Dark Noble 36

Chapter 36 Reunion

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 I managed to escape outside without any trouble. I felt Lana’s gaze on me, somewhat moist… maybe it’s just a suspension bridge effect. Whatever, I don’t have time to explain. I’ll deal with it later.

 I parted ways with Lana in a deserted alley behind the hall.

 ”See you later, tell your companion to come here too.”

 ”…ah, thanks.”

 The police will be here soon, too. I have a connection, but I don’t want to get involved with them either.

 Besides, it’s better if Lana doesn’t know my true identity as the boss of Midnight Fangs. Meer is also in the dark. Lana and Meer’s relationship hasn’t been severed yet.

 As the boss of Midnight Fangs, Alba and I are different people. If it gets out that I’m the one ruling Manor of the Black Rose, all my hard work will be for nothing.

 After parting ways with Lana, I headed to a secret hideout near the hall. I told them to meet me here once things are settled. It’s an emergency hideout I set up in a hurry, but when I arrived, the members of Midnight Fangs were already gathered. Belzeda was there too.

 ”How’s the situation, young master?”

 ”No problems. Lizaro got bitten by the Basilisk. That’s the extent of the irregularities.”

 ”Looks like he’s got bad luck. But it’s better than getting beaten up by you, right?”

 I don’t know what kind of poison that Basilisk has, but we’re in the capital city. There’s a chance he can get an antidote in time. Still, it’s the same as getting caught. He can’t avoid getting arrested.

 ”The police timing is perfect. What about the factory?”

 ”I took care of it, burned it down nicely. The fire department arrived before it spread, so it’s all good.”

 ”Good, perfect.”

 I’ll give a bonus to the members who participated in the operation later. Now, I need to get back to Lana’s place. I’ll leave the rest to them, and I took off my mask and coat.

 It’s time for me to return to being student Alba.

* * *

 I returned, and the area around the hall was swarming with onlookers. Of course, it’s a big deal, so it’s only natural. Since Lana hadn’t moved from her spot, I was able to find her somehow.

 Lana was in a state of panic around the hall, wearing a dark blue cardigan over her shoulders. I guess she got it from the police. It really suits her.

 The police had surrounded the hall and were making their way in. The ones left behind in the hall were Lizaro, the drugged-humans who were with him, the black-suited men who were blown away by me, and the young Basilisk. It should be easy to subdue them. The citrus smoke must have already cleared up.

 When Lana saw me, her face lit up with relief, and she rushed over.

 ”You’re okay! Ah, I’m so glad…!”

 ”Yeah, I was helped by some kind people. Look, I don’t have any injuries thanks to healing magic.”

 I lifted my leg, which was attacked by the Basilisk, a little. The fabric was torn, but my skin wasn’t hurt. I didn’t have any wounds from the start, anyway.

 But seeing me in good shape seemed to put Lana at ease.

 ”Shouldn’t we go to the hospital now…?”

 ”Hmm, but I’m fine, really. Basilisk venom is supposed to take effect immediately, so I’m probably okay.”

 ”…If Alba says it’s okay, then it’s okay. But if you feel even a little off, we should go to the hospital.”

 ”Yes, I’ll do that.”

 Around us, the police were setting up a perimeter and conducting on-site investigations.

 ”Did the president get questioned by the police?”

 ”Yeah… but just for my name and address. They said they’d call me if they needed anything else and let me go.”

 ”It’s a big incident, so it’s only natural. It’s already night, so they can’t do much else.”

 There were over 100 guests who came to the party, including the hall staff and people involved in the preparations. It’s not like they can investigate everyone right away.

 There must be a guest list or something, and they’ll need to follow up on it as necessary. It’s unavoidable, even if this world has a police organization, it’s still underdeveloped.

 ”Alba, you’re so calm…”

 ”I guess I just passed out and it was all over before I knew it.”

 I shrugged. That’s how it was for Alba.

 Even with a cardigan on, Lana looked incredibly charming. The darkness of the night made her golden hair shine even more.

 Today, I thought, why not indulge a little? Or rather, to be straightforward, I wanted to have s*x. I gently wrapped my arms around Lana from the side.


 ”I’m glad nothing happened to the president.”

 Her voice and body trembled slightly. The feeling of relief that it was over, the sensation of her dress, and Lana’s scent all excited me.

 ”Yeah… I’m really glad Alba is safe too.”

 Lana gently placed her hand on my arm. The spring night breeze on my cheek felt wonderful. I could feel my lower abdomen rising. Normally, I would pull back, but I left my hand on Lana’s hips.


 Lana gasped and looked down. After a moment, she let out a strained voice. It was a very gentle voice.

 ”D-do you…?”



 Even Lana couldn’t refuse me today. I did it. Today, I needed this much reward.

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