Dark Noble 33

Chapter 33 The Forbidden Space

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 The purple basilisk was similar to a crocodile. It had 6 legs, and if I didn’t count the mushroom-like fins on its back, it would be even more so. The basilisk’s stomach was slightly moving. It seemed like it was still alive.

 ”Ah, don’t worry! This guy is controlled by a magic collar, so it’s okay. What do you think? It’s a new species of basilisk found in the north. It’s quite rare, isn’t it?”

 Lizaro was beaming with pride. Indeed, it must have been a lot of trouble to bring a monster all the way here. If a monster was properly managed and supervised, it was allowed to be brought into the capital. For a noble like Lizaro, it would be easy.

 ”…He’s bringing a basilisk in here? Even if it’s controlled, it’s still a dangerous monster…”

 Lana raised an eyebrow. Even at the Royal Magic Academy, monsters were kept as pets. But they were only harmless ones, like horses-like or cows-like.

 Compared to those, the basilisk was like a giant cobra. Even for a noble, it was a bad idea. Lizaro rolled up his sleeve, revealing an armband with the same pattern as the basilisk. That must be the magic tool used for control.

 ”Still, there are people who wouldn’t feel at ease with this thing around. I’ll put it to sleep in the back. If you’re interested, please go to the back space.”

 Lizaro lightly moved his arm, and the basilisk suddenly opened its eyes. With the audience’s “oohs” behind him, the basilisk slowly walked away. It disappeared into the back rest area.

 ”Now, if you want to see more of the basilisk ―― brave souls, please go to the back!”

 Lizaro declared, and the show was over. The applause didn’t stop for the extraordinary show. But I had noticed the true intention behind this show.

 In the separated space in the back, people would only touch the basilisk ―― there was no one who would do something that strange. Wasn’t it time for the drug to take effect?

 As I watched, several people quietly headed towards the back space. The black-suited attendant at the entrance checked their faces and let them through.

 The problem is how to get deeper into the inner circle, but… as I’m thinking that, Lizaro comes towards me.

 ”Lana, sorry for the late greeting. You’ve come all the way here, after all…”

 Lizaro’s face and voice are only directed at Lana. I’m completely ignored. I knew that would happen.

 ”Yeah… I never thought you’d bring a Basilisk…”

 ”Even magic academy students can’t do that, right? We have all sorts of rare monsters too. Let’s go see them together this time, okay?”

 ”…if I feel like it, yeah.”

 Lana clearly dislikes Lizaro. I wonder if Lizaro notices that or not. He keeps chatting pointlessly, trying to get a reaction out of her. Finally, after suppressing a yawn, Lizaro gets to the point.

 ”You’ve never seen that Basilisk before, right? Then you should definitely take a closer look. It’s a rare creature that’s never been to the capital, so it’s a great story to tell.”

 Lizaro enthusiastically invites Lana deeper in. Lana is hesitant. When the host invites her this far, it’s hard to refuse. It’s just a matter of observing monsters in the inner circle, after all.

 I decided to take a step forward at that point. I’d rather be the one to go deeper in.

 ”Yeah, I’ll go.”


 ”What’s with that…?”

 It seems like Lizaro didn’t expect me to chime in from the side. But he quickly smirks, his eyes gleaming with malice. It’s Lizaro and his companion versus me and Lana, 2 on 1.

 ”Hah… he’s braver than he looks. What will you do, milady?”

 ”…alright. Let’s go.”

 By me going, Lana’s options are gone. Can’t be helped. This party itself is still intact, but the core part is that inner space.

 The Midnight Fangs who are sneaking around this venue also find it tough to get into that inner space. The black-suited men are clearly Lizaro’s underlings, after all. I need to go and confirm that.

 Lizaro leads us to the secret area, and on the way, he spits out a snide comment at me like a small horse.

 ”I won’t take responsibility no matter what happens.”

 ”Are you threatening me? You think a magic academy student would be intimidated by a monster?”

 ”Tch… don’t regret it later.”

 I glanced sideways, and Lana looked a bit uneasy. I’m already used to rough stuff, so I’m not scared. Belzeda is way more terrifying than a Basilisk. He’s the kind of guy who would smash a person’s head with a full swing of his club.

 I stepped into the back room with Lizaro. There were already around 10 people gathered there. The room was dimly lit, with only a small light source, since there were no windows.


 Lana gasped. In the back of the room, a Basilisk was sitting on the floor, staring at us coldly with its reptilian eyes. But I was checking out something else.

 Everyone in the room, except for the men-suited black, had empty eyes. They didn’t even notice Lizaro entering. They just sat there, staring blankly into space. On the table in the room, a luxurious cloth was laid out. The cloth was bulging strangely, and it seemed like there was something long and thin underneath.

 Of course, I had a good idea what it was. The thing under the cloth was probably a syringe. It looked like they were having a drug-testing party here.

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