Dark Noble 32

Chapter 32 Lizaro’s Party

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 As the sun was about to dip below the horizon, the carriage finally arrived at its destination. When we got off, we saw that gentlemen and ladies had already gathered. It was clear that the age range was quite high. Everyone was at least 5 years older than us.

 ”…They’re already here, aren’t they?”

 ”Let’s go.”

 The cylindrical hall itself wasn’t that large. The exterior and interior were both tasteful and fitting for the noble district. We smoothly completed the reception and entered the inner area. There were already over 100 guests inside.

 I observed the atmosphere inside without letting my guard down, trying not to show my caution. The interior structure was just as I had gathered beforehand. The other guests seemed to know each other, and their conversations were lively.

 (Good, there are hardly any magicians… only a few in black suits at the venue.)

 I took a drink glass and moved to the wall. There was no point in standing in the middle.

 ”There’s no one to talk to, and it’s a hassle.”

 ”We’re complete newcomers, after all.”

 ”That’s right… Gathering this many people is quite an achievement, but it seems like he just want to brag.”

 ”President, do you know anyone?”

 Lana barely moved her head, confirming with just her gaze. Flicking her head around was not well-regarded among nobles, so Lana did it perfectly.

 ”Hmm… I only know the family name. But there’s no one close to me.”

 I didn’t recognize anyone either. Even if I did, I’d pretend I didn’t. The venue was not ideal, but I wanted to enjoy this long-awaited dress date with Lana.

 What caught my attention was the resting area separated by a partition at the back of the venue. I couldn’t see it from the outside… Of course, resting areas like this existed at every party. There were chairs and spaces to play games along the walls.

 But what was suspicious was the strong-looking black suit standing in front of the resting area at the back. It was as if they were saying, “You can’t rest in there unless you have the qualifications.”

 A little while later, Lizaro appeared with a cheerful atmosphere.

 ”Everyone, welcome! Today, please enjoy yourselves without any worries, and let’s rekindle old friendships! Let’s leave the formalities behind and have fun at the party!”

 The thunderous applause. Lana and I also casually clapped our hands. Lizaro, from there, busied himself greeting people in various places.

 Lana and I, if someone approached us to talk, we would respond. But we wouldn’t expand on the conversation. It was good that there was no one who knew us halfway. Even if we responded coldly, there was no lingering resentment.

 While killing time, we didn’t let our guard down. For now, there was no visible distrust. But that was until a large rectangular box was brought in. Lizaro, with a confident face, called out to the venue.

 ”Now, as a little topic starter――let’s reveal something extremely rare in the world!”

 In an instant, I sensed that there was magic power inside the box. Moreover, it was a strange, different from human.

 (Moreover, it was moving…)

 Several men in black uniforms carried the box to the back of the venue, near the break room. The wooden box was about 50cm (19,7inch) tall and 3m (9,8ft) long, slender. The attention of the entire venue was focused on it in an instant.

 Lana was gazing anxiously at the rectangular box. As students of the magic academy, we could detect magic power. It seemed she had also detected it, just like me.

 ”Is this some kind of show? But it seems to be alive…”

 ”It’s not human, but it has strong magic power…”

 ”…Could it be a monster?”

 The living magic power source inside the rectangular box. If it wasn’t human, then it could only be a monster. As we were focused on the box, a man’s voice was heard from the side. When I turned around, 2 men were approaching Lana, clearly drunk.

 ”Hey, is that girl okay with not joining the circle?”

 ”Let’s have fun over there!”

 While attention was focused elsewhere, they were trying to get close to Lana. Were they used to playing around, or were they just being sly? I wanted to focus on the box, but the drunkards were noisy. Lana was waving them off, but the 2 didn’t give up.

 ”Um, I have a companion, so…”

 ”He’s not that interesting, and it’s more fun to play with us?”

 ”You’re not drunk at all, are you? That’s just a loss.”

 Lizaro was saying something, but it didn’t enter my ears. Annoying. The drunkard reached out to Lana, and I, irritated, grabbed his arm in mid-air.

 ”…Shut up for a bit”

 ”Bastard… Gugya!”

 I grip his arm tightly, making his bones creak. I quickly kick out at another drunk guy, careful not to hit his head. But I’m also holding back my arm.

 The guys’ faces turn pale in an instant.

 ”You’re a magician… Damn it!”

 ”…Are you done drinking? Look, the host is still talking].”

 I give them a cold glance and release my grip, and the 2 of them scatter in all directions. Lana looks surprised. Oops, did I overdo it?

 ”Ah, Alba’s not as timid as I thought…”

 ”N-no? I’m here to protect the president, after all… And more importantly, it looks like the box is about to be opened!”

 I direct Lana’s attention to the box and take a light breath. Phew… I got a bit worked up because of the box.

 Lizaro gestures to the black-suited men, and they open the wooden box. As the wooden boards are removed, the entire venue holds its breath. And there, as expected, is a monster.

 A purple, juvenile Basilisk with a collar around its neck appears from the box, lying down as if it’s sleeping.

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