Dark Noble 27

Chapter 27 Outside The Moat

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 After helping Sherry with milking, I returned to the mansion with a mix of exhaustion and frustration. After taking a bath and resting for a bit, I had a meeting with Belzeda.

 ”Did you give Meer the script?”

 ”Yeah, I definitely handed it over.”

 ”Now that we’ve got this, we can see just how foolish he (Lizaro) is…”

 I told Belzeda about what happened today and we started to refine our plan. Considering what Meer did at the friendly gathering last weekend, it’s likely that drugs are involved.

 ”This hall has connections.”

 ”Are you worried they’ll find out?”

 ”Well, the person in charge here likes to keep things clean, and the dealers who hang around nearby are probably on their blacklist.”

 ”Hmm…then let’s take action.”


 I also ordered him to gather materials for the drug identification reagent that I was taught about earlier. It’s a magic medicine that’s taught in the advanced magic academy, so I have to make it myself.

 ”If we have that, it’ll make things easier for us.”

 ”And it’ll be easier to hand over to the police too.”

 While it’s easy to catch small-time dealers, it’s hard to get rid of them completely. It’s better to gather evidence and hand it over to the police with a bow.

 We’re the mafia, and we don’t hesitate to use violence. We’re not afraid of investigations that the authorities don’t want to do. That’s why it’s important to draw a line.

 My mother, Karia, always said.

 ’The police have their own territory and pride. If we punish even small-time crooks, we’ll create unnecessary friction with them.’

 We’ll use the identification reagent to gather evidence, tie them up, and hand them over to the police. We’ll also use the reagent to confirm the workshop and storage facilities…up to that point, we’ll handle it. But beyond that, we won’t take any action. Well, if they resist, we’ll crush them mercilessly.

 By doing so, we can maintain a win-win relationship with the police. As for Lizaro Estrada…it depends on how far he’ll go to resist. If he resists, we can take him down without holding back, but I won’t say that out loud.

* * *

 It’s been several days since Midnight Fangs became the center of my activities. I still show up at the student council, but I’m always quick to leave.

 Everyone thinks I’m training at home for Lizaro Estrada’s welcoming party, so no one says anything. In reality, I’m doing mafia work behind the scenes.

 And on Wednesday evening, I summoned Meer to the VIP room of the Manor of the Black Rose. I wore a mask, put on airs, and welcomed Meer with a grand gesture.

 Today’s Meer was dressed in an outfit that revealed very little. Her tight one-piece dress covered almost her entire body. I thought she might be hot, but she was probably trying to avoid men’s gazes, so I didn’t say anything. However, her body lines were clearly visible. Her slender waist and disproportionately large breasts were quite a sight. This was erotic in its own way.

 Meer trembled slightly as she took out a cloth bag from her bag. This was the “white powder-filled cloth bag” she had gotten from Lizaro Estrada, following the script. It seemed she had done it smoothly.

 ”This is the item in question.”

 ”Hmm… surprisingly, he handed it over so easily.”

 ”…Yes. I just laughed it off as a first-time experiment.”

 ”Heh, that’s something to laugh about. I’ll take it.”

 Meer handed over the cloth bag with a look of disgust, as if it were something dirty. I received it and immediately checked the contents. It was indeed white powder, and it was pure.

 ”Did you hear how to use it?”

 ”Mix it with water and inject it with a syringe…”

 Meer’s body shook violently. In this world, syringes already existed. However, they were mainly used in medical care for the wealthy. And then there were these illegal uses.

 Basilisk-type drugs originated from venomous snakes. They injected venom into the body, and the drugs made from that venom were mostly used through injection. I took out a small bottle from my pocket. The half-transparent liquid inside was a drug identification reagent made according to Sherry’s instructions, so there shouldn’t be any problems.

 Just in case, I put on gloves and took out a small amount of white powder from the cloth bag. Then I opened the small bottle and dropped the powder in. According to the books, this should change the color.

 In an instant, the semi-transparent liquid transformed into a poisonous purple color. This is the reaction of the drug. Alright, it’s a success.

 ”Hit the mark. You did well.”

 ”Ah, yes…so, that’s…”

 ”This is a new type of drug. It’s difficult for law enforcement to get their hands on it. That’s why we’re going to take it down instead.”

 Meer’s eyes were clearly frightened. The noble who spreads drugs, and the brōtḥel owner who tries to take them down. Both are beyond Meer’s understanding.

 Well, Meer is a moneylender. It’s still too early for me to expect her to understand everything. For now, what’s important is whether she’s loyal and useful to me. It doesn’t seem to be a problem at the moment.

 ”And didn’t he says something else ―― like, there’s a party coming up soon?”

 ”Wh-what…? How did you…?”

 ”Don’t underestimate us. We have that level of information network.”

 After all, I’m going too. Meer said she was invited to a gathering in the noble district by Lizaro, at that hall. It’s a done deal.

 If he calls Meer, whom he handed over the drug, to the gathering, it’ll be even more suspicious. There’s a high possibility he’ll bring his drug-using friends.

 ”So, what’s your response?”

 ”I didn’t give an immediate answer. I said I’d reply within a day or 2.”

 ”Say you’ll go, and just leak the information to us. You don’t have to show up on the day.”

 Depending on the situation, things might get a bit rough. It’s not a good idea for Meer to be there. I only want the information, after all.

 ”…I understand.”

 ”Don’t worry. I’ve got the real deal, and you’ve been useful. You can relax.”

 Meer let out a sigh of relief. She’s crossed a dangerous bridge. I have to reward her. I stood up and nodded.

 ”Alright, I’ll pamper you today. Come on.”

 Meer looked down. Her expression made my flesh react without my realizing it.

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