Dark Noble 45

Chapter 45 The Old Prosperous Street

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 Tuesday’s classes ended, and it was evening.

 I had a promise with Jonathan, but I also dropped by the student council room.


 There were other members besides Lana in the student council room. Everyone looked tired, so I asked Lana what was going on.

 ”Everyone looks tired. What’s going on?”

 ”…It’s about the Lizaro incident. We’ve been getting all sorts of questions from our relatives.”

 To sum it up, the Noble Academy is in a big mess right now. Well, a current student got arrested for hosting a massive drug party, after all.

 Because of that, it’s causing a huge commotion――our Baron Valshe family hardly has any relatives, and as nobles, we’re pretty much flying by the seat of our pants. So, we didn’t receive a notice.

 ”Some parts of the Noble Academy are being forced to shut down. The clean and honest noble families are seeking large-scale countermeasures, but there are also uncooperative noble families… and the factional conflict within the school is getting serious. Right now, we’re being told all sorts of things by both factions.”

 The student council members nodded. It seems they’re trying to get the magic academy’s student council members on their side, and there are all sorts of moves being made. It doesn’t concern me, though.

 ”Haha… it’s a big mess, isn’t it?”

 ”Is Alba going to be okay?”

 ”My family doesn’t have any relatives attending the Noble Academy, so it’s not a problem.”

 I shrugged. Dealing with relatives can be a real pain, especially during times like these. I have Midnight Fangs, so I’ve been holding backfrom rising to the top as nobles.

 In reality, if it were just a matter of money and military power, I could influence national politics. However, that would be going against my ancestors’ promise. The Baron Valshe family supports the country from behind the scenes, and I can’t mess that up.

 So, everyone except me was stuck doing paperwork, but it was a struggle. I couldn’t do anything about it, so I just did the student council work and finished up.

* * *

 I returned to the mansion and had a light meal. I was feeling restless, partly because of the enemy’s surveillance, but also because I was purely enjoying myself.

 Night had fallen, and I met up with Jonathan in the bustling streets of the royal capital. This was one of the most prestigious and oldest red-light districts in the capital. Jonathan was dressed in a stylish black outfit, his body radiating confidence.

 ”I’m getting nervous.”

 ”This place isn’t really our scene, is it?”

 ”Yeah, everything’s so high-end here.”

 Jonathan glanced at the guards standing at attention. This red-light district was filled with shops and private soldiers hired by the nobles. Anyone who didn’t fit in would be kicked out in a matter of seconds. That’s why the streets and shops were so immaculate.

 ”I only come here on special occasions, like my birthday.”

 ”Same here.”

 Even for nobles like us, it was hard to come here more than once a year. That’s just how exclusive this place was. The people walking around were dressed to the 9s, exuding confidence. We stuck out like sore thumbs.

 ”Well, let’s go in with confidence. If we act suspicious, we’ll get kicked out.”

 ”Yeah, Alba’s got guts, doesn’t he?”

 Remembering the map I saw earlier, we headed straight for the White Lily Cafe. It was located a bit deeper into the entertainment district. The shop looked like a high-rise hotel, its exterior adorned with sparkling white lilies. If I didn’t know better, I wouldn’t think it was a brōtḥel.

 ”This is it.”

 ”…Are you sure it’s okay? If they’ve stopped accepting members, we’ll get turned away at the door.”

 ”Don’t worry, we can just go to another brōtḥel if that happens.”

 I reassured Jonathan, and we entered the White Lily Cafe. Now, what would the inside be like?… As we opened the heavy door, we were greeted by a fancy and elegant lobby. It was all white. The lobby was filled with white decorations.

 ”Welcome back, master.”

 The lobby was lined with beautiful and lovely maids in white frills and mini-skirts. There was no hint of the typical brōtḥel atmosphere. But I had already grasped the concept of the White Lily Cafe.

 It’s a maid brōtḥel…!

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