Dark Noble 30

Chapter 30 The Perfect Combination

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 I held Meer and got the drugs. After taking a shower, I headed to the Manor of the Black Rose to meet Belzeda, still feeling a bit sluggish but excited about the big catch.

 ”That’s it. It’s the drugs.”

 ”Hmm, so it’s confirmed then…!”

 I placed the white powder-filled cloth bag and the identification drug on the table. I also handed Belzeda a small bottle of the identification drug. He poured the white powder into the bottle, and the semi-transparent identification drug turned purple, confirming it.

 ”I see… Meer was really helpful, wasn’t it?”

 ”Yeah, we should give her some consideration. We can’t just use her and abandon her.”

 I thought to myself, feeling a bit guilty. Once this is over, I should treat her a bit better.

 ”We’ll invest in Meer’s merchant guild and slowly expand into noble-class money lending. We might not make a profit right away, but… connections are key.”

 ”Yeah, your insight is really impressive, young master. We wouldn’t have been able to get this close to the black market so quickly… Normally, it would take a lot more time.”

 As for the nobles, we still can’t directly intervene. There are many who don’t have direct connections with us, like the brōtḥel and mafia. We have no choice but to use indirect methods.

 However, this time we were able to grasp the whole situation at an incredible speed.

 ”Now that we know the mastermind is Lizaro Estrada, we’ve got a good idea of the drug manufacturing and storage facilities. Both are in the houses of merchants who do business with Estrada.”

 I looked at the drug trade map Belzeda had created. The key facilities were the manufacturing and storage facilities. The small-time dealers didn’t matter. If we cut off the root, the supply of goods would stop, and the distribution would end.

 ”What about the houses and security?”

 ”It looks like they’ve renovated a house, and there are usually a few guards, young master. To be honest, we can take them down easily.”

 ”Alright… Let’s set the operation for Friday night. We’ll burn down the manufacturing and storage facilities.”

 ”Got it! I understand!”

 Belzeda grinned, showing his fangs. To me, he’s a reliable orc, but to our enemies, he’s a terrifying figure. The buildings that bring people misery will burn. For some reason, the fire department will get notified quickly, so the neighbors won’t be bothered.

 ”What about the dealers?”

 ”Take control of several people with high transaction volumes and tie them up in front of the police station. Make sure they don’t get hurt. Use identification drugs to confirm the goods.”

 ”Understood, young master!”

 This way, the police will definitely take action. Whether they’ll be found guilty in court or not, it’ll be a good warning for the dealers.

 ”What’s left is the hall for the day after tomorrow, and the farewell party…”

 ”I’ve already talked to the manager on the other side, young master. We can send in staff as reinforcements on that day.”

 ”Hmm… Let’s hear about it on Friday night or Saturday afternoon.”

 The power of humans who use magic is immense. Even I alone can easily suppress dozens of adults without a problem. The only concern is that unexpected things might happen in someone else’s territory. It’s better to meet with the manager on the other side beforehand.

 ”Got it, I’ll hear about it tomorrow.”

 ”What’s the situation at the hall?”

 ”The setup started this morning, and people have been sticking around. There’s no suspicious activity so far.”

 ”If they’re going to bring in drugs, it’ll be on Friday. Don’t let your guard down.”

 ”Understood, young master!”

 And so Wednesday came to an end, and Thursday began.

 I headed to school as usual. During lunch, I met up with Jonathan at a Japanese-style restaurant.

 Jonathan, who was eating a ramen set, gave me a meaningful look.

 ”…I heard you’re going to the Estrada family’s farewell party tomorrow?”

 ”You know about it?”

 Well, it’s not a secret or anything. Someone from the student council must have spread the word. Jonathan took a sip of his noodles and checked that there was no one around.

 ”That’s not a good place to go. You should avoid it.”

 ”Haha, even you, a playboy, are saying that?”

 ”I’m just saying it’s not good up to the point of getting drunk.”

 That was a warning that the Estrada family’s party would be more than just drinking. Of course, I knew what was going on behind the scenes.

 ”You’re being cautious, huh?”

 ”My ancestors died from excessive drinking, so we’re careful up to the point of smoking and drinking.”

 ”That’s quite persuasive.”

 ”Lately, they’ve been hunting down Basilisks. You should be careful, seriously.”

 ”Thanks, but I already promised the president I’d go.”

 ”Haah… so, you should avoid citrus fruits, got it?”

 ”Huh? What do you mean by that?”

 ”There’s something in the Basilisk’s venom that reacts strongly with citrus fruits. The police might not know about it, but…”

 I learned something new. It’s true that in my past life, some medicines couldn’t be used with grapefruits or citrus fruits. Does the Basilisk have a similar property?

 I didn’t think Jonathan had knowledge of medicine, but where did he get that information from? I want to confirm that.

 ”Where did you get that info from?”

 ”My uncle’s friend got into trouble in the northern country. They have a lot of Basilisks there, so it’s a big deal.”

 ”Got it… I’ll be careful.”

 Citrus fruits and Basilisks, huh… This is unexpected information. Even though this world has modern-level scientific power, there’s still a lot they don’t know. Especially in medicine, there are things people use without knowing how they work.

 It’s terrifying for someone who’s been reborn, but complaining won’t do anything. I don’t have any medical knowledge beyond what I learned at home, either.

 ”I’ll treat you to a good place when I get back safely.”

 ”Really? I’m looking forward to it!”

 Jonathan laughs without a care. Real friends don’t make a big deal out of things.

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