Dark Noble 24

Chapter 24 The Social Gathering And Cooperation

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 After finishing my affair with Meer, I left the merchant guild. Ah… that was a truly meaningful meeting. I returned to the mansion and reported the contents to Belzeda while sipping tea.

 ”Haha… I see, I see…”

 Belzeda nodded, stroking his sturdy jaw. It seemed the mystery of Meer’s cautiousness (or rather, her prudence) was solved, considering the other party was the foolish son of the Duke’s family.

 ”And I plan to have her do various things. By the way, I’ve embrace her along.”

 ”Wow… you’ve thought that far ahead. Well, well, impressive.”

 ”Lana is the main one, but Meer’s abilities aren’t bad either.”

 ”The Valshe family needs an heir, after all. This is a matter of stability.”

 In this world, the basic principle is monogamy. The farther you go into the countryside, the stronger this trend becomes. However, there’s a big exception: those with magic powers.

 Magic powers are inherited through bloodlines. The problem is that even if both parents have magic powers, their children may not inherit them. And it’s difficult for children with magic powers to be born, so the number of people with magic powers doesn’t increase. Therefore, it’s common for those with magical powers to have multiple partners.

 ”You’re still young, so I think you should play around more. That way, your connections and network will expand.”

 The Valshe family’s power is also backed by military strength and magic powers. Belzeda is well aware of this, so he doesn’t oppose my womanizing. On the contrary, he’s an advocate for it.

 ”I’m having a decent time at the academy too.”

 ”Haha, I’ll do it then.”

 As we had this conversation, we moved forward with the plan to eradicate the drug cartel. According to Belzeda, the number of dealers has been increasing recently. It’s getting too flashy, so their movements are easily visible. It’s like they’re saying, “Please catch us in a trap.”

 And so, several days passed, and it became Monday.

 I wanted to call Lana, but I hesitated, thinking about the flow of events. Lana is currently struggling. If I can make the most of this struggle, it could become incredibly delicious. So, for now, I’ll be patient.

 And then there’s the Lizaro Estrada thing. I’ve been so focused on that, I haven’t even felt like hugging Lana. If I wanted to, I could hug Meer or Sherry.

 As usual, the lecture ended, and it was late afternoon.

 I went to the student council as part of my daily routine.


 I greeted everyone and entered the student council room. To my surprise, the members of the student council were gathered around the president’s seat, chatting noisily. I wondered what was going on. Lana noticed me and greeted me, motioning for me to come over.

 ”Alba, hello. Hey, look at this.”

 Lana called me over, and I went to the president’s seat. She showed me an invitation. If I take out all the fancy language, the invitation basically said this.

 ’To the student council of the Royal Magic Academy middle school.

 We would like to hold a private gathering in preparation for the upcoming spring ball.

 We hope you can make it. Lizaro Estrada.’

 ”This came through the council… They want to hold the gathering this Friday.”

 ”Wow, that’s really sudden.”

 ”They probably didn’t even think about people’s schedules…”

 The invitation also had the location of the gathering. It wasn’t at the Estrada family mansion. It was at a medium-sized hall in the noble district of the royal city. Hmm… I’m pretty sure that hall falls within the range of the drug dealers’ activities.

 It’s easy to get to the noble district, but the question is whether we want to go. Judging by everyone’s faces, no one is eager to go, including me.

 Lana sighed and put away the invitation.

 ”I have to go because the council asked me to…”

 What a pain. Ugh, that guy is so quick to act. If they’ve even got the council involved, Lana has no choice but to go. The other student council members looked apologetic but didn’t seem to have any intention of going. It’s too sudden, and they probably just don’t want to go.

 I wouldn’t say something like “I’ll go even if my mouth is torn apart”――if Lana wasn’t involved. But, it’s precisely at times like these that I need to earn Lana’s favor. I raised my small hand.

 ”Uh… if it’s okay for me to go together, I can go.”

 The student council room fell silent. It seemed like they didn’t expect me to cut in like that. My participation rate in events like this is extremely low. After all, I have night jobs with Midnight Fangs, and I don’t have time for school-related parties or social gatherings.

 But this time is different. Lana’s involved, and there’s also the matter of the drugs. If it’s on a Friday night, we might even be able to set a trap. It could be a great opportunity to achieve something big.

 ”Is it… okay? I’d really appreciate it if you could come.”

 ”It’s just a small gathering, so… maybe…”

 I can handle dancing and table manners, no problem. It’s not like I’ll make a fool of myself at a normal gathering. Lana seemed relieved, clearly.

 ”Then, I’ll ask you to come. I’ll let the student council president know too.”

 In the end, it was decided that only Lana and I would participate in the gathering from the student council. We decided on a meeting spot, and that day was dismissed. Ugh… with this atmosphere, it’s even more impossible to get intimate with Lana.

 I tidied up and left the student council room. My mind was preoccupied with this weekend’s events. Maybe that’s why I was a bit careless.

 I didn’t notice someone approaching me from behind until they hugged me tightly. But I didn’t panic. There’s only one person who would do something like this at school. When I turned around, there was Sherry, wearing black-rimmed glasses.

 ”Heehee, meow… were you doing well?”

 ”…I was doing well, though.”

 ”Then, that’s good. I’m a bit lonely when I don’t see you, meow. How about Alba?”

 ”I was a bit lonely too, but… I’m not a kid anymore, you know.”

 ”Heehee, that’s right. You’re already a grown-up, after all.”

 Looking around nervously, but no one is there. Sherry came up and hugged me. There’s no room for mistakes around here.

 She pressed her big breasts against my back and wrapped her arms around my stomach. A faint, sweet smell like honey was coming from Sherry. She rubbed her body against me.

 ”Hey… do you have time today?”

 ”…Yes, I’m free.”

 ”Thanks. I need your help with something, can you come with me?”

 Sherry grabbed my lower abdomen tightly. Oh, I couldn’t do anything naughty with Lana, but can I expect something with Sherry?

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