Dark Noble 48

Chapter 48 The Maid’S Pleasure Service And Tools☆

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 ”Haah… Whenever you like, please release it.”

 With permission for cum granted, Claire’s fellatio became more intense. Her small hand stroked the penis, while her tongue licked the groove at the head. In the bright room, every detail of the oral pleasure was clearly visible.

 Claire’s service was truly devoted. She eagerly sucked up the pre-cum and aimed to bring about ejaculation in a straight line. To prevent the pleasure from becoming monotonous, she varied the movements of her hands and mouth, always trying to please the man.

 ”Suck… mmm, gulp… ah, it’s getting bigger.”

 As I gently stroked Claire’s silky brown hair, I couldn’t help but to cum.

 Since I had decided to play at the brōtḥel today, I hadn’t expected this level of intense fellatio. I was already on the verge of surrender. Desperately trying to divert my urge to ejaculate, I spoke to Claire.

 ”…You’re quite skilled.”

 ”I learned from the senior at the brōtḥel and trained with toys… I take pride in providing a service that meets the appropriate standards.”


 Claire happily sucked up the penis.

 Indeed, if this fellatio were the standard, customers would flock in. It was completely different from an amateur. But that didn’t mean it was mechanical. This was truly a service.

 Her small mouth tightened, and the entire penis adhered perfectly to the inside of her cheek. It slid back and forth deep into her throat, and Claire’s head moved even more vigorously.

 ”Mmm, oh, mmm, suck, mmm, haggh…”

 ”Oh, I’m about to cum…!”

 As I gritted my teeth and said that, Claire lowered her gaze slightly. It was a gentle gesture, as if to say it was fine as it was. While holding down Claire’s head, I ejaated with all my might.

 Splat, gush, gush…!

 ”Mmm, gulp, mmm, ahh, gulp, mmm, gulp, gulp…”

 While receiving my ejaculation, Claire continued to move her mouth. Her hands also moved up and down firmly, offering me an exquisite pleasure. It was a fellatio that made saliva almost spill from her mouth.

 Without moving a single eyebrow, Claire swallowed the intermittent semen that flew out from the penis. It was a fellatio driven by a strong will not to spill a drop.

 ”Slurppp, nn, nfu… Slurppp…”

 ”You don’t have to suck that hard…”

 Even after ejaculation, Claire continues to give a blowjob. There’s no more semen left in the urethra, but she’s still enthusiastically sucking the peniis.

 ”Nu? Nn, slurppp, lick…”

 Puha… Finally, Claire releases her mouth from the penis. Her eyes have a bewitching glow. She’s transformed from a clean and tidy maid to a lewd one.

 ”That was a lot. Had you been holding it in?”

 While gently stroking the penis, Claire asks in a cute voice. Right after ejaculation, my thinking ability is still cloudy. I might answer anything right now… I need to be careful…

 ”No, I don’t think that’s the case.”

 ”Then it’s something you were born with, huh? Hehe, your hardness and thickness are impressive… I’m personally really looking forward to it.”

 Claire blows a breath onto the glans with a loving gaze. This is bad. I’m being toyed with. But when a girl holds my penis, I’m powerless.

 ”Are there other things here? Want to try them out?”

 ”Like what, for example?”

 ”Just a minute, please.”

 Claire leaves the penis and heads towards a small, pale pink trunk in the room. From there, she takes out a walnut-shaped object and something resembling a male organ.

 With my memories from my past life, I immediately recognize the shape. That’s a pink roto and a vibrator, isn’t it?

 ”This is a custom-made item that moves with a small amount of magic. Your expression is… it seems you understand how to use it.”

 ”Does it move… vibrate?”

 ”Yes. It’s not just a regular toy.”

 In this world, batteries and such haven’t been invented yet. So, erotic tools only mimic the shape, but don’t actually move. Among them, a small, magic-powered device… it’s indeed a custom-made item. Not even the Manor of the Black Rose has something like that.

 I sincerely admire it. I had thought of making one myself, but it was too complicated, so I gave up. Making a vibrator is impossible for a reincarnated person who doesn’t know electrical engineering.

 ”That’s amazing technology. Where did you make it…?”

 ”These are my own designs. You won’t find anything like them anywhere else.”

 No way. This innocent-looking maid is making rotors and vibrators?

 Or rather, that’s why she’s working at a brōtḥel, right?

 Claire sat on the bed, bringing the erotic toys to her cheek.

 ”…How about it? Want to try using them?”


 I definitely want to try using them a bit. I want to see Claire get wild with vibrators and rotors, and it’ll take a little time before I can climax again. I was tempted, and headed towards the bed.

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