Dark Noble 41

Chapter 41 A Light Interrogation

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 ”What was the atmosphere like at the venue?”

 ”What did Lizaro say in his opening speech?”

 ”Did you go to the back room?”

 The interrogation was more relaxed than I thought, and it proceeded at a brisk pace. Or rather, there was no need to hide anything except for Midnight Fangs.

 As for the incident where I was attacked by Basilisk, Isabella was also aware of it. Someone who was there or some black-suited person must have told her. Isabella was comforting me.

 ”You really had a tough time, didn’t you? Are your injuries okay?”

 ”Yes, thanks to you. It’s nothing.”

 ”…And so, you lost consciousness and came to outside the hall. That’s what happened?”

 ”That’s right. I was attacked by Basilisk, lost consciousness… and during that time, someone carried me outside the hall and treated me, it seems.”

 I answered smoothly while looking into Isabella’s eyes. But this part was a total lie. Isabella’s eyes flashed with a sharp light for an instant, but she didn’t pursue it. Maybe it was because she was about to touch on Midnight Fangs. Her eyes quickly returned to their usual gentle, police-officer-like gaze.

 ”May I take a look at your foot?”

 ”Go ahead.”

 I lifted the hem of my robe, and Isabella touched my uninjured foot with a gentle pat-pat. It was a strange feeling to have my foot touched like that. Isabella confirmed my foot, touching it gently.

 ”There are no scars… no signs of healing either. You’re quite skilled, aren’t you? There’s nothing left to see.”

 Isabella’s hand touched my ankle without hesitation. It was a bit ticklish. And a sweet, lavender-like scent wafted from her. If I were still a virgin, I might have reacted to this alone.

 ”Sherry, take a look too. There are no signs of poison, right?”

 ”Yes, that’s right. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”

 Sherry, who had been standing apart, approached my feet and joined in the examination. Rub-rub, stroke-stroke. Her way of touching was a bit naughty.

 ”Hey, Sherry… your way of touching is…”

 ”But the poison might have affected the surrounding areas too, you know?”

 Sherry seemed to be enjoying herself. Her way of speaking suggested that she was quite close to Isabella. I was curious about their relationship.

 ”…Are you two close friends or something?”

 ”I’m also a graduate of the Magic Academy, you know. Miss Sherry and I are like seniors and juniors.”

 ”After graduating, I’ve been helping out with magic medicine and stuff. I even contributed to the beautiful inspector’s achievements, so…”

 ”Haha… the world is really small, isn’t it?”

 I see… it feels like Isabella is involved with the identification drug too. Let’s not talk about that in front of her, though.

 ”Of course, talented magicians with noble blood come here. It’s only natural.”

 Sherry’s fingers are touching my ankle, and I suddenly realized something. This touch is the same as when she touched my thing.

 Ugh… she’s playing with my innocent heart.

 ”…It seems like there’s no problem with Alba.”

 ”Yeah, that’s right. But if you feel any discomfort, go to the hospital right away.”

 ”Got it, thank you, Inspector.”

 Sherry is still touching my foot. Isabella looks up at me, still listening.

 ”What about the report on the Basilisk’s wound?”

 ”…I’d rather avoid the hassle, so it’s fine. If they’re sincere, the Estrada family will send me something.”

 I don’t want to dig deeper into this, so let’s just drop it here. It’s good that Meer can become my woman, after all.

 Isabella nods at my answer.

 ”I understand. If you change your mind, I’ll be happy to discuss it with you.”

 Today’s Isabella is really kind, unlike yesterday. Her uniform looks great on her, and she’s really charming.

 ”Thanks, I feel relieved. If I can help with the investigation, I’ll do my best, Inspector…”

 As a resident of the royal capital, I’ll just say what needs to be said. I thought the conversation was over, but when I look outside, it’s already pretty dark. My gaze is pulled back by Sherry’s one phrase.

 ”Hehe, Alba… we’re not done yet.”

 ”Is that so?”

 When I tilt my head, Sherry leans in close to my thigh, her soft breasts touching my leg. What is this, I wonder?

 ”Ah, um…?”

 ”Hey, remember that thing I did with Alba a little while ago?”

 Sherry’s fingers were crawling up my thigh, heading towards my crotch. I’m not dense enough to not notice this. With anticipation building up in my chest, I quietly nodded.

 ”Sh, Sherry…!”

 ”This is something that’s necessary for you too, Senior Isabella, isn’t it?”

 ”The thing that needs the suppression medicine is… well…”

 ”Is that the medicine Miss Sherry mentioned before?”

 ”That’s right, the magic medicine that suppresses our arousal. To boost its effect, we need s*men, but to make it, we need a man’s s*men, and that’s why high-quality suppression medicine is really expensive…”

 Sherry’s hand reached the top of my crotch. She lightly stroked the fabric, touching it like a petal. It was just a slight stimulation, but blood was already flowing to my… ahem.

 ”So, we need to ask Alba for help again… But is that no good?”

 ”…I don’t mind at all, though.”

 There’s hardly any guy who would refuse a request from a beautiful older sister like Sherry. Rather, I’d be happy to help her out.

 ”But, why is Inspector Isabella here…?”

 ”The one who needs the suppression medicine is her, my senior. I’m just introducing her to a good person, that’s all♪”

 Sherry winked. No, this is a lie… She’s just enjoying herself. Isabella didn’t affirm or deny Sherry’s words, just looking down.

 But a little while later, Isabella looked at me with a red face.

 ”I’m sorry… Can I ask for your help just a little bit?”

 Of course, I had no reason to refuse her.

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