Dark Noble 40

Chapter 40 Inspector Isabella

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 It was Sunday, two days after the Lizaro incident. I was waiting for a guest at the Manor of the Black Rose. The time was just before noon. Everyone in the mansion was on edge. I was reading a book in the guest room, wearing a mask, when the guest arrived a bit earlier than scheduled.

 The one who arrived at the guest room was a lycanthrope woman with deep purple hair. She wore a sharp blue uniform and had piercing eyes. And the saber at her waist caught my attention.

 ”…I’ve kept you waiting.”

 ”Not at all, Police Inspector Isabella.”

 I closed my book and greeted her with a grand gesture. Isabella was not only a high-ranking officer in the royal capital’s police force but also a liaison between the police and Midnight Fangs. Moreover, she was a noblewoman from the Duke household and an excellent magician. She had no weaknesses whatsoever.

 Her chest was somewhat flat, but her facial features were flawless. Her short hair and slender, tall build… if I had to say, she looked like a cool actress from an action movie. No, Isabella was a real police officer.

 Her age was around the same as Sherry’s ――about 20 years old. In my previous life, I would have thought she was too young to be an inspector. But in this world, with a noble title and magic, it seemed one could rise through the ranks quickly.

 She had come, of course, to discuss the Lizaro case. Although most of the details had already been reported, today’s meeting was more of a formality.

 ”As stated in your report, we confiscated drugs from the hall. And also from Lizaro’s managed mansion in the royal capital. Now, we’re chasing after the merchant who was close to Lizaro.”

 ”That’s right. And, is he still alive?”

 ”The treatment with healing magic was a bit delayed. He might lose a few limbs.”

 He only had 4 limbs to begin with. The healing magic in this world could enhance one’s self-healing abilities, but its detoxification effect was weak. It was effective for simple injuries, but not for illnesses or poison. Still…

 ”Didn’t he prepare an antidote since he was controlling the Basilisk?”

 ”It’s become a ridiculous situation. And since it’s a new type, the existing medicines don’t work well, apparently. Well, that’s not a concern for the police, though…”

 Isabella cuts in, her tone sharp. This area is really quiet, so that’s why we can get along, I suppose. Isabella looks straight at me. There aren’t many people who can look at me without fear like this.

 ”But, considering it happened in the capital’s center, it’s a big incident. From now on, I’d like you to be more careful.”

 ”That’s true, but, Police Inspector… we can’t just ignore the fact that drugs are spreading this fast in such a short time.”

 ”Are you saying we should take all the blame for everything?”

 ”No way. I’m not that arrogant.”

 I shrug my shoulders. This is my true feeling. We were originally an organization that only controlled the brōtḥels. We don’t think about getting involved in petty crimes.

 ”Then, that’s fine…just don’t do anything unnecessary from now on and fulfill your role.”

 ”Of course. Our main job is running the brōtḥels, after all.”

 Isabella stands up with energy, as if she doesn’t want to talk to me anymore.

 ”Well, I’ll leave it at that. Sorry for the trouble.”

 And with that, Isabella leaves. After she’s gone, Belzeda peeks out.

 ”Did that woman leave?”

 ”Yeah, she did. I’ve met a few times, but it’s always the same.”

 The previous person was a more gentle old man, but Isabella is relatively strong-willed towards us as well. I can understand that… but as a police representative, she probably doesn’t find our existence amusing.

 ”Haa, it’s a pain that she’s capable. If only she were a bit more easy to handle, I’d have nothing to say.”

 ”That’s not going to happen.”

 In reality, Isabella is a capable police officer. Her crime clearance rate and conviction rate are better than her predecessor’s, and there are even newspaper articles praising her.

 [The Beautiful Police Officer Protecting the Capital]

 I can understand why the trashy newspapers would jump on that.

* * *

 Another day passes, and it’s Monday. With all the events that happened over the weekend, I’m feeling really sluggish. When I arrive at the academy, I find a crowd of people gathered.

 ”Yeah, it’s really okay, so…”

 I looked up to see Lana at the center. Ah, she’s still surrounded by the Lizaro incident. Even as students, there are many people who love to gossip.

 As the student council president, Lana couldn’t help but look troubled. No one would think that she had boldly taken action on Friday. She’s overflowing with confidence.

 Meanwhile, no one came to talk to me, who was trying to keep a low profile. That’s a relief…I just want to forget about this whole thing.

 I attended classes without much enthusiasm, and time kept passing. Then, in the evening, I went to the student council room, but…there were still visitors coming one after another.

 ”Phew, it looks like this week is going to be chaotic…”

 I let out a sigh while doing paperwork, and Lana’s face also showed signs of fatigue. But today wasn’t over yet. Sherry, with her black-rimmed glasses, appeared in the student council room.

 ”Is Alba here?”

 ”Ah, yeah… What is it?”

 ”There’s a police officer who wants to ask you some questions, so could you please cooperate?”


 I can’t believe they even came to the academy. If they want to question me on a weekday afternoon, they have no choice but to come here. I was seen off by the student council members and followed Sherry.

 ”I’m surprised that Alba was involved in that Friday incident. You seem calm though.”

 ”Well, it was just a little surprise. I’m not involved in anything, but the president…”

 ”…Alba, you seem to have a strong sense of determination, but Lana-chan is different, right? Hmm, I’ll keep that in mind too.”

 We chatted like that while heading towards a quiet corner of the school. At least, I didn’t have to worry about being stared at curiously.

 We entered an old classroom without windows, and the one waiting for me there was… Police Inspector Isabella. When I entered the classroom, Isabella recognized me and smiled softly.

 There was no intimidating aura at all. Her gentle, older-sister-like atmosphere was prominent.

 ”I’m sorry to suddenly call you out, Alba. I just have a few things I want to ask… it’s not a big deal, so please relax and answer me.”

 By the way, Isabella doesn’t know my true identity at all. I even wore a mask to respond to her yesterday. Haa… I thought to myself, “What a pain,” and sat down on the chair she offered.

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