my index finger into her vagina. It’s so tight. It’s hard to believe she’s a former married woman. But it feels very promising.

 Meer’s vagina pushes back against my finger, as if rejecting it. The fine folds of flesh are desperately moving. But that only excites me more. If I thrust my meat rod into this tightness, it will definitely feel amazing.

 ”Hah, aah, nnnaahh, haaahhh…”

 Meer takes deep breaths. Her vagina tries to push my finger back to the entrance. Her trembling legs and tail, and the sweat forming on her lower body, show her excitement.

 To match the movement of her vaginal walls, I vibrate my finger. I continue to tease her tail, heightening Meer’s sensitivity. I wonder what kind of voice she’ll make when she reaches climax. I want to make Meer come.

 ”No, please… Ah, stop with your finger…!”

 ”Your vagina doesn’t seem to be saying that.”

 ”This is… strange! Why don’t we just have sex right away…!? Ah, aahh…!”

 ”Hmm? I see… Is it the commoner’s way to just thrust in?”

 In this world, there are no erotic manga or AV. While sexuality is somewhat open, knowledge about it is lacking, especially among commoners.

 Since Meer’s blowjob was amazing, it seems that techniques to please men are widespread. But maybe they don’t have the habit of fingering until orgasm.

 ”Please stop… Ah, aah, hiiin! Ah, something’s… coming…!!”

 ”Is this the first time you climax from a man’s finger? You’re a helpless woman.”

 ”No, ahh… like this, ugh, ahhh…!!”

 Mia’s voice tightened, and her insides became even tighter. All signs indicated that Mia’s climax was approaching. Mia resisted, but her body craved pleasure. Maybe it had been a while since she had sex.

 As a final push, I positioned my middle finger at her entrance. It was extremely tight, but I managed to insert it. After all, I would eventually insert my penis.

 ”Let’s add another finger.”

 ”N-No way…! Stop it!! I can’t take it anymore!”


 I inserted my middle finger into her. Now 2 fingers were inside her. It made squelching sounds, and her love juices leaked out. At the same time, I tightly gripped Mia’s tail.

 She was now just a vixen being controlled by my fingers.

 ”Aaaaah, ahh! I don’t want to climax!”

 I used 2 fingers to widen her lewd flesh. Her well-groomed tail was in disarray. Finally, Mia reached her climax, letting out a high-pitched voice.

 ”No, I’m cumming, I’m cumming! Ahh, ahh, ahhhh!”

 Mia’s whole body trembled. After the intense pleasure subsided, Mia’s upper body went limp. She lifted only her butt, unconsciously still craving pleasure. Her love juices had already created a large stain on the carpet.

 ”Ah… ha, ah, fuu, ahhh… I’m sorry, dear…”

 She repeated shallow breaths after climax, apologizing to her deceased husband. But it only stirred up my desire. It seemed that trying everything was the way to go.

 I withdrew my fingers from Mia’s secret place and took off my pants, which were becoming uncomfortable. Naturally, my penis was already hard. I could have penetrated her like this, but I wanted a little appetizer.

 Yes, let’s have Mia take my penis in her mouth. Mia blushed and regained her breath. I bent down towards her. I brought my penis closer to Mia’s lips.

 ”Lick it.”

 ”Ah… ngh, mwah, mmm, lick, slurp…”

 In a dreamy state, Mia obediently kisses the shaft. Her tongue moves slowly, deliberately. It’s not a lazy effort, she focuses on the sensitive areas, licking attentively and sucking on the precum. The sounds of her tongue and saliva are soft and wet.

 Her technique feels more affectionate than before, not intended to bring me to climax but as a prelude to our mating.

 ”Haa, licking it like this… imagining it inside me… mm, mwah, haa…”

 After a few minutes, I make her stop. I don’t want to get too excited just yet. I position myself behind Mia, who is now on all fours, and guide my throbbing member to her entrance.

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