Dark Noble 28

Chapter 28 The Female Moneylender And Missionary Position☆

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 The Manor of the Black Rose’s guest room. In other words, the room where we do naughty things, Meer and I were there. After taking a quick shower, Meer lay down on the bed face up. She had already accepted everything. At least, she was prepared to have sex with me.

 It’s a shame that I can’t take off my mask, but oh well. For now, I’ll enjoy her plump breasts in the palm of my hand.

 ”Ugh, ah, mm…!”

 ”What, you already feeling it?”

 ”N-no, it’s not like that…”

 Liar. Her white skin is flushed, and her nipples are hard. I roll the swollen nipples between my fingers. Meer exhales roughly and opens her eyes. There was definitely lust in her eyes.

 ”Ah! Oh, it’s strong…!”

 ”That’s your punishment for lying. Your nipples are so hard.”

 ”D-don’t pull so hard…!”

 Meer’s fox ears tremble as she sweetly cries out. Even though she says this, Meer is quite sensitive. She reacts in an interesting way. I don’t know if it’s because she’s a beastman or if it’s her ex-husband’s doing… but I’m thankful to both.

 After playing with her chest for a while, I quickly move on to caressing her lower body. When I spread Meer’s legs, her wet secret place is immediately exposed. Her lewd labia are twitching, and they emit a mix of soap and female scent.

 ”You’re wet. Let’s see…”

 I reach for her clitoris, which I didn’t touch last time. I stroke it from the top.

 ”C-cold, there! Ah, ah…!”

 Meer writhes with her mouth open. It seems that she’s also about to climax. I press and flick with my fingertips. She lets out a sweet scream and twists her body. Her secret place seems tightly closed, but it’s getting wetter and soaking the sheets.

 I want to thrust into her already. Come to think of it, it’s been a while since I had sex. My penis is already hard enough. I hold it and rub it against Meer’s secret place.

 ”Mm, it’s big…!”

 My mind is about to be scorched by my raging lust. The glans invade her labia. But not yet. I slowly let my penis get used to the narrow entrance. A mix of pre-cum and pleasure flood my meat, making my body tremble with joy.

 I exert force on my waist and insert myself properly. This is the second time, but it’s still tight. My penis sinks deep into her.

 ”It’s going in… Oh, ah, ah…!!! “

 Now, my penis penetrates deep into her womb. It’s warm, and the tip is constantly hitting small sensitive spots. However, this time I decide to thrust a bit harder.

 Squelch, squelch, squelchhh…!

 I want to cum immediately. I’m only that good at thrusting. My pre-cum sprays everywhere, wetting my crotch. Meer also matches my rhythm, moaning sweetly.

 ”Ah! Nn, ah! It’s so intense…! I’m going to break… Aauuu…!! “

 ”Come on, let’s be more chaotic!”

 I carefully guide the glans to her cervix.

 ”Kyaaa! That’s too deep…! Don’t push too hard…! “

 ”Why not? Don’t you like it?”

 ”Well… ah, ah, nn-nnn…! “

 Sweat drips down my forehead, and I open my mouth reluctantly. Yet, Meer continues to indulge in her pleasure. But that’s alright. I carve pleasure into such a woman and hold her. My obsession may not be love, but I capture Meer with just my body alone. That’s also my pleasure as a man.

 Last time at our meeting, I learned which parts react well. I spread her legs wide and rub against her back wall and the ceiling. My balls tighten, and my pre-cum flows.

 ”I’m going to cum, I’m going to…!!! “

 This is a declaration. I thrust fiercely, causing Meer’s outer labia to rub against my body. Meer’s expression becomes more and more aroused, and the sound of the bed creaking is clear.

 ”No, ah! It’s too deep…!!! Nnn, ah! Cum…!!! Kuhhh…!! Aaaa――!! “

 From the corner of Meer’s mouth, a small amount of drool is dripping. Her vaginal muscles contract further, signaling that climax is approaching. What an easy-to-understand body.

 Gripping the sheets tightly, Meer’s body wriggles. As for me, I slam my hips with all my strength, determined not to let go.

 ”Here I come, I’ll give you plenty…! Receive it in your womb!”

 ”No…! Not deep inside…! Ah, ah! Nnaaaahhh!”

 Spurrrttt!! Spurrrttt!!

 Ignoring Meer’s intentions, I release my semen. Her vagina convulses intensely, swallowing the semen. Even during ejaculation, I continue to move my hips back and forth, sending the remaining semen inside. Truly a blissful moment.

 ”Phew… It was good today too.”

 ”Mmm, uaaah… It’s coming out again… It feels hot in my stomach…”

 Meer tries to lift her hips. However, whether it’s due to the aftermath of climax or her unconscious desire for carnal pleasure, it’s as if she has no strength. Geez, she’s not being honest.

 My penis is not satisfied with just one round. Looking at the entrance of her vagina, I see frothy white liquid. I will pour more essence into this place. I guide my still hard penis deep into Meer again.

 ”Ah?! It’s still so hard… That, uaaah, hyaah…!”

 The face of a female being toyed with by both despair and pleasure appears at the same time. This is my woman. I must teach her more and more pleasure.

 I lift one of Meer’s legs and change the position slightly. Lifting her limp legs is easy. I extend one hand to her clitoris and resume the movement of my hips.

 ”This time, I’ll take care of both at the same time while penetrating.”

 ”Ah, mmm, aaaaahhh…! It’s really not good…! I’ll become strange…!”

 The expectation for the next climax briefly appears in Meer’s eyes. I won’t miss that. Our bodies are truly compatible. I violate Meer many times, and each time, she reaches climax for me.

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