Dark Noble 21

Chapter 21 Who Will It Be?

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 And so, she began her explanation. First, she mentioned a request for a loan from the spoiled son of a noble family that frequented her establishment.

 ”Normally, the family’s head handles financial matters, but this time, it seems the request is for the son’s personal loan…”

 Naturally, Meer refused. She only lent money to families with the noble family’s backing, not to individuals. She would never lend to a noble child who had no means to repay. However, the son was persistent.

 ”He then said ―― he had something to offer as collateral.”

 That idiot was beyond foolish. Even I could hardly believe what I heard. The idiot showed Meer a bag filled with white powder.

 ”He kept insisting, saying he wouldn’t let me down and was extremely persistent.”

 Meer hugged herself, trembling. In short, he wanted to trade drugs for money. This put Meer in a very difficult position.

 Of course, accepting drugs is illegal. But refusing the noble’s son could also be problematic. It was a lose-lose situation.

 It made sense that she sought to provide information. She must have felt desperate to break out of this situation.

 ”So, that’s why you reached out to us…”


 Besides the unbelievable stupidity, the story seemed consistent. It was worth investigating. But my gut told me something else.

 I had no proof, but my intuition felt oddly certain.

 Hugging herself, Meer’s large breasts distorted in shape. Her anxious expression stirred something primal in me. My body reacted involuntarily.

 Maybe, just maybe… that idiot wants to make Meer his possession.

 If Meer accepted the drugs, she’d have a clear weakness. He wouldn’t even need to use the borrowed money. Just returning it would leave her vulnerable.

 ”Very interesting. We’ll verify this on our end. Now, what’s the name of that noble?”

 ”…Lizaro Estrada-sama of the Duke Family.”

 That blue-haired moron who came to our student council room the other day. I don’t have a good impression of him at all. A shameless idiot like that is probably also involved in drugs.

 According to Belzeda’s report, he also fits the description of the drug dealer in the noble district. With the backing of a Duke family scion, he would have the audacity to do so. Or maybe it’s on Lizaro’s orders. The drug trade in the noble district is dangerous, but the profits are also good.

 ”I-I’ve cooperated this far! You will protect me, right?

 ”What do you mean specifically?”

 ”Could you ask Estrada-sama to back off? Or… could you use this matter as a bargaining chip to get what you want?”


 I pretended to be annoyed and scratched my hair. Meer closed her mouth immediately. Meer is fundamentally mistaken.

 ”We don’t negotiate with them. We won’t tell them about you, but we don’t care what happens to you.”

 ”But, but… then, why did you gather information about drugs?”

 ”To crush them.”

 ”…!? “

 Meer was speechless at my straightforward answer. It seems she didn’t expect such a violent and simple answer.

 ”We have many taboos. Drugs are one of them. We cut down on them without question whenever we find them in the royal capital.”

 I sat up straight and glared at Meer.

 ”It’s up to Lizaro Estrada. If we just beats up a few dealers and they back off, then it’s over. If he insists on greedily spreading drugs, we’ll get rough. That’s all.”

 ”So, then… I…

 ”Do whatever you want. Lizaro Estrada’s debt is a completely separate matter. You’ll have to handle that yourself.”

 It’s a shame about Meer, but the drug issue is not worth weighing in the balance. Eradicating the drug route is the top priority. Otherwise, we won’t be able to set an example for the organization.

 After everything is settled, there might be something I can do… But for now, do I really need to know everything about Meer’s position and chastity? As I stand up, feeling no desire to talk about Lana’s situation, Meer let out a frightened voice.

 ”Please wait…! Is it really, really going to end like this? P-please… ugh…”

 ”I don’t know. Is becoming Lizaro Estrada’s woman that terrible?”

 ”He… Ah, yes…”

 Meer pleads desperately. Standing like this, I can see Meer’s cleavage even better when she sits down. I dislike Lizaro, but I can’t say his taste in women is bad. I’m a fair guy, so I’ll admit that much.

 ”He was cruel even to my late husband, the former chairman… and he made many people cry, including the wives and daughters of merchants. People like that…”


 I see. Since the time of her late husband, her likability has been low. And then there’s his bad habit of chasing after women… well, I can tell by his attitude towards Lana.

 But what should I do? Looking at it like this, Meer is a waste. A big waste. If I play my cards right, I can eradicate drugs and get Meer as well…

 So I came up with an idea.

 ”If you have the intention to cooperate with us more, I might consider it.”

 ”…Cooperate? Of course!”

 Meer nods eagerly. I wear a devilish smile in my heart. Maybe she sensed the change in atmosphere, Meer gulps audibly.

 ”We’ll prepare the script here. Get drugs from Lizaro Estrada. And also, how about getting him out of hiding――”

 Meer is taken aback by this incredibly dangerous proposition. This is different from just providing information. It’s a clear invitation to spy. But if she’s willing to go this far, I won’t abandon her. Our future dealings might bear fruit.


 ”I appreciate you, Meer. Not just for Lana’s situation, but also for your beauty ―― though it seems you still don’t fully understand me. That’s why I’ll give you a choice. Become my woman.”


 ”Oh, take your time to answer. Remember our motto. Love and sincerity cultivate roses. The best answer will determine the future.”

 Even if I get rejected here, I won’t be in trouble. I do have feelings for Meer, but not as much as Lana. If I could have Meer to myself, I’d do whatever I wanted. It’s a really crappy, lower body-oriented way of thinking, like ‘I’d like to be able to have s*x with her.’

 But for Meer, it’s different. She has to choose between giving up everything to us, who have immense power in the underworld of the capital, or staying the same. It’s a moment of destiny.

 ”…I understand.”

 Meer stood up trembling and sat down on the fluffy carpet, her hands on the floor. Then Meer got on her hands and knees and turned her back on me.

 A fluffy, well-furred brown tail, the mark of a fox beastman. And her delicious thighs were completely exposed.

 ”I will become your woman ―― so please protect me.”

 It was the perfect answer.

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