Dark Noble 26

Chapter 26 Teacher’S Blissful Hand Job ☆

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 I’m lying on the bed, my pants taken off. There’s a mysterious sheet with a silky smooth texture spread out on the bed. It seems to be a special sheet for collecting semen.

 ”This way, you can let it all out without worrying♪”

 ”I-I see…”

 Gulp. Can I really let it all out? My penis is still small, but I have high expectations. Sherry is happily applying ‘slippery & foamy oil’ to my penis with her hands, making small bubbles. It’s a type of magic medicine.

 ”I’m pretty confident in my hands, you know?”

 ”…You were amazing at the Manor of the Blue Rose too, weren’t you?”

 The atmosphere is there, but Sherry’s hand movements are too arousing. My hands can’t compare to hers.

 ”That’s right. So feel at ease and let it all out”

 As she says that, Sherry slowly brings her face closer to my penis. Taking a light breath, Sherry says,

 ”Fu…♪ Ah, it’s getting all prickly♪”

 Her warm breath makes my penis react. Sherry bends down and starts licking my testicles. It’s a devoted service, filled with saliva. Men are weak against their testicles. When stimulated, blood rushes to the penis, and it becomes ready for battle.

 ”Mwah, nuh, it’s moving… Now, we’re making baby-making stuff♪”

 Sherry’s tongue is licking my testicles left and right, making my penis rise. Even though I’m no longer a virgin, it’s unbearable. The pleasure is building up.


 ”Hehe, it’s getting bigger now♪”

 The intense testicle teasing makes my penis stand upright. Unlike the previous blowjob, her tongue isn’t touching my penis itself. Mixing bodily fluids would be bad, I think. Sherry gets up and changes her teasing from her tongue to her hand.

 Her hand, covered in special oil, lovingly strokes my testicles. It’s just like the lotion from my past life. The slippery and cool skin contact is precisely drawing out a man’s pleasure.

 Delicate bubbles are like high-quality silk, pleasantly cool. It’s completely different from being stroked inside the vagina. But it’s hard to compare the two.

 ”You’ve become an adult penis. Good job…♪”

 Sherry uses her hand to move up and down the fully erect shaft. Her tone is like soothing a child, but this is a handjob. It feels incredibly pleasurable, especially since I haven’t had sex for a few days.


 The sound of oil is clearly audible. The fine bubbles and slippery sensation rhythmically rub against the shaft. Relentlessly, she squeezes out semen from me.

 Occasionally, she massages my testicles, checking their weight, and strokes all the way up to the glans. Sherry’s handjob seems monotonous, but there’s a slight variation in the strength of her fingers. As a result, heat steadily accumulates in my lower body.

 ”Hmmm, should I add a little more stimulation, meow?”


 Sherry suddenly exposes her upper body. Beautiful and delicious-looking breasts spill out. As I’m captivated by this sight, Sherry comes over to where I’m sleeping. We’re in a spooning position. Sherry’s eyes emit a lewd light.

 ”Mewo, Alba’s ears are so cute… Munch♪”

 Her warm tongue nibbles on my earlobe. Her hand rubs my penis, and her large breasts are right there, close by…

 ”Can I have plenty of your semen with this teacher’s hand? Please? Give me your lovely semen, meow…”

 While maintaining her teacher-like tone, Sherry continues to milk me. If she presses her body against me even more and flatters me, I can’t resist anymore. With my free hand, I grab hold of Sherry’s breasts. The combination of her supple breasts and the handjob, along with her sweet voice, drives me crazy.

 ”Ah, that feels good…♪ Keep squeezing and make it more pleasurable. I want you to cum with Teacher’s body…”

 Her seductive whisper sends shivers down my spine. Semen, ejaculation. Each time these direct words are whispered, an electric current runs through my waist. Pleasure is being verbalized, and I’m irresistibly drawn towards it.

 ”Teacher, Teacher… I’m about to cum.”

 ”Mmm… You’re a good boy, meow. Let’s just release it into my hand. Give me the thick, gooey… Give it to Teacher♪”

 Sherry’s hand job was getting even faster. I was already done for. I was at Sherry’s mercy, my desires exploding.

 Gussshhhh, spurttt, spurrtttt!

 ”It came out…! This is insane! Ahh… you can release everything, it’s okay♪”

 Sherry didn’t stop the hand job. Although it had slowed down, the stimulation continued to assault me. As I gazed at the scene in front of me, my penis continued to spew semen. Unlike intercourse, hand jobs were uncontrollable in terms of pleasure. Even after orgasm, it didn’t end, leaving me at the mercy of the woman.

 ”Ah, teacher…! I, I can’t take it anymore!”

 Finally, I gave up, and Sherry stopped the hand job. Instead, she began to gently stroke my shaft. The oily and foamy sensation was naughty, but it felt like a gentle caress after ejaculation. Men are weak.

 ”Mm, thank you for releasing so much…♪”

 She pecked a kiss on my forehead. But what was strange was that Sherry remained in the same position. Even after ejaculation, she continued to stroke my limp penis. The oily sensation and her huge breasts… Honestly, I could still go for another 2 rounds.

 ”Did you enjoy Teacher’s hand job?”

 ”Y, yes… that was…”

 It was on a different level from doing it myself. The lubricant’s fault was also a factor, but the whispered sweet nothings and hand job play were a luxurious set. I could experience it multiple times.

 Sherry’s hand moved down a bit, gently touching my testicles. The soothing movement was already making my penis lift its head again.

 ”Mm, there’s still a lot left in here. Today, Teacher will make sure to take care of you=…♪”

 And so, I ended up receiving Sherry’s affection for over an hour. I released 3 times, and my waist was exhausted. It was good that I could fulfill my role, but…

 ”Let’s do it again next time, okay?♪”

 Sherry whispered, her lewd breath tickling my ear. I had no reason to refuse, and I could only nod my head in agreement.

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