Dark Noble 34

Chapter 34 Alba’s Exit

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 The room wasn’t that big, but the eerie atmosphere was completely different from the outside world. Even the party venue had flowers decorated as a fragrance, but the scent here was somehow sweet and decadent.

 ”Let’s celebrate our meeting with a special drink!”


 The cocktail Lizaro handed to Lana had a faint citrus scent. It had finally arrived. There was no escape from this isolated space, with magicians in black suits lurking in the back.

 ”You’re amazing. Let’s savor this heavenly time together, shall we?”

 Lizaro’s eyes had a hint of madness. Pure-hearted Lana was getting flustered. Sorry to say, but I got a little excited seeing Lana like that.

 Lizaro was going to force Lana to take the drug here. He was going to make Lana unconscious with the drug and do whatever he wanted.

 Whatever the case, I knew what I had to know. As ‘Alba’, I could exit here. I didn’t want to be known as the boss of Midnight Fangs, so I didn’t read the atmosphere at all and stepped forward.

 ”Am I being ignored?”

 ”Ah, it’s you again. I’ll acknowledge your foolish bravery.”

 Lizaro lightly moved his arm, and the Basilisk awakened, jumping out suddenly. Ah, I see. He was going to eliminate the obstacle. Lana was being held down by the black-suited men.

 ”W-what’s… Wait a sec?!”

 I was left alone, facing the Basilisk. There were other black-suited men in the room. I was at a disadvantage. Lizaro was confident of his victory and started explaining his future plans.

 ”…You got too close to the basilisk. You wouldn’t listen when I tried to stop you.”

 Well, I thought he would do something like this from his atmosphere. It’s okay to defeat the Basilisk, but…ah, this is a great opportunity. He’s created a situation where I can exit.

 I slowly circled around the room already aware of the suspicious objects’ positions. I move so that the syringes and such are behind me.

 ”Do it…!”

 Lizaro shouted, and the Basilisk pounced on me. What a pain. With its sharp claws and thick arms ―― normally, if a crocodile attacked someone from a few meters away, they’d be terrified. But the boss of Midnight Fangs isn’t ordinary.

 The Basilisk’s claws dug into my leg. So weak. My pants were torn, but my skin wasn’t pierced. And I have various tricks up my sleeve. I used a magic that produced red water at the spot where the claw hit me. Lana screamed.



 And with a pitiful cry, I crashed into the table. Meanwhile, I quickly grabbed the syringe and small cloth bag hidden under the cloth. I hid the evidence under my clothes and was blown away.

 Of course, I didn’t forget to pretend to be knocked out cold. Lana was gagged with a black cloth. Hey, don’t touch my Lana too much.

 ”Hmph… you’re making me uncomfortable. A low-ranking noble like you.”

 ”What are you doing?! Hurry up and help him!”

 ”Help…? Yeah, this is an unfortunate accident. Hey, get rid of this trash!”

 The black-suited men hastily approached, covering me with a large cloth. They’re trying to carry me away without being seen from the outside. Lana was still arguing, but Lizaro didn’t care at all.

 The Basilisk’s venom is in its fangs, not its claws. And besides, my skin wasn’t even hurt. Only my pants were torn.

 So, I was carried away by the black-suited men, wrapped in a large cloth, and isolated from the rest of the area. Now I had the chance to move freely within the venue. And I got the drugs and syringe too.

* * *

 The commotion at the venue grew distant, and I heard the sound of several doors opening. The presence of people around me disappeared. Naturally, I was being carried to a place where there were no people.

 ”Lizaro-sama said so, but what should we do?”

 ”Well… since there’s no venom in the Basilisk’s claws, we can just bandage it up properly or rush him to the hospital…”

 ”What’s going on, did he just bleed a little and pass out?”

 ”Yeah, it’s not a serious injury.”

 Hmm, the black-suited men isn’t as stupid as Lizaro. If they examined the wound, they’d find out that there was no blood. The fact that they’re having this conversation means there are no ordinary people around us anymore.

 Anyway, I unleashed the magic power within me and ripped off my clothes.

 ”What the…!? “

 ”This guy――!! “

 ”Too slow!”

 I took advantage of the opening and struck the black-suited men’s abdomen and chest, knocking them out instantly. I looked around, but there was no one else. Good…the hidden passage I was taught by that hall manager isn’t far from here. My subordinate is waiting for me there.

 I took out the cloth bag I had hidden under my clothes and confirmed that it contained white powder. I also took out a small bottle containing a semi-transparent identification drug. I scooped up some of the white powder and dropped it into the semi-transparent liquid.

 The semi-transparent liquid suddenly turned purple. All the pieces were in place.

 It’s time to bring the curtain down on this act.

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