Dark Noble 49

Chapter 49 Using Tool On Maid☆

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 The problem when having sex with a maid is whether to keep her in the maid outfit or not. If it’s a cheap maid uniform, you’d want to strip it off, but Claire’s maid outfit is of excellent quality.

 It’s made of soft fabric with delicate decorations. Even the buttons and embellishments are carefully crafted. If there were nobles in reality using such maid outfits, they must be either royalty or perverts.

 That being said, I will continue playing as it is.

 ”Can you spread your legs for me?”

 ”Of course, master.”

 On the slightly oversized bed, Claire slowly spreads her legs. From beneath her skirt, I can see her sheer white panties. They are incredibly thin. Perfect.

 Only the vertical stripe part of the fabric is slightly darker, so I can’t see her clitoris or vagina itself. But that’s the only part well-hidden. The raised mound is translucent. Claire doesn’t have any pubic hair or stains. It’s beautiful.

 And although it’s not easy to see, the vertical stripe fabric seems a little damp. It seems that Claire got excited while sucking me.

 ”Oh… I’m embarrassed, master.”

 I lean in close to Claire and caress her secret place through her panties. Her young body’s secret spot is, as expected, somewhat firm. But that’s good.

 When I rub the fabric part vigorously, Claire lets out a moan.

 ”Mmm, ah… Master, it tickles…”

 ”Where does it tickle?”

 ”You know, don’t you… Ah, you naughty master…”

 Claire grabs my clothes and shakes her head. Nice.

 Having a maid who obeys every command is great, but having a maid who resists a little like this isn’t bad either. As I continue to caress the vertical stripe with my fingers, the amount of love juice gradually increases.

 It’s about time for the pink rotor to make its appearance. The rotor comes with a thin cord and a remote control. It doesn’t seem much different from the rotors on Earth.

 When I turn on the switch of the remote control, it vibrates with a buzzing sound. I should try using this on Claire. I rub the vibrating rotor against Claire’s vagina.

 ”Ah, hmm, ah…!”

 Claire’s eyes widened in surprise, and her body trembled. Love juices began to seep out from down there. When the vibrator moved around her clitoris, Claire reacted even more.

 ”Ugh, mmm, ah…”

 I was starting to want to play with her pussy directly. I slid the vibrator from the side of the fabric into her secret spot. Some might argue, but I didn’t want to take off her underwear just yet.


 I moved the vibrator while it was covered in the slick love juices on my fingers.

 ”Ah, haa… You’re really skilled…”

 Blushing, Claire reached for my hard penis.

 ”…How about we try sleeping on opposite sides?”

 ”Sounds good.”

 Basically, it’s a 69. While I pleasure Claire, she can pleasure me too. Without delay, I lay down on the bed. Claire straddled me, facing the other way. Due to our height difference, her mouth couldn’t reach my lower half. That’s the only downside.

 ”What a great view.”

 ”Ah, please don’t look so much…”

 I slid her panties aside, revealing her wet secret place right in front of me. Her vaginal opening was tightly closed, but if I make it tremble with the vibrator, it seems like it’ll go in smoothly.

 ”Mmm, I’m going to cum… Ahh, ah…”

 Claire, making a seductive voice, gently rubbed my hard cock. The stimulation was much weaker compared to earlier. It’s still within the range of foreplay.

 Squelch, squelch…

 I pushed the vibrator deeper. Claire’s thighs twitched, and the secretion of love juices increased. Seems like she’s sensitive to stimulation in her secret spot.

 ”Ah, right there… Haa, nghh.”

 Claire seemed to prefer a shallower touch. Her response was really good. Now, how about a vibrator… It’s long and thin, and seems like it’ll reach deep inside. It even has a protrusion for stimulating the clitoris. The material is soft and feels like synthetic rubber.

 ”Let’s cum together.”

 ”Master, together… Ahh! Nghh, kuuh!”

 As I applied the vibrator to her vaginal opening, Claire’s back shuddered. I pulled out the vibrator and focused on stimulating her entrance with the vibrator and the vibrator alone. Claire’s breathing became even more irregular, and her hand movements slowed down.


 When the vibe was inserted into the vaginal opening, Claire’s body trembled. It was her biggest reaction so far.

 ”Ohhh, it’s inside… ah, mmm…”

 The vibe seems to have a strong effect on her melting vagina. Using the rotor to find the sensitive spot, the vibe moves rhythmically back and forth.

 ”Ah, yes! Ah, ahhh, more! Ahh…!!”

 It seems that Claire prefers a gentle circular motion. She lets out indecent moans, and her clitoris becomes hard and pointed. When the rotor is applied to it, Claire becomes even more disheveled.

 ”Oh, no, really… mmm, my head feels strange.”

 ”That’s it, feel even better.”

 ”Mmm, ahhh… with the touch of my master, I… ahhh, mmm! Ahh, mmm!”

 Claire moves her hips forward and backward, and she collapses. A small amount of love juice leaks from her vagina. It seems she reached a small climax. Claire catches her breath and looks at me with intense eyes.

 ”Hah, hah…!! Ahh, it’s so easy…”

 ”You’re sensitive, aren’t you?”

 ”Is that so… hmph, you’re used to using toys, right?”

 Claire gives me a slightly resentful look. How cute. It’s about time for me to get ready too. It’s time to move on to the main event.

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