Dark Noble 25

Chapter 25 Academy Merits

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 We quietly made our way to the magic medicine classroom. Sherry is also a graduate of the middle school department, and I’m familiar with the school. We know all the routes where no one is around.

 As the evening grew darker, we entered the magic medicine classroom. Since Sherry opened the door, it’s not trespassing. Sherry waved her finger and turned on the magic lamps in the classroom.

 ”Just wait a little bit.”

 Sherry opened the locked shelf next to the teacher’s desk and took out various materials. Dried plants, mushrooms, twisted animal bones, bottles… I was looking at them closely.

 Magic medicine has a system. Somehow, the materials she took out seemed like ingredients for test reagents.

 ”Are these materials for making magic medicine for research?”

 ”As expected of the student council’s secretary. You got it right. These are ingredients for a certain type of identification potion.”

 ”…I don’t know what you’re researching, though.”

 After taking out the materials, Sherry locked the shelf. It seems like she’s done taking out what she needed.

 ”Phew, it’s a good thing that Belzsky-sensei has a lot of these. Yeah, this is… necessary to make an identification potion for narcotics.”


 To my surprise, Sherry waved her finger.

 ”Oops, it’s not the narcotics themselves. It’s just a simple identification magic medicine, and it’s also in the high school textbooks.”

 I didn’t know that such a thing was in the high school textbooks. Hmm, I didn’t know. But why did Sherry take out such materials?

 ”I-I see…”

 ”It was originally used to distinguish poisons like basilisk venom. With that, you can also identify narcotics made from basilisk venom.”

 Indeed, in this world, there are narcotics made from monster materials. Narcotics made from basilisk or chimera venom seem to be more potent than poppies.

 Of course, Midnight Fangs is not making drugs, but I do make a detection agent for those drugs. If I didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to eradicate drugs in the capital city. I got my hands on some white powder, but it was just wheat flour, what a joke.

 ”They’ve been saying that recently, a new drug has been created using a toxin extracted from a new species of Basilisk… and they want me to develop a detection agent for it.”

 ”Who’s ‘they’?”

 ”The police, of course.”

 ”Ah, I see… So, is it okay for me to know this?”

 ”Alba’s part of the student council, and it’s not a secret, meow.”

 Sherry seemed to be taking this very lightly. This kind of laxity is typical of this world, I suppose. As a noble and a student council member, it’s no wonder she’s privy to this kind of information.

 The detection agent for toxins in our textbooks can also be used for drugs… suddenly, I’m interested. And if a detection agent using the toxin from the new Basilisk species can be improved… that might be the drug I’ve been chasing.

 ”The existing detection agents aren’t quite effective, so… if we add fire mushroom to the foot-licking mushroom, it might work…”

 Of course, this is just a hunch. But there are too many coincidences. I’ve been paying close attention to the materials Sherry’s been using. I wish I had a more detailed recipe, though. That way, I could make it at home.

 As I was observing Sherry’s movements, she suddenly appeared in front of me, her face inches from mine.

 ”Hmm? Alba, you’re watching me with such intensity, aren’t you?”

 Gulp. I quickly came up with an excuse.

 ”Uh, yeah… my relative works in law enforcement, so I thought maybe I could learn something useful someday.”

 The first half of that was a blatant lie, but the second half was true. It’s amazing how useful magic academy knowledge can be. Even the contraceptive barrier at the brōtḥel was originally learned from the magic academy.

 ”Heh, impressive, isn’t it? Alright, I’ll teach you more, then…”

 Sherry seemed to accept my explanation. She put on a pair of black-rimmed glasses and began to explain various things to me. As expected, Sherry in “teacher mode” is quite serious. But I’ll make good use of this knowledge.

 As I listened to her lecture with enthusiasm, the surroundings gradually darkened. Sherry, who had finished explaining, let out a sigh.

 ”Meow, is that okay? Did you understand?”

 ”Yes, I learned a lot.”

 This is my honest feeling. I even understood the rough recipe, and I can probably get the materials. If I can make a prototype with Midnight Fangs tomorrow or the day after, that would be great.

 It’s lucky that I got to learn this knowledge for free. I’ll use this knowledge right away for the Lizaro Estrada case. Since it’s for eradicating drugs, Sherry should be happy about it too.

 However, I still don’t understand why she brought me here.

 ”…So, why did you call me to the classroom?”

 ”Meow… what I’m going to say next is a secret.”

 Sherry came closer to me and pressed her huge breasts against my arm. Even though I’ve experienced it before through her robe ―― men are weak against breasts. When breasts touch, my body reacts on its own.

 ”There’s something in magic medicine that, when mixed with strong magic power and s*men, yields good results.”

 ”What!? Is this also…?”

 ”This is different. It’s like magic medicine that suppresses the lust of beastmen… something a bit unusual.”

 Sherry licked her lips with a sound. It’s extremely provocative.

 ”So, such things exist…?”

 I didn’t know that either…. I’ve made contraceptives, but I don’t use drugs to suppress lust in the brōtḥel. What’s needed is aphrodisiacs.

 ”That’s right. So, I’d like your cooperation a bit. Alba has a tight mouth and plenty of magic power and s*men…♪”

 ”I understand…. For your sake, teacher.”

 There’s no reason to refuse. If my s*men can be of use, please feel free to use it as much as you want. It’s like saying “please use it as much as you want.”

 ”Hehe, thank you. But if my body fluid mixed in, it might not work, so we can’t have s*x… but…”

 ”Oh, really?”

 It’s a bit disappointing. Just as I was thinking that, Sherry picked up the bottle on the table. The label said ‘Slippery & Bubbly Oil’.

 ”But don’t worry. With this special oil, I’ll squeeze out a lot.”

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