Dark Noble 31

Chapter 31 Heading To The Hall

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 I’m concerned about the citrus fruit based on the information from Jonathan. There aren’t many lectures in the afternoon, so I’ll head home early. When I got home and talked to Belzeda, I found out that the manager of the hall, where the social gathering is being held, is willing to talk to us. It seems like it’s okay to meet in the evening.

 ”What’s the situation like over there?”

 ”There’s nothing suspicious from the outside, but… they’re bringing in a bunch of large equipment boxes.”

 ”Hmm, doesn’t seem like just a casual dinner party.”

 There are different levels of social gatherings, too. Stand-up parties or balls don’t cost that much. But if you add a live orchestra performance or a play, it gets ridiculously expensive.

 Of course, a drug party would also require a lot of effort.

 ”The atmosphere feels like there’s going to be some kind of event.”

 ”What about the other drug-related facilities?”

 ”They’re just business as usual, and they don’t seem to have noticed us.”

 Good, the flow is not bad. Now I just need to meet with Lizaro directly and see what happens. I’ll tell him about the citrus fruit and wait until evening.

 In the evening, I put on my mask and get on a horse-drawn carriage. I’m headed to a small office on the outskirts of the noble district, where the hall manager is supposed to be.

 The building I arrived at was old, but it was well-maintained and didn’t look like it was going to collapse. The garden was also beautifully taken care of. The one who greeted me at the office was an elderly man with a bent back. His eyes were sharp, but his age was showing.

 ”Thank you for waiting for me.”

 ”I apologize for the sudden visit.”

 We move on to a serious discussion in the VIP room.

 ”Lord Midnight Fangs has come directly… is this a big deal?”

 ”It’s something we can’t ignore.”

 ”I’ve known about you people for a while now… although I don’t know the details.”

 It seems like he and I can talk easily, so our relationship isn’t that shallow. He knows about us, but he’s pretending not to, which is probably wise.

 That’s more honest, and I appreciate it.

 ”I never thought there would be such a big problem after entrusting it to my son… Things don’t go as smoothly as they do with you and Lady Karia.”

 ”…Your son is involved too? And yet you’re cooperating with us…”

 ”If it were you people, you’d be able to handle the noble district’s situation in the middle. It’d be good medicine for the son too… Still, if he get caught by the nobles and show his desires, it’ll be painful.”

 The hall’s manager let out a sigh.

 ”I only gave permission to use the hall to Young Master Lizaro for a small fee. That’s all. I swear to God.”

 ”Hmm…I’ll believe you”

 It doesn’t matter if they’re not involved in making or selling drugs. If they’re just a pitiful human who gets pushed around by the nobles, it’s not like we can do anything about it.

 ”There’s an old secret passage in the hall. If you use that, you can get in.”

 ”Does your son know about that too?”

 ”He knows, but it’s a very old path. We won’t connect it to this incident…”

 The hall’s manager bowed his head deeply to me. There was a deep sadness in his eyes. A parent who can’t stop their child from taking a wrong path, no matter how old they get. Even if it’s rough, they need a trigger like us to pull them back.

 ”Please, maintain order in the royal capital”

 ”I understand. That’s our mission anyway. We’ll do our best”

 Disregarding people like him is the same as strangling our own necks. I made a promise to him and left the office.

* * *

 The next day, Friday ―― everything was ready. After finishing my lecture, I returned to my mansion and changed into formal attire. Belzeda came to see me.

 ”Young master, everything is ready”

 ”Alright ――don’t fail”

 After finishing my formal attire, I returned to the academy. It’s convenient to have a medal teleportation around here. I was meeting Lana at the student council room, and from there, we’d head to Lizaro’s reception.

 In the afternoon, when the sun was setting, I visited the student council room.

 ”…Thank you for your hard work.”

 ”You too, Alba”

 Lana was dressed in a black, elegant dress. Her golden hair was a nice contrast, and it suited her well. She was more dazzling than usual, and her beauty caught people’s attention. Usually, she doesn’t wear flashy makeup or accessories, so the gap was amazing.

 The exposure itself is not the same as the usual robe, and her body lines are clearly visible. This must be a manifestation of her wariness towards Lizaro.

 ”I’m getting nervous. What about Alba…?”

 ”I’m fine, don’t worry. Let’s just chat and eat. That’s all.”

 ”You’re really calm, it’s a bit enviable.”

 I’m trying to appear calm and collected, so I shrug my shoulders. What I’m worried about is that the drug-related incident might end in vain. Given the situation, it’s highly likely that drugs are involved in this gathering. But maybe, just maybe, nothing will happen due to some unexpected caution.

 Even if we attack the manufacturing and storage facilities, we can’t eradicate the problem unless we get to Lizaro. If he makes a move in front of me, the conversation will end quickly.

 I leave the student council room and head towards the gate. There, I see a carriage prepared by the academy. Up until there, it’s within the academy’s jurisdiction, but once we get off at the hall, it’s our own responsibility.

 ”…But I’m glad Alba is here. I would have been really anxious if I were alone.”

 ”It’s all thanks to the president’s role.”

 I glance sideways at the president, who looks beautiful in her dress. I’m getting more and more tempted. I wonder if I can somehow get close to Lana soon. My heart is racing.

 We get on the slightly cramped carriage and head towards the royal capital. Time-wise, it’s feeling good. We’re killing time with small talk, but suddenly Lana looks down and starts speaking slowly.

 ”Hey, Alba… about this week’s…thing… is it okay?”

 ”…What thing?”

 I pretend not to know. That thing is that thing. If I had to say it crudely, it’s mating. I think I understand that much.

 ”I’m fine, so…if Alba doesn’t mind… ah, what am I saying…”

 Lana reaches out her hand in the cramped space and touches my knee. Her hand is shaking as it touches my knee. The unfamiliar sensation of the fabric is surprisingly strong, and it sends shivers down my spine.

 This is a pleasant offer. It seems I’ve gained quite a bit of favor from her this time. But if I make a promise here, I don’t know what will happen. Maybe it’ll all fall apart. I’ll respond like a gentleman.

 ”…That can wait until after the gathering.”

 ”Yeah…thank you.”

 So, the carriage headed towards the banquet hall of the social gathering. I never thought that a shocking change would come to Lana there.

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