Dark Noble 46

Chapter 46 White Lily Cafe’s Claire

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 I glanced at Jonathan next to me, and he was deep in thought. It seemed that this was an unexpected turn of events for him as well. Or rather, it’s not common to have s*x with a maid.

 ”Maid and… hmm… I didn’t think there’d be an opportunity like this.”

 Jonathan muttered to himself, nodding.

 Indeed, it’s rare to have a romantic relationship with a maid… In reality, there aren’t many cases like that. Even though I have maids, their work doesn’t include nighttime services. That’s only natural. In a medieval-level world, it might be different, but in this world, the level of civilization is higher. Maids serving in noble households require education and competence, and nighttime services are a separate matter.

 If one wants to do something erotic, it’s better to clearly state their intentions and hire someone for that purpose. Or they could quietly keep a lover, or visit a brōtḥel. In that sense, having a maid as the main concept is a blind spot in this world.

 One of the maids, a petite girl with a dignified demeanor, came forward. Despite her refined appearance, she had an adorable quality that stirred up a desire to protect her. She was a beauty who could pass as a main character in “Manor of the Black Rose.” Her short stature and slightly pointed ears made me think she might be a halfling (hobbit).

 Loli maid, nice!

 ”Please, come this way.”

 There wasn’t a hint of pros***ution-like behavior from her smiling face. That’s why my carnal desires were boiling over.

 A copper menu was stuck to the wall.

 - 3-hour Maid Training Course: 2 gold coins

 - 3-hour Service Course: 1 gold coin and 5 silver coins

 - 2-hour Service Course: 1 gold coin

 - Light meal: separate fee

 - Designation fee: 1 silver coin

 In terms of prices from my previous life, 1 gold coin would be around 100,000 yen, and 1 silver coin would be around 10,000 yen.

 The prices were quite high.


 ”Alba, can you tell me a bit about the differences between the courses?”

 Jonathan was whispered to in a soft voice, and I nodded while giving off an “I’m helpless” atmosphere.

 ”What’s the difference between the Training Course and the Service Course?”

 ”The Training Course allows you to use various tools in the room. The Service Course is, well, quite ordinary.”

 ”…I see.”

 It’s the same with any brōtḥel, but at this stage, we can’t discuss the course content in detail. In the end, we won’t know until we enter the room.

 So, what’s important for reconnaissance is the training course. The service course is normal, she says. I’m discussing it with Jonathan in a hushed tone.

 ”I want to take the training course, but what about you?”

 ”Will you use tools on the first try? That’s pretty bold.”

 ”Don’t tease me.”

 ”Sorry, sorry. I’ll just go with the normal service course then. That way, we can exchange information too.”

 Jonathan smiles with a good face. He knows, doesn’t he? At times like this, it’s better to divide the tasks, so we won’t waste our time next time. A reliable friend who’s into erotic stuff is precious.

 So, I’ll pay for both of us. The problem is which girl to choose… but they all seem to be on the pure route. The maid uniforms are different in size, but they’re almost the same. The differences are just in the ribbons, shoes, and accessories.

 ”Then, I’ll go with that tall girl with big breasts.”

 Jonathan chooses the tallest girl with the largest breasts from the lineup. No hesitation, oh boy. It seems he’s already got his eyes on her. Can’t let my guard down.

 ”See you later.”

 With a cheerful wave, Jonathan heads towards the room with the maid.

 As for me… honestly, the girls’ level is quite high. But if I had to choose, I think the explanation girl is the best. The reason is that she’s cool, and there’s no s*x atmosphere around her. That’s why I want to have s*x with her. It might be a waste, but I’ll try calling out to her.

 ”…Is it no good with you?”

 ”I, um…? It’s okay, I won’t mind.”

 What a surprisingly okay response. I’ll try doing something reckless too.

 ”What’s your name?”

 ”I’m Claire. I’ll guide you to the room right away.”

 Claire comes close to me, takes my hand, and leads me. Her body temperature is high, and her skin is soft. I’m getting excited while we proceed into the brōtḥel.

 Wherever I look, this place is high-class. The corridors are filled with light, and the vases and paintings have a white and blue theme, with no decadent atmosphere at all.

 Was it like this from the start, or did they change it with the renovation? But it seems to have the effect of making me unaware of the shady business of prostitution. This is also something I’ve learned.

 ”This is the room.”

 Claire opens the door and guides me to the playroom. The room is narrower than I thought. It’s not much different from the playroom of Manor of the Black Rose. The atmosphere is quite different, though, thanks to the white and bright decorations.

 There’s a teapot in the room. Claire pours tea with elegant movements, just like a real maid.

 ”Please help yourself.”

 ”…thank you.”

 It feels like we’re about to do something naughty. But that’s okay. Claire still has a composed face. I want to see her expression break.

 But then Claire says something that makes me doubt my ears.

 ”What business does the head of the Baron Valshe family have with me, the owner of White Lily Cafe? Could it be an investigation?”

 …Has she figured it out?

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