Dark Noble 47

Chapter 47 Misunderstanding And Devotion☆

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 Claire’s expression didn’t change. She still had the same calm face as always. Even if I denied it here, it wouldn’t make a big difference. But if I acknowledged it, I’d have to put on a brave face and act cool…

 ”Yeah, that’s right.”

 ”You’re admitting it so easily.”

 ”If you didn’t want to, you wouldn’t have let me in. There’s no point in hiding it from you.”

 If I gave her some lame excuse and kicked me out, that would be the end of it. But since she didn’t, it means she has some kind of intention.

 Claire added some sweets to the tea and offered it to me. I didn’t have the courage to take a sip, though.

 ”It seems like the current Midnight Fangs are really wise.”

 ”…You know that much?”

 I didn’t expect that. Someone outside of Midnight Fangs knew that much. Maybe even more than Isabella.

 ”We’ve been rooted in the royal capital for a long time, so we have the necessary information. Especially when it comes to old information.”

 Claire poured herself some tea and started drinking from her cup. This wasn’t an interrogation, but a tea party… Honestly, this wasn’t a reconnaissance mission. I wanted to go home.

 ”But your visit today might be a good opportunity.”

 ”…I see.”

 ”As you know, White Lily Cafe is in a crisis.”

 Is that so? I had no idea.

 But Claire seemed to be thinking deeply and was willing to continue the conversation. I noticed her shoulder slightly trembling.

 ”My…father died, and everything went wrong. You knew that and came to investigate, didn’t you?”

 ”I did come to investigate, yes.”

 So Claire’s father, the former owner of White Lily Cafe, had died. I hadn’t looked into that. As the owner of a brōtḥel, it’s rare for us to show our faces in public. If the brōtḥel itself disappeared, people would notice… But since it’s been passed down through the family, outsiders wouldn’t know.

 ”You have strong connections with the police. If you cooperate with us, we’ll prepare a suitable reward.”

 …Oh man, things are getting out of hand. I wasn’t thinking that far ahead at all.

 ”Today’s goal is just to investigate, I don’t plan on doing anything else. I’ve even brought a friend along.”

 ”…Okay. We can talk about the details later. For now, let’s just focus on finding out what kind of place White Lily Cafe has become.”

 Hmm, can I really enjoy this course? If I can have sex with Claire like this, that would be amazing.

 As I sat there, Claire came over to me, standing between my legs. She gently touched my thigh, her face flushing slightly.

 ”It’s been a while since I’ve served customers, but I think you’ll be satisfied.”

 Claire’s skin seemed to be flushed.

 ”First, I’ll relieve you of your fatigue… Excuse me.”

 Claire’s hand reached into my pants, moving smoothly. She was used to undoing belts, and her tone was perfect. It really felt like a maid was doing something erotic to me.

 Before I knew it, my pants were down, and I was in my underwear. For a normal noble, this underwear would be considered lacking in dignity, but when it comes to playing with women, they are more convenient.

 Claire’s hand touched the center of my underwear without hesitation, applying gentle pressure to stimulate me. This was bad. This was good.

 The sensation of the fabric rubbing against me, combined with the gentle pressure, made my blood rush to my lower body. This wasn’t meant to be pleasurable. It was just meant to get me aroused.

 ”You’re quite large, aren’t you?”

 ”Huh, is that so?”

 ”I’m the instructor here, and I think I have a good grasp of the average size…”

 For the first time, Claire showed a hint of fear. She was probably under 150cm tall (≈ 4’11 ft), so it was understandable that she might be worried about taking in a large penis.

 ”Well, if it’s too much, we can do something else instead.”

 When I said that, Claire let out a sigh of relief.

 ”You’re kind, aren’t you?”

 ”…I don’t get off on causing pain. I run a brōtḥel, after all.”

 ”That’s right. So, let’s start with this side first――.”

 Claire taps her lips with her fingertips. The penis is already quite big. Claire pulls out the tip of the rod from her underwear.

 ”Ah… the scent of my master…”

 It sounds like she is completely enraptured. Whether she’s a great actress or just easily absorbed, Claire opens her small mouth and takes the tip of the shaft into it.

 Slurp, suck…

 Claire sucks my glans while making vulgar sounds. She moves her head up and down in small movements, teasing the tip with her tongue. Ah, it feels good.

 In terms of technique, this is the best so far. The clean maid’s service is making my lower body burn with heat.

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