Dark Noble 35

Chapter 35 Conclusion

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 I’m――lying face down, pinned to the bed. My mind is racing with thoughts of what’s happened to Alba and what I should do now. I’m utterly confused.

 ”This is crazy… This is a crime!”

 ”People might overhear, but don’t worry. This room is equipped with soundproof magic, so even if we make a racket, no one outside can hear us.”

 I felt regret. I shouldn’t have come here. And to make matters worse, I’ve dragged Alba into this. Something was off from the moment I entered this room. Everyone seemed… off, unfocused.

 But right now, none of that matters to me. All I can do is pray that Alba is safe. Lizaro sneers at me.

 ”You’re not very honest, Lana. Excitement is poison to the body.”

 Lizaro licks his lips. He removes the cloth from one of the tables, revealing a syringe underneath. I’m speechless.

 ”Oh, you look pale. This is just a sedative.”

 That’s not possible. The people in this space…they’re not like that at all. I struggle, but I can’t move. The black-suited men are holding me down too tightly. Because of their magic, I’m no match for them in combat. I’m helpless.

 Lizaro carefully fills the syringe with a white powder and liquid. It’s a slow, deliberate movement. He chuckles to himself.

 ”Well, Lana… I’ve already given you a head start. Let’s experience heaven together. Don’t be afraid.”

 ”No… stop it!”

 Lizaro approaches me with the syringe. I try to twist my body away, but it’s no use. The sharp needle is clearly visible even in the dim light. This is terrifying. A stronger sense of revulsion than when Alba held me runs through my entire body.


 ”Hehe, that face is priceless.”

 Lizaro touches my arm. I don’t want to look directly at him, so I close my eyes. But what I sense is an unusual, pungent citrus smell.

 I opened my eyes to a faint yellow smoke crawling across the floor of the space.

 ”What… what’s going on!?”

 Lizaro’s smile vanished as he looked around.

 ”It’s a fire!!”

 ”Run, get out of here right now!!”

 Without a moment’s delay, a loud voice echoed from the venue of the social gathering. It wasn’t just one person. Multiple people were shouting and running around the venue. I had no idea what was happening. Lizaro and the black-suited men were also running around in confusion.

 ”I don’t get it! What’s going on…?”

 ”Damn it, it’s a fire!? At a time like this…!!”

 Lizaro clicked his tongue and tried to leave the room. Meanwhile, the smoke was getting thicker and thicker. It was a thin smoke, so I could still see the floor. But because of the smoke, my eyes and nose hurt.

 ”Hey, bring Lana over!”

 I was pulled up by the black-suited men and started walking. I couldn’t keep up with the situation. If it was really a fire, I had to escape ―― but where was Alba now?

 The venue was already empty, with many guests having fled. The atmosphere was tense, and the remaining people were rushing towards the exit.

 ”Escape this way! Hurry up!!”

 ”No, not that way! Come this way!!”

 There were people clearly guiding others to safety. I thought it was one of Lizaro’s subordinates, but he was scowling and clicking his tongue.

 ”What’s with those guys? They’re giving orders on their own!”

 ”But if it’s really a fire…!”

 ”Ah, it’s so frustrating! Don’t let Lana escape! She’s already known too much!”

 I was forced to walk by the black-suited men. The smoke had already reached my neck. I had no choice but to cough and walk. At my feet, a basilisk with an emotionless gaze was crawling.

 ”Leave her behind.”


 Beyond the yellow smoke, a black figure stood. A black coat, a black mask. Although it was clearly visible, the mask was unsettlingly unmemorable. The voice was low and rough ―― it seemed to be around my parent’s age. But I didn’t know him. He was a stranger.

 When I looked up at Lizaro, he was also stunned. It seemed he had no idea who it was either.

 ”Did you do this?”

 ”What if? I won’t say it twice. Let her go!”

 Just then, I noticed the sound of sirens coming from outside the hall. It’s the royal police. When I turned my head towards the window, I saw people gathering around the hall.

 ”You called the cops too, you bastard…!!”

 A blue vein popped out on Lizaro’s forehead. The black-suited men around us also took a combat stance. It’s no use… they’re outnumbered. I don’t know who the guy in front of me is, but…

 ”Why don’t you just surrender?”

 The man in the black coat tilted his head, looking amused.

 ”Crush this guy and make a run for it!”

 Lizaro shouted. At the same time, the black-suited men charged forward.

 It was just for an instant. The smoke obscured my view, but the man in the black coat moved like he was dancing.

 That’s all it took for the black-suited men to be sent flying and crash into the table. I had no idea what he did.

 ”…You’re too weak.”

 ”You guy… are a magician…!? Alright, let’s take him down together!”

 On Lizaro’s command, the remaining black-suited men jumped into action. One guy wrapped shockwaves around his fist, another created an ice whip… 7-colored magic attacked the man in the black coat.

 But the man in the black coat remained calm. The reason was clear soon enough. He deflected the shockwaves and effortlessly pulled out the ice whip. He shifted his body axis just a little, and then unleashed his fists and kicks. With minimal movement, he countered the black-clad men.

 An overwhelming powerhouse.

 That was him. I could only stand there with my mouth open.

 I mean, I’ve never seen a magician like him, even at the magic academy. He’s too strong… why is someone like him here?

 ”Damn it!! I still have Basilisk…!!”

 Lizaro swung his arm, and Basilisk bared its poisonous fangs. I shouted at the man in the black coat.


 But something strange happened. Basilisk turned its head towards Lizaro, growling. Then, it took a step closer to Lizaro.

 ”What’s going on? Not this way!”

 ”Kukuku… I see. You’ve been using your own drug, haven’t you?”

 The man in the black coat chuckled behind his mask.

 ”I thought it would be a bonus, but it’s an unexpected byproduct, isn’t it?”

 Meanwhile, the purple Basilisk was advancing on Lizaro. Its eyes were blazing with anger, baring its venomous fangs.

 ”Stop, don’t come! Don’t come, don’t come, don’t come!!”

 ”A Monster can only be controlled when they’re in a normal mental state. You can’t do it when they’re in high state.”

 ”It’s not me! It’s not my fault! Don’t come!!”

 The Basilisk’s body jumped, and it was clear that it was about to attack Lizaro. Lizaro’s scream and the sound of his flesh and clothes tearing filled the air.

 ”What a pity, what an unfortunate accident. But at least it saved me some trouble.”

 The man in the black coat seemed to have lost interest in Lizaro. I didn’t know what was going on, but one thing was certain ―― I had been saved by the man in front of me.

 As I thought that, my heart felt a warmth I had never experienced before. It was as if my body was being burned from the inside out. I shook off the dizziness that was coming over me. I still had things to do.

 ”Well, there’s no need to linger. Can you walk?”

 ”But Alba… we have to find him!”

 ”…If he’s with you, then my subordinate has already helped him. Don’t worry about it.”

 What was going on? He had already taken care of everything. He knew everything and was taking action. When I heard that Alba was safe too, my head felt even hotter.

 ”Let’s go already.”

 A low, smooth voice echoed in my ears, and I felt like I was in a dream. I simply nodded, entranced by the voice.

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