Dark Noble 23

Chapter 23 The Female Loan Shark And Doggy Style☆

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 I placed the tip of my rod against the dripping entrance of her wet vagina. After climaxing, her entrance was twitching, hungry for more pleasure.

 Feeling Meer’s body heat with my penis ―― I didn’t just thrust in right away. I thought of something more interesting.

 ”Hey, what are you doing? Hurry up and put it in.”

 ”…ah, ugh…?”

 ”If I put it in, it would seem like I’m forcing you. You should guide it yourself and push it in deep.”

 ”Ah, no…!”

 Despair flashed across Meer’s face. I could have let her ride me, but that’s for another time. Today, I felt like doing it doggy style.

 ”Come on, do it quickly. Or do you not have ‘any love’ for me?”

 With her mouth tightly shut, Meer, still on all fours, reached for my rod. It was a simple task. Just hold it and push back her hips.

 ”Please… just don’t do it inside…”

 Maybe she was thinking of her husband. She probably didn’t want to cross that last line. Or maybe she was just saying it. Begging me to pull out at this point was foolish. I laughed lightly and smacked her butt.

 ”I’ll think about it. It depends on your attitude.”


 This must be humiliating for Meer. She anus was visible, and now she had to help guide it in herself. But if she wanted to be my woman, she had to show that level of obedience. Otherwise, I couldn’t trust her.

 By the way, when I said I’d think about it, I had no intention of pulling out. I was definitely going to finish inside.

 ”Ugh, ah, ah… kuh, hah…”

 Meer lightly held my rod and adjusted its position. My rod was ready, so all that was left was to put it in properly. Meer’s body was warm. I didn’t say it, but I was really looking forward to this.


 ”Agh, ah, it’s so big… ah, this is… no…!”

 With my body feeling tired after the climax, Meer’s entrance slowly takes in miclans. Even a finger was tight inside Meer. Naturally, an intense pleasure starts running through me.

 ”Oh, it’s so thick, it won’t fit… Ah, oh, ahh…”

 Little by little, my shaft goes in. Even though her insides are slick, they’re still tight, not even able to take in my shaft after her climax. Yet, it goes in with Meer’s own movements. This contradictory situation is pure bliss.

 Even without touching her messy tail or her sensitive spot, she reacts like this. Meer’s sensitivity doesn’t match that of a widow. However, this tightness clearly shows she has little experience. She must have been longing for this. What a waste.

 As the slow penetration continues, I gently stroke her hips.

 ”Come on, put it all in.”

 ”Haah, haah… Ugh, kuh, kuuu… ahhh…”

 Urged on, finally, the shaft part moves forward. Well, Meer’s entrance is amazingly tight. Tiny bumps inside squeeze around my shaft without leaving any gaps. As my shaft gets squeezed tightly, it arouses me even more.

 ”Almost there.”

 ”Ahh, it’s reaching deep… Hah, kuh, fuuh, nooo…”

 Squish, squelch…!

 Finally, my entire shaft is inside Meer’s tight entrance. Still, her inner walls don’t accept me. They try to push me out, moving desperately. But sadly, that only makes a man feel better.

 The bumpy walls stick to the glans and the tip, licking it continuously. With the tight squeezing, my lower body is delighted.

 ”Ah! Oh, it’s so thick…!! Ah, no…!”

 ”Haha, you look like you’re having a hard time. This is worth it.”

 Squish, squelch, squish!!

 Grabbing Meer’s hips, I start moving back and forth. No technique, just moving to satisfy my desire. Even with such simple movements, the pleasure is overwhelming. My sack contracts, getting ready to release.

 Pulling out is smooth, but thrusting in takes effort. That’s enjoyable. It feels like I’m prying open and ravaging Meer’s entrance. It’s been a few days since my last sex, so I don’t think I can keep moving for long.

 ”Ugh, ahh…! So big, ah, nngh…!”

 ”What’s so big?”

 ”…!! It’s, it’s so thick, ah, ah, nngh…!!”

 Meer’s tail swayed as she denied the pleasure. The thick liquid stuck to my penis, her high-pitched moans ―― a lot of evidence was there, but Meer’s heart was still with her husband. But today, that didn’t matter. I’ll make Meer mine little by little.

 As I pushed deeper, spreading her open, I moved my hips back and forth, indulging in the desire. In this position, there was an animalistic joy. How good it would feel to release inside this tight place.

 ”Meer, I’m gonna release it inside…!”

 ”No…ah, ugh, no, inside…no, don’t…!!”

 Pulling out while having sex without protection is not an option. Meer really doesn’t understand a guy’s mind at all. As a punishment, I roughly grabbed and squeezed her tail.

 ”Ahh!? No, not both at once! Nngh! It’s too much! Nnngh, ah…!!”

 Meer’s body jerked, and inside her was squeezing too. I’m glad I got to have Meer. I was close to my limit. Her insides were trying to push me out, but it had the opposite effect, making me closer to release.

 ”Give in. Accept my stuff…”

 ”No, please, not inside…! Ah, I can’t, not there…stop it…!!”

 ”I don’t care. You’re going to be mine!”

 I pulled her hips closer, pressing the tip of my thing against the entrance of her womb. At the deepest part of her folds, I kept thrusting into the widow’s sacred place.

 ”Ahhh!! It’s too intense, nngh, no! Stop, ah, it’s coming…!!”

 The heat in my lower body was already at the tip of my thing. I desperately squeezed her tail and kept going inside.

 ”No, ah, ah!! Nngh, ah, ahhh!!”

 Spurt, spurrtt, spurrttt!!

 Inside Mia, I exploded with white liquid. As I pressed firmly against her to resist the strong pushback, I poured my stuff inside. A huge amount of it was filling and dirtying Meer’s womb.

 ”Ughh…!! It’s coming out, deeper, it’s coming out… Ah, haa…!!”

 The vagina was moving intensely towards the entrance. She was moaning out and trying to hold back the semen even as I moved my hips back and forth while cumming, smearing semen on the vaginal walls.

 ”Ah, so much… mmm, it’s hot inside… hau, no, no…!”

 Torn between disgust and pleasure, Meer could only mutter incoherently. It’s the best to ejaculate inside even if she resists. It greatly satisfies a man’s desire for copulation.

 ”Ugh, ugh… guh…”

 I withdrew my penis from Meer. A large amount of cloudy liquid overflowed from the vinal opening. The semen, pulled by gravity, dripped obscenely onto the carpet.

 ”For now, since it’s the first time, I’ll let it go here.”

 ”Uh, okay…”

 ”I’ll have the contraceptive pills delivered later, so you should take those. It should effectively prevent pregnancy.”

 ”T-Thank you, very much…”

 ”With those contraceptive pills, there’s no need to worry about pregnancy. You should continue taking them in the future.”

 Realizing the meaning of those words, Meer’s whole body shuddered. Since the contraceptive pills are made in-house, their effectiveness is certain.

 ”Well, even if a child is born, I don’t mind…”

 ”P-Please, I really can’t bear that…!”

 ”Haha, just kidding.”

 I can’t really have a child as a student. I do want Lana to have the first child.

 But the main reason for using contraception is that it would hinder our sex life if a child were to be born without careful consideration.

 Ideally, I’d impregnate Meer while Lana is unable to have sex due to pregnancy. This way, nothing would go to waste… well, that’s a few years away. Meer seems to be 23 this year, so there’s plenty of time for pregnancy activities.

 In this way, I embraced Meer and made her my woman. However, this is also for eradicating drugs. I need to proceed with that plan quickly as well.

 I’ll move Meer and set a trap for Lizaro Estrada. The time for Midnight Fangs is approaching.

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