Dark Noble 42

Chapter 42 The Inexperienced Hand Job By The Female Police Inspector☆

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 I’m asking while gulping down nervously.

 ”I’m happy to help, but… what am I supposed to do?”

 ”Y-yeah. What should I do?”

 Isabella turned to face Sherry.

 ”Come on, you know what you want. It’s right here, meow.”

 With her slender fingers, she playfully poked at my groin. She’s definitely enjoying this. But with the way things are going, it seems like I can just leave it to Sherry and enjoy the moment.

 ”Alba, show her the goods, meow♪”

 Following her words, I exposed my lower half. I did it slowly, trying to add a bit of dramatic effect… and paying attention to the little details.

 As I took off my underwear, the warm air hit my lower body. My penis was only half-hard at this point. Isabella blushed, but she was definitely staring at it.

 ”I-isn’t it a bit… big?”

 ”That’s why it’ll make a lot of white stuff, meow.”

 Poke poke. Sherry pointed to the base of my penis with her finger. Isabella seemed like she wanted to say something but stayed quiet, looking a bit apologetic――

 ”…Sorry. Just bear with it for a bit.”

 Saying that, Isabella slid between my legs. She took a deep breath and grabbed my penis. It wasn’t gentle; more like she didn’t know how to touch it. Her inexperience was very obvious.

 ”It’s so… pulsing. Is this okay?”

 ”Not at all, meow.”

 Sherry shook her head. Indeed, this wasn’t enough to make me climax, though it did feel good. I needed more stimulation.

 ”Th-then what should I do…?”

 ”First, slowly move your hand up and down like this… stroking, meow.”

 Sherry demonstrated the motion, rubbing her hand up and down my penis. Isabella followed her instructions. Stroke, stroke….

 Her delicate fingers made a circle around my penis, moving up and down. Ah, this situation is amazing. She’s not very skilled, but the excitement is off the charts. My penis quickly became fully erect.

 ”W-wow… it’s already this… big?”

 ”…Miss Isabella has experience, right?”

 It was a question based on the premise that she’s a virgin and wouldn’t do this kind of work. Isabella looked down slightly. It was a relief that her hands didn’t stop.

 ”I do, but… not that… not the big kind…”

 ”It’s the small and quick one…”

 Sherry said with a sorrowful tone. That’s harsh. If she’s satisfied with her sex life, she wouldn’t need suppressants, would you? Isabella’s cheeks turned red, and her breathing became slightly rough. Her testicles started to move, and sperm production began. But the speed of her hand job was slow.

 It felt good, but it was far from ejaculation. Nevertheless, the continuous hand job caused precum to flow out of the tip one after another.

 ”The juice is coming out…is this okay?”

 ”Uh…if you want to squeeze out sperm, you need to use both hands.”

 Isabella’s right hand was gripping my penis, and her left hand was holding onto her own pants. Sherry guided Isabella’s left hand to my testicles. With both their hands, the sperm factory was being stimulated.


 ”Look at here, white stuff is being made. Guys are weak here, so they’ll be happy if you do it together.”

 ”I-Is that so?”

 ”It’s no good if it’s just monotonous. You need to control the pace… slow down or speed up.”

 Rustle rustle, rattle rattle…. Sherry understood the weak points of men. With her guidance, Isabella’s hand job became even more delightful.

 Isabella was staring intensely at my penis, enthusiastically doing her hand job. The shaft and two balls… the stimulation that’s only allowed in 3P was making my penis scream.

 Sherry looked at my state and smiled meaningfully.

 ”Meow. If it’s not stimulating enough, it won’t work, right?”

 ”That’s right. If it takes too long, that…”

 I intentionally made a troubled face and looked outside, which was getting darker. This was a trick. If I did this, she might do something even more extreme.

 Isabella took a deep breath and made a determined face. She had made up her mind.

 ”O-Okay… Is there something I can do, Sherry?”

 ”Of course! If you lick the tip like this, he’ll come right away, meow♪”


 Isabella gulped. Oh, Miss Sherry…!

 Truly excellent guidance.



 ”…I’ve never done it with my mouth…”

 No way. A fellatio virgin? Just hearing that made my penis twitch, and heat pooled in my lower body.

 ”Hehe, just kiss it here, meow.”

 Sherry said confidently, extending her finger to the tip of my penis. She circled the opening with her finger, as if to say, “This is important for the test.” Her skilled touch made me sigh.

 ”See? he feels good, right? Now, give it a try, penis.”


 ”Meow, no teeth… lick it like a candy.”

 Following Sherry’s instructions, Isabella stuck out her tongue and brought her face close to my penis. She was trembling like a scared puppy, not a wolf. It was incredibly exciting.

 ”Haa, haa, haa…”

 As she continued to stroke me with her hand, Isabella’s tongue finally reached my penis.

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