Dark Noble 50

Chapter 50 Maids On Top☆

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 Claire gently pulls out the vibrator from her dripping wet vina.

 ”Ah… Ha… Phew…”

 She delicately places the vibrator, covered in sticky fluids, on the bed. The contrasting tool excites her greatly, despite her gestures and appearance.

 ”If I’m loved so tenderly, I must also do my best.”

 Breathing heavily, Claire straddles my crotch. It seems she’s starting with a serving-style cowgirl position. Let’s thoroughly enjoy this.

 ”Mm, it’s so hard… and big…♪”

 With gentle strokes, Claire caresses the glans and adjusts the position of her hips. Thanks to the stimulation from the vibrator and handjob, her lower body is already warmed up enough. The rubbing of her wet slit against glans brings further stimulation.

 Just that alone feels good… but after waiting, I want to insert it quickly. I want to pour my milky fluid into this soggy vagina.

 ”Claire… I-I can’t hold on anymore…”

 ”It’s alright, my master… Please feel good… a lot.”

 Claire places her finger on glans and guides it into her vagina.


 As expected, it’s tight. Perhaps due to her small body, there’s a sense of pressure from all sides. However, thanks to the abundant love juices, it doesn’t hurt. My member is tightly wrapped and massaged.

 Once it passes through the entrance, it becomes even softer. It feels pleasant. As for Claire, her face twists with an alluring expression.

 ”Ha… Mm, it’s amazing… It’s reaching all the way inside…!”


 My member reaches deep into her vagina. It doesn’t feel like it’s completely inside, but I can sense the entrance to her womb at the tip of glans. This is copulation. Even without me moving, the sweet pleasure of her flesh is transmitted through my shaft.

 ”Heh… How does it feel? Is it good?”

 ”Yeah, it feels really nice.”

 ”Hehe, I’ll serve you plenty…”

 Putting strength into her arms and hips, Claire starts moving in the cowgirl position. Her small body diligently moves her hips up and down, which is quite endearing. With her wet vagina and piston-like movements, the feeling of ejaculation gradually intensifies.

 It’s not like animal-like mating with Sherry. This was more like everyday sex with a cute little maid. Even though it felt like a routine task, Claire’s heavy breathing made it endearing.

 ”Ahh, haa… fu… fa, nn…”

 The room echoed with the sound of our hips clashing and Claire’s small moans. Using all her little body’s strength, she was trying to squeeze out my semen. Her vagina tightened around me, making my balls throb even without moving.

 If this kept up, I’d climax without doing anything. My instincts told me that was a bit wasteful. I wanted to move a bit too.

 I reached out to Claire’s crumpled maid outfit and grabbed her waist.

 ”Ah… master…?”

 Claire’s dazed voice came as I lifted myself up. It was the face-to-face position. Claire’s body was light and small, so it wasn’t a problem. Her vagina squeezed tight.

 ”Uh, so… like this?”

 ”…You don’t know this position?”

 ”Yes, it’s my first time, but… kya!?”

 Mid-answer, I thrust hard. Claire let out a scream, looking up at the ceiling and trembling all over. Grabbing her body with both arms, I began to move my hips roughly.

 ”If you don’t know, I’ll teach you.”

 ”Ah, no! This… this is… nn, hitting a weird spot…!”

 ”Does it feel good?”

 ”Huff, a maid shouldn’t feel better than her master… nn! Ah! The bump is… so deep…! Ahhh!!”

 Claire’s upper body had no strength left, completely submitting to me. Her vagina, however, was eagerly sucking my penis.

 As I moved vigorously, Claire started losing her composure.

 ”Mmm! Too intense! Ahhh!! Nn, haa…!”

 In the face-to-face position, I could clearly see how disheveled Claire was. The combined stimulation from my penis and the situation pushed me toward the peak of pleasure.

 Squish, squelch! Squish…!

 Grasping the rhythm of my thrusts, I increased the intensity. I could only think about releasing my seed into this tight vagina.

 ”I’m coming, Claire…! Take it!”

 ”Nn, haan, if you release it now… ah, amazing… no, I’m going to… nn, aaah!!”

 Pulled by the heightened pleasure, I reached the final moment. At that instant, Claire clung to me. It was a perfect fit. Holding Claire’s entire body, I ejaculated.

 Spurt, spurt…!!

 Firmly grabbing Claire’s waist, I poured my seed deep inside.

 ”Ah, nn, I’m cumming…!! Ah, aaah!!”

 Claire’s lower body trembled as she climaxed. Her vagina tightened, sucking my penis deeper. While savoring the ultimate pleasure, I continued to release my semen.

 ”Nn, it’s so hot… so much… faah… ah, aaah…!!”

 Claire accepted the ejaculation, her body feverish. Relishing the sensation of the semen passing through my urethra, I looked at Claire’s face.

 ”Don’t look… Master…”

 Sweaty and with a melting expression, Claire lightly shook her head. Filled with satisfaction, I held the wrinkled maid-dressed Claire tightly.

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