Dark Noble 37

Chapter 37 The Student Council President And The Bathhouse Fun ☆

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 We quickly headed to the Manor of the Black Rose, with the police hot on our heels. We got a room, and Lana was taking a shower right now. My sensitive hearing picked up the sound of running water, echoing in my head. This is bad. My libido is skyrocketing.

 I knew the layout of this bathroom like the back of my hand. The handrail was at just the right height, and the floor was made of a non-slip material. There were even mats on the walls, and a large mirror. The bathroom was big enough for 2 people, and the floor wasn’t too deep. Why? Because it was designed for erotic activities.

 The person who built this Manor of the Black Rose really understood humans. Humans are driven by their desires, and they’ll do it anywhere. I’m no exception right now….

 Why not do it in the bathroom? It’s not like it’s a bad idea.

 But no way… However, we’ve come this far, so it’s okay. I just want to enjoy a slightly different situation than last time. I won’t go too far.

 Yeah, it’s fine. We can do it in the bathroom, and then move to the bed. I’ll be gentle on the bed. So, I want to do it in the bathroom too. I’ll make it happen.

 As soon as I made up my mind, I went straight for it. I got naked and charged into the bathroom.


 ”F-feh…!? A, Alba…?”

 Lana’s shower was almost over. There were still some bubbles on her huge breasts and waist. Her golden hair was wet and disheveled. She was completely defenseless. And that was even more alluring. I quickly pounced on the president.

 ”Let me hold you…”

 ”W-wait a minute――Mmph, mmph, ah, ah, ah…!”

 I hugged Lana from behind, sucking on her lips. Her smooth skin, still wet from the shower, was sticking to mine. It felt amazing. I was savoring the softness of a woman.

 I then inserted my tongue into Lana’s mouth. I thought she might push me away, but she accepted it innocently. We mixed our saliva, and our tongues entwined. It was incredibly delicious. And, of course, I had to fondle her huge breasts too.

 ”Fuu, na, ah, ah…!”

 In the bright shower room, everything is clearly visible. I massage Lana’s supple breasts and reach for her cherry-colored nipples. Lana’s nipples have already started to harden.

 Oh… I wonder if this is what Lana was also expecting. While I was cleaning her up in the shower, she might have reacted. But it’s much better than no reaction at all.

 While deep kissing Lana, I explore her body to my heart’s content. Even though we’re standing, it doesn’t bother us. My carnal desires have reached their limit. I press my erect penis against Lana’s buttocks.

 ”Ah… ha, n, it’s… so hot… touching me…”

 ”Even the president’s nipples are getting hard, you know?”

 ”No way… ah, mm… ah!”

 She turns her face away, but there’s a mirror there. Her flushed face was clearly visible. Ah, it’s nice to violate her in such a bright place. After enjoying her ample breasts, I touch Lana’s writhing waist.

 ”Hyaaah…! Ah, mm, mwah, ahfu!”

 Lana’s body shudders as she withstands my caresses. She may be slender, but she’s definitely not skinny. She has the right amount of flesh in all the right places. Especially the curve from her slim waist to her buttocks is artistic.

 I thoroughly confirm the sensation with the palm of my hand, and my hand finally moves towards her lower body. That’s when I noticed that Lana’s thighs weren’t closed. Despite her knees trembling, her legs were slightly open.

 ”Is the president also expecting this? I’m glad…”

 ”Mmwah, amu… ah, it’s not like that, not like…!”

 Even though she denies it verbally, her tongue intertwines with mine and her nipples become even more erect. Sweet moans reverberate in the bathroom, and the sensuality intensifies from my ears. I slide my hand directly into Lana’s lower body.


 Lana opens her eyes in surprise and jumps. But her legs don’t close. It’s a good sign. My hand passes through the wet pubic hair in the shower and effortlessly reaches her secret place. It’s a shame I can’t see it directly, but oh well. I’m satisfied enough to violate her in a bright place.

 As I rub her moist lips with my fingertips, Lana’s voice becomes even higher. It seems like our deep kisses have also become more intense… Now she’s sucking my tongue and entwining it without me doing anything.

 ”Fa, nn, ah… your fingers, nn, au… there, nn…”

 The slippery sensation on my fingers isn’t soap. Or rather, Lana is just that sensitive. She’s not usually like this, but when it comes to erotic stuff, she’s really proactive.

 Just slightly bending my fingers makes a squelching sound.

 ”Ah, don’t make a sound, it’s embarrassing… nn, ya, haa…”

 The warm, soft sensation of her skin is arousing. Why are women’s bodies so captivating? No matter how much I play with her, I never get tired of it.

 I press my mouth and hands against Lana, devouring her. I can feel my hot, throbbing member, but first, I want to touch Lana. As her love juice increases, I start my attack on her clitoris.

 ”Ah!? Nn!? Nuuh, fa, there… ah, fu, the stimulation…”

 ”Feel good, it’s okay, President.”

 As I rub her clitoris with my fingers, Lana’s entire body starts trembling. The overflowing love juice spreads down her thighs, and my fingers are all slippery. That’s when I did something I wanted to do.

 I bring my fingers, wet with love juice, in front of Lana’s eyes and show her the slippery sensation.

 ”Look… my fingers are this wet…”

 ”That’s, ah… no way… Nn, yaan!”

 I spread the sticky love juice with my fingers, making sure she sees it. Lana looks embarrassed, and that’s when I pinch her nipples again. Lana has become an instrument that makes sweet sounds with my fingers. No matter where I touch her, she reacts and starts breathing heavily. Gradually, Lana’s voice becomes more desperate, and her focus starts to blur.

 And then――Lana’s entire body starts trembling violently.

 ”Ah…!! Haa, ua… nn…”

 She’s still standing, but it’s like she’s reached a light climax. Lana, who’s lost her strength, plops down on her butt. There’s a soft, vinyl mat set up in this bathroom.

 I pick up the mat and lay it down on the floor. I don’t plan on waiting until we get to the bed. For now, I want to have sex here at least once. I take Lana’s hand, and in her dazed state, she looks down slightly.

 ”…Are we doing it here?”

 I nod, and Lana seems to have made up her mind. She slowly moves on top of the mat, too.

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